G6 ‘Jet Fuel’ #cannabis blows out cobwebs when #anxiety spins fear in my #brain

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It really does smell like jet fuel.

It’s G6 (aka “Jet Fuel”) by Ataraxia GoldLeaf, the finest cannabis, in the finest medical cannabis program (and the best weed in the U.S. period I suspect?) in America.

Oh, God bless that wonderful Illinois Medical Cannabis program. I always say at least I got a weed card out of the deal.

Back to Jet Fuel, however. Does it make any sense at all that a powerblast Sativa (upper) in the medical marijuana medicine bag could help someone with PTSD?

It’s hard to tell, since currently marijuana research in America is extraordinarily limited due to federal regulations. Testing high-end medicinal marijuana in a somewhat competitive, free-market program just isn’t done yet.

Which is ridiculous.

From afraid to crisp and clear: Ataraxia G6

Generally speaking, a theory is that if you give some hyper children (or in rare cases, adults) medicines like Ritalin or Cylert, which are uppers, it will slow them down.

And that’s true in some cases of ADHD.

So I suppose you could argue that Jet Fuel might be helping me get past any (irrational? not really) fears right now about my safety. Earlier I did not want to leave the house. Then, I smoked bowl after bowl of G6.

Now, the Jet Fuel taste? Yes. A split millisecond of EW! Then, wheeeeee, and clarity.

It does make me clench my teeth a bit. And act quite giggly at times. But then, it depends on the environment.

Once I turned the music off, like now, I am just banging things out on my keyboard.

Normally my Mac and my fingers do not line up; the Mac seems too small, my fingers too big, and they slip off the Mac.

Sometimes, I can’t even think to get the words out, let alone be able to even sign onto the computer. These comes during times of extreme anger and/or fear (or course they go together).

Thank God I went out! Do you like my handsome haircut?

“He looks like a new person!” beamed all the pretty girls and the young man who laughed at my stoned ass sitting in the barber chair. We all laughed, I was stoned and it was fun.

Later, I zoned out listening to music.

And now I’m yawning and ready to go lie down for a long while! Newly laundered linens for my bed.




Go that extra Phantom Mile, #Marijuana #Soldier #Sativa without #Anxiety, yum

I went into Ha-Ha mode, and then I lay in my bed.

Ataraxia Gold Leaf (Illinois Medical Cannabis) Phantom Mile strain is a marathon winner.

I smoked just one puff, I swear, and then began to chuckle so fiercely I had to lie down in my bed. My back began to go crickety crack, cracker crickety crack. Like bubble wrap.


But that’s what TOS is, and I have it from my tens of thousands of automobile accidents. Just ask anyone who has known me my whole life.

Yet people still ask why I don’t drive. LOL.

What the heck is TOS? Click here and I’ll tell you. It’s a back thing. 

Now, the Phantom Mile is a bit like bandaging a wounded soldier so he or she can go right back onto the battlefield. So that’s awesome.

CBD is the Hawkeye Pierce in this marijuana M*A*S*H. Check out this awesome paid piece I wrote a while back for RealStonedTimes about CBD.

CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Indeed, it truly provides a “body high” only, but as I have told so many, for those of us so tense from mental stress that our body twists into a knot, the relief provided by CBD in terms of muscle relaxation is a high that goes to the head too. Believe me.

This strain that I tested is at 29.25 percent, 2.5 percent CBD.  A little CBD goes a long way.

But this is awesome being psychoactive high too. Just makes me all the more pleasant.



Strawberry-Banana Marijuana and Justice for All

Today I am not only pledging allegiance to the United States of America, but also to Strawberry-Banana Marijuana and justice for all.

I feel euphoria course through me as I watch the funny stories about that dirty little FBI peter. I know a lot about his filth, LOL!

Here’s what I think I know. I think he’s the silly weasel who screamed at me on the telephone, too. But maybe not. 

So my blinds are drawn and I am watching Fox News (and the Scott County inmate list) and laughing.

