Recreational v. Medical Pot in Colorado: What’s the difference?

Terp Sugar are the pretty yellow crystals hanging from the edge of the spoon in this Pixabay stock image. Terp Sugar and/or “Live Resin” is a highly-concentrated form of marijuana chock full of the terpenes that convey medicinal properties. Concentrate also contains extremely high THC and CBD levels (when applicable). 

Thanks to some new friends I made at social marijuana club IBAKE Denver yesterday, this morning when I woke up badly triggered I had the same medical weed I got with my card in the Quad-Cities.

Or at least something very, very close. I’d say maybe not quite as clean, based on my cough after taking a dab.

Check out this piece I wrote for Healthline more than three years ago about Colorado’s marijuana not being as clean as you might think 

I had explained to someone I met yesterday that I chose to relocate to Colorado first and foremost for the weed. I said my PTSD is so bad I did not want to go someplace medical-only and have to suffer through even a month or two to get my card.

But, I added, that while the recreational marijuana is darned good here and that I have had some fun, trippy strains so far in Denver, I didn’t feel my medical needs had been met with the weed yet, at least not to the degree like they were in Illinois.

And then, several patrons told me about High Level Health, which is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary here in Denver.

I walked in and told them about my diagnoses, chronic PTSD and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  A big part of what’s not being met with the weed I have obtained here so far is the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome relief. You will recall me dabbing certain strains with my nectar collector (the glass tool with the metal tip that I would light over my stove in Illinois). You could even hear those wild pops in my back when I would take a hit in my videos. Those pops actually are air bubbles collapsing, which not only sends relief down my legs but also blood to my brain and, I swear, make me grow three inches taller!

Click here to learn more about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. 

In fact, just now I straightened my back as I sit here typing this on my computer Indian-style on my bed (don’t ask, I think I am 25 again since renting a fancy car and don’t want to be told different). When I straightened up there was what I would call a Richter-scale 6 pop about a mile down inside my back.

Incredible relief. People with TOS should not be sitting Indian-stye with their heads tilted forward anyhow, but sometimes I forget these things.

At High Level Health, even though I do not quality for a medical weed card in Colorado yet (I must get the driver’s license first, the weed card only takes a few days after that and does require a trip to the doctor ) I was able to buy exactly a strain and form of concentrate I used effectively in Illinois: Blueberry Headband Live Resin Sugar.

That strain falls under the Colorado recreational program, too. But there were many other condition-specific strains of concentrates that I look forward to trying once I get my card here in Colorado.

The very knowledgeable and friendly clerk directed me across the street to Purple Haze to find a nectar collector. The clerk at Purple Haze was extremely courteous and professional.

Learn how I got a medical marijuana card in Illinois, where they are hard to get 

In fact, when I mentioned that the nectar collector had the same color, texture and design as a pipe I had purchased in my hometown, she must have read the expression on my face to a T. She offered one of a different color, and I gladly chose that one and said thank you.

I have a lot of things to write about, not the least of which is my stand-by AiroPro pen which is a super-cool device. Yesterday I got a Northern Lights cartridge for it which is perfect for stress that may occur during the day when I am out and about.

Lots and lots to do today, so I better get to it. The worst part about moving is all the forms, documents, and standing in official lines!


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