Sunday morning #WakeAndBake, #Denver style, with a caviar joint

How do we wake and bake on a Sunday morning in Denver?

With caviar.

Caviar joints, that is.

I will admit that right now, when I go to a dispensary, it goes something like this:

“What’s the best hybrid Rocket Joint with shatter and kief that you have?”

And they tell me, and I add it to my checkout list. I don’t even ask what it costs.

So this morning, when the sun came up, I couldn’t wait to spark up one of those big doobies that I bought yesterday and smoke it on my veranda.


I had to go back to the package to see exactly what it was that I was smoking, because for a second I wondered if I was just going to float away. The receipt says, “Hybrid Caviar Joint, 1.75 grams, $45 – 20 percent $36.”

So, my big-ass joint cost $36! That’s the priciest joint I EVER have smoked, LOL!

You DO get what you pay for, as they say.

I’m really high.

Good morning.




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