Bear Dance #marijuana #strain leaves me just plain-old-fashioned stoned

They had just received “Bear Dance” buds at my dispensary in Illinois before I moved to Colorado on Friday.

So this morning when I saw Bear Dance at my new favorite dispensary, I thought I would give it a try. ┬áIt’s a newer strain, and at my dispensary in Illinois all they really knew about it was that it’s a hybrid because it is just that new.

I’d say it’s a hybrid on the Indica side, heavily stoney (newbies will be disabled by this strain). The dense buds smell piney but also like Durban Poison, at least to me.

I feel a warm, spicy head-high on the exhale, and I recommend exhaling through the nose. The peppery punch will leave you stupefied.

I am just that stoned. I have not even smoked a full bowl yet.

The Bear Dance I am smoking (through a lovely, smoked-mint, green glass pipe) is testing at 20.2 percent, about average for Colorado marijuana.

How much is 20.2 percent, you may ask? Well, those of you who smoked “back in the day” (1960s and 1970s) were doing well to get strains at 10 percent. Today, there are concentrates with THC levels exceeding 90 percent.

And yet, I can smoke those and be just fine. This one is just too much for me, I will save the rest. I finished that first bowl off and took one hit off a second bowl and I’d say that’s plenty for me.

This is some serious heavy stoneage. Put the coffee pot on.

It’s also a creeper. Once you think, “Oh man, I am plenty stoned on this,” and put it down, you will continue to get even more stoned as it works on your brain.

For this reason I caution, in all seriousness, do not try to drive after smoking this.

Expect the “focal point” of Bear Dance to be deep in the center of the back.

I’m so stoned I’m watching Showtime movies on television and enjoying it.

Post-script: I decided to leave the room and go for a walk and found this strain to be very pleasant while outside on a pretty day. Expect the sun to feel hot on your skin, the songs of the birds to sound even more pleasant than usual, and the aroma of each flower to fill your nostrils as you stroll.

Have a great rest of your day.


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