IBake a perfect bowl of chill for loner stoners who don’t want to smoke solo

I wanted to smoke caviar and get super stoned on some more of that Bear Dance.

But then I realized some fine print on a sign at the hotel: No smoking within 100 feet of the doorways.

And the truth is, the caviar, and flower such as Bear Dance, stinks a place up big time.

For a short time when I stopped smoking weed when I got sober, the smell of it about made me sick. And there really is only one rule in Colorado: Be respectful of others.

Rules, shmoolz, who needs ’em when everyone simply remembers The Golden Rule.

So in that spirit, I knew I couldn’t keep smoking caviar and Bear Dance on my veranda, which I share with other guests.

Enter IBake.

I know. It is a funny name. IBake is a social club where you bring your own weed and get high with other stoners.

And it’s awesome. Don’t worry, it’s not commercialized like you think.

Not one bit. In fact, it’s the coolest stoners you ever have met.

Of all ages.

Lots of people with PTSD, they tell me. Lots of working men and women, too.

We don’t talk about anything but weed here at IBake. And yet it’s deep. Very deep. And it’s great.

Marley plays in the background, a relaxed atmosphere prevails. Imagine walking into a storefront “cannabis bar” in a quiet little Pueblo someplace.

But no alcohol allowed. Only cannabis.

It’s idyllic, it really is.

It’s the coolest stoners you ever will meet at IBake Denver. And so much great weed here to try and share.

Sour Amnesia Apple. Sweet Island. Blue Skunk. Amnesia. Silver Avatar. Those are the names of some strains I have smoked so far.

Tonka Truck. Graham Cracker. Those are some of my fellow stoners.

This place is very cool.

There are bongs and rigs and pot galore, everyone shares. Some play cards, others just shoot the breeze. Myself and a few others are just talking shee-ot.

Someone brings up politics. “It’s dangerous, scary sh*t man.” Everyone looks at one another.

My eyes are big, and I say, “That’s for sure.”

The cost is $12 per month, $3 per day. You can buy pop or water.

And it’s well worth it. Because even after trying all these exotic strains with all these other stoners, it’s the Bear Dance that again has me staring at the walls.

LOL what is it about that strain?

I also have learned some new stoner trivia. Did you know that when you smoke reclaim out of your rig or your nectar collector, and all those strains are mixed together, they call that a Widow Maker?

Did you know that 710 upside down spells “oil” as in cannabis oil?

Another stoner just explained to me that post office workers have it very, very tough. He convinced me that it really is a horrible, horrible job.

I need to find a job. Hopefully one writing about weed. Or maybe even a job in legal pharmaceutical cannabis sales for a legitimate medical cannabis company.

I know I could help a lot of people.


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