You might think oh damn I bet he wishes he had not sold his house now. No, so long as it is going to legitimate refugees from Burma. In fact, I am very honored to convey my home to such a family at a low price.


Very, very honored. And my father, former “Mayor of Oak Terrace” Bernard L. Heitz “of Rock Island” as he added on every transaction, would be humbled.

My mom would be, too.

My friend Chad Stephens, who knows, is he my friend or not? I don’t know about anybody anymore after what I have been through but maybe someday it will be sorted out. Anyway, Chad Stephens showed up here the other day and said I should get a condo in Longview Condos when the house sells.

It didn’t make any sense.

But hell, I’ve always wanted one of those condos, LOL!

Puff, puff, pass.

Oh yea, this bud is about 32 percent THC, and banana is a staple terpene profile for PTSD relief. Ataraxia Gold Leaf is the best. Strawberry is an uplifting Sativa that doesn’t cause anxiety (Strawberry Cough by GTI is delicious)

What the heck are terpenes? Click here and I’ll tell you!

Enjoy your cannabis!

6 Ways Anybody with #PTSD can Treat their condition Simply and #Naturally

Treating PTSD with pharmacological solutions such as benzodiazepines (anxiety medication like Xanax, for example) not only ends up being ineffective over the long-term, it also can be dangerous.

That’s because many people who suffer from PTSD, especially chronic PTSD, develop alcoholism in an effort to squash anxiety systems. In reality, alcohol and PTSD mix like fire and gasoline.

Unfortunately, Xanax, Ativan and other “benzos” as they are known in behavioral health circles, remain overprescribed for PTSD, according to the VA.

“Practical problems have existed with the use of benzodiazepines for over 50 years now but they continue to be widely prescribed in PTSD patients,” the National Center for PTSD at the VA reported in PTSD Research Quarterly.

“Mounting evidence suggests that the long-term harms imposed by benzodiazepine use outweigh any short-term symptomatic benefits in patients with PTSD. Similar to the culture change in psychotherapy that saw movement from supportive group treatment to evidence-based cognitive behavioral psychotherapies, alternative treatments including the increased use of safer medications and evidence-based nonpharmacologic therapies should be actively promoted and made more widely available.”

Simple, all-natural solutions for managing PTSD, even chronic PTSD, do exist. Here are six ways to calm your angry inner beast if trauma has left you on lifelong high alert.

Medical cannabis. There is no denying the greening of the nation as it pertains to marijuana. Veterans have been using weed medically since the days of Vietnam, and helped thrust marijuana into the American consciousness. Today, Americans views marijuana much differently from the days of Vietnam. Indeed, they see it for the peace plant it is.

Veterans marched on Washington this past Memorial Day demanding greater and more affordable access to the plant, according to Fox News.

Baking another way…baking cakes. Believe it or not, baking can help alleviate PTSD symptoms. One theory is that following directions helps slow down brain processes and create a diversion from unpleasant thoughts associated with PTSD. Says veteran Josh Tredinnick in a VA press release about baking program for veterans at Dog Tag Bakery, “Baking has been very therapeutic as far as just getting me involved in a healthy activity. What I’ve enjoyed most about it that you can take this set of ingredients, you can follow these steps, and you’re more than likely to come out with the this final product every single times.”

Beginners can even use a Betty Crocker mix. The lemon cake afterward is a great bonus.

Getting down and dirty in the yard. Anecdotal evidence abounds that gardening, and touching the the plants and the dirt (when safe), especially, can help manage symptoms of PTSD. One very small Danish study published in 2016 in Health Psychology Open even proved it to be so.

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Deep breathing. It can sound so incredibly insulting … “Just breathe” is the ultimate gaslight for a person suffering from anxiety or PTSD. However, it’s true that deep breathing will bring a person with PTSD instant relief. An overwhelming amount of research shows that it works, according to a review of medical papers on PTSD, breathing and other mindfulness