Vaping 90 percent THC Mountain Mist on the DL; the future of pot-smoking is now

Many years ago, shortly after returning to the Quad-Cities after living in Los Angeles, a newspaper colleague (I’ll call her Torabella) disrupted the quiet newsroom with news she had just read on the AP wire:

“Get this! Here’s a story that says in 15 years, pot will be legal nationwide, and people will smoke it with discreet little devices that do not even put off odor or smoke. Great! We can all just keep one in our desks.”

You know that’s right.

I won’t soon forget Torabella’s little report, because I remember thinking even back then, in 2002, that having pot tethered to me at the ready would be better for our world.

Never could I have known that the trauma I had experienced up to that point, making me one incredibly tightly wound dude already, would pale in comparison to what the future held.

And here we are. But thankfully, that Associated Press story proved true, too. And today, although I live with chronic PTSD that often is disabling, I have one of these stealthy vaping devices that put off no odor or smoke.

While many people love their Pax, I went with the AiroPro Pen. Both of these devices deliver tasty, extraordinarily potent cannabis strains. Other vapes do not even come close to these two brands in terms of stealthiness, dependability or quality.

Rocky Mountain High? You can say that again

Today I am vaping a strain called Mountain Mist. This is a minty hybrid testing at almost 90 percent THC.

The hit is smooth. The high is euphoric. There is no anxiety, no sleepiness. Just euphoria.

What sets this vaping device apart from other vaping devices is the ability to deliver outrageously high-level concentrate cannabis without compromising taste, like most vaping devices do.

The AiroPro ha a graphite body like you see on the heavy-duty vaping devices. But the AiroPro uses cartridges — ceramic cartridges specially designed for high-quality cannabis oil.

There is no annoying light to fixate upon when you take a drag. Instead, the device vibrates a bit in your hand when you take a drag to show it’s working and that you’re getting the hit you need.

There are many strains available for purchase. Everything has wildly high THC levels and tastes delicious. The hits are smooth; if you hack, you have taken an awfully big hit!

The AiroPro comes with a nice canvas carrying case that holds the pen as well as several cartridges. Some strains I have been vaping include Blue Dream, a citrusy THC:CBD 1-1, and a delicious apple sativa, just to name a few.




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