‘We are glad you are here, sweetheart.’ #Joy, #gratitude upon finally feeling loved

I just came back from my new favorite restaurant, where I had an incredible breakfast of an omelette and one mimosa.

But the best part? Just like the little girl who twice opened the door for me last night, the woman sitting next to me suddenly turned, looked at me, and said:

‘We’re glad you’re here, sweetheart.’

It’s hard to keep composure when people from around this neighborhood where I’m staying randomly say hello and offer that kind of affirmation. It has happened quite a lot in only 24 hours.

But please keep it coming, I am feeling the love, too. Thank you.

Some people here think I am a military veteran. I am not a military veteran, but a veteran of Rock Island, Ill. My classic PTSD symptoms come from trauma on a different battlefield, the battlefield of life in an abusive family and an abusive community.

It’s PTSD all the same, whether you wound up distrusting and forever hyper-vigilant because you were wounded serving your country, suffered abuse at the hands of the politically corrupt, or were the victim of rape.

I am getting exactly the kind of help I need everywhere I go. One lady today urged me to begin the process to get my Colorado medical weed card, adding it means far lower prices for marijuana (which already aren’t bad here to begin with)

I truly think I can mitigate the cost of living increase vis a vis Illinois with the savings I will realize in cannabis costs.

But the best part about the last day? The boundless love I am feeling from people all around me and feeling of security and safety for the first time in a long while.

Tomorrow I may need to begin looking for an apartment. What’s my strategy for getting a job? To keep blogging about things that are marketable and uplifting, and hopefully soon Denver proper will see I am highly employable.

I think once any employer sits across from me, they will see what they already know. The truth about what happened to me isn’t pleasant, but in reality, it has made me even more employable, depending on how you look at things.

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