Falling in love with Colorado on Day 2, recharged with best food, pot and people

Moving never is easy. Consider the Mars Rover landing.

When it landed after its unthinkable trip through space, it hit hard. And there was a bounce.

And then a couple of more tough bounces before Mars Rover capsule finally landed. Even after it hatched from the capsule, the Mars Rover had to travel a bit to reach its final destination.

I hope I might finally be near my final destination. I might be developing a crush on Colorado after tonight, and I really like the community I am staying in now. I had a great night.

The best part of the night?


The food sent euphoria traveling from my taste buds, to my stomach, to my heart.  I won’t say where I ate, or where it is, just yet. But, it’s kinda famous.

I told the waiter, “Who needs marijuana with food like this?”

Then I corrected myself. “Actually, they go GREAT together.”

And the food at this delectable diner is not the least bit overpriced.

While I started with a simple menu item (barbecue bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese wedge), holy cow, I giggled through the meal, it was so delicious.

But, I also am wearing an “athletic fit” T-shirt I bought today at Target. Medium. Red with a yellow lightning bolt across it.

I couldn’t resist buying it.

I also have new socks and underwear.

And two new pairs of kicks.

And a phone.

AND an AiroPro cannabis vape pen that is legal every darned place I go. So I’m always medicated. Wait until I tell you about this vape pen.

Oh, and I bought a coffee pot at Target. I learned that everyone who lives in Colorado just moved here, or so it seems, by chatting with people at Target.

Meantime, I probably will return to that diner for breakfast tomorrow. A little girl opened the door for me at this restaurant tonight. Twice! So sweet.

So many nice people with nice smiles today. Also, the weather — it definitely feels like a different place altogether. It changes pretty fast. The altitude is an adjustment for me; I’m a little dehydrated.

But, it also was 93 degrees today in Denver! That’s pretty hot for here.

Finally, I found a dispensary in the new neighborhood where I am staying, and let’s just say I FELT IT. And you want to feel it at your dispensary.

I dunno, things seem to be going awfully well on Day 2. We will see what Day 3 brings. I might have a real apartment and a real address sooner than expected.



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