Gorsuch served as judge in prisoner case re: Jerry Lee Bustos, Aryan gang



U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch served as the decisive judge in a case involving a Colorado prisoner named Jerry Lee Bustos who got sideways with a journalist and the Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist gang.

The journalist had reported on A&E that Bustos belonged to the white superiority gang when in fact he merely conspired with it, according to published reports.

While the case isn’t newsworthy in and of itself (the Washington Post reported it as recently as February of last year) for me it’s a shocker and an epiphany.

A Sheriff Bustos sign was thrown into my yard two weeks ago signed by the Fordhams (my dead mother’s side of the family) They threw a roll of toilet paper into the yard, too (I posted a video crying that I had no toilet paper).

Photo on 8-17-18 at 3.55 PM

Aryan Nation gang, I believe, is tied to my mother’s side of the family, the Fordhams. I also believe it may be tied to the family (or at least the son) of the previous owner of my home.

I was assaulted in my home by my cousin Bobby Heitz (dad’s side) and his friends from this neighborhood, which include gang members. The previous owner of my home’s son, Frank Fitzpatrick, is currently serving a four-year prison sentence. 

A year after my assault, I was arrested on no charges, jailed and tortured in the Rock Island County Jail, held on no charges by appointed sheriff hubby Gerald “Gerry” Bustos. He is married to @USRepCheri (Bustos).

I was bleeding out my rectum upon being jailed.

I suffer from chronic PTSD.

Thanks to the great reporting of the Denver Post, we know that Gorsuch wrote in his opinion:

“In a conspiracy ultimately detected and disrupted by prison officials, Mr. Bustos agreed to receive balloons filled with heroin from a prison visitor; insert them into his body; and then pass them along to three prison gangs, including the Aryan Brotherhood. When things went awry, Mr. Bustos found himself — balloons and all — locked in solitary confinement. After this delay upset certain intended recipients, Mr. Bustos sent a handwritten apology to an Aryan Brotherhood leader. The note — which refers to the leader repeatedly as “bro” — explains the situation and promises the balloons will soon be on their way.”

And, according to Hollywood reporter:

“Jerry Lee Bustos sued A&E for allegedly defaming him in an episode of Gangland entitled Aryan Brotherhood, claiming the the unsolicited television appearance devasted his popularity in jail and caused him to get death threats. The case was dismissed because the program was deemed to be “substantially true” and couldn’t support a libel claim.”

I do not believe the prison Jerry Lee is the same as Sheriff Gerald Bustos, but I suspect it is a relation. I live in constant fear of my life and am terrified now more than ever. I even was threatened by the FBI a while back. 

Gorsuch is a Constitutionalist much like US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In Rock Island County, Illinois, where US Rep Cheri leads the Democrats, the Constitution is given the bird. Regularly. You can read all about it here. 

Who can forget the Halloween party where a Quad-City Times staffer attended in blackface, dressed at Clarence Thomas, with pubic hair taped atop a Coke can? Do you remember, US Rep Cheri? You were dressed as a “lumberjack.”


Wink, wink. I’ll go fishing for pictures.

Of course I’m only referring to your red and black checkered pullover, Cheri. Remember, I was dressed as baby, with a pacifier and everything? Remember the fun we used to have?

Check out my most read excerpt yet: My life as a reporter for the outrageously political Quad-City Times failing newspaper 

My home, which is shot up, is in Escrow. I sold it at $50,000 loss, blackballed and endlessly harassed by the establishment of Rock Island.

Dozens and dozens and dozens of criminals have been rounded up Quad-Cities-wide in recent weeks for possession of contraband in a correctional facility. I know this as someone who relentlessly monitors jail inmate listings and court proceedings.

Aryan Nation is known for trafficking drugs in prisons rectally.

I ask for an immediate investigation by #FBI #DOJ and assurance of my safety in light of numerous attacks against me already 


Learn more about this case in this YouTube video I made yesterday 

As well as this video 

Check out my YouTube channel, which has had more than 7,000 views this month 

I de-activated my Twitter account shortly after posting the videos because it became shadow-banned

My Facebook account was halted shortly after posting the videos and remains locked due to “violations”

Facebook has done this to me several times before. Read all about that here.

18 thoughts on “Gorsuch served as judge in prisoner case re: Jerry Lee Bustos, Aryan gang

      1. Why don’t you read the Bible because if you were a Christian you would move on. Do you know Jesus forgives but you seem to harbor shit that happened years ago. Give it up now you have no power and to say you are a journalist is so not true. You are a liar and make videos and act this way so you can make a case for your PTSD. You are a disgrace to journalism and you display symptoms of mental disease. I would be very worried because you will be committed when it gets worse.


    1. Hi Teaghan! I imagine police will come for you shortly. I don’t live in Denver, the cops are dirty there honey. That’s why I live in a city where I’m safe. Pray while you’re in jail, honey, like I did, they’re coming for you no doubt now that you’ve left two messages. Best.


      1. You spew nothing but lies Glendale is also wondering what is wrong with you. If anyone’s opinion differs from yours you think cops are coming for them. Is that honest journalism? Seems to me it’s skewed to only your views.

        Same as watching Fox News! Hope Cheri Bustos gets you locked up for spreading lies about her!


    1. Do you think I would approve your comments Teaghan if I were scared LOL? You’re all so SLOW. Take a gang-bang baby with a brain who’s not a racist and watch him deliver the biggest F of all time to FILTHY Rock Island, Illinois! Bye bye to prison you filthy Aryan Nation Dems, I delight!!!


      1. Oh please stop you have said the same things over and over and it’s getting old. You take accountability for yourself and stop trying to get an audience. Drama drama dramA

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh please stop you have said the same things over and over and it’s getting old. You take accountability for yourself and stop trying to get an audience. Drama drama dramA

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey how many people that have left you messages are actually locked up? Please provide stats on that? Did you know there are you tube videos about you posted? They are hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh hey I am looking at your rap sheet now! Do you want to talk about that? It’s posted on you tube too and the video is poking fun of you posting others rap sheets and then you see your own! It’s good comedy almost as good as Saturday Night Live!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. State aid another slam to those who need it! Hey you don’t get paid for your work you write blogs that people laugh at. How long is your money going to last at 1200 I would say per month for rent plus your weed you blow through, in two years you will be down and out. Why didn’t you move into low income housing or should I say no income housing! I at least work and don’t expect hand outs!

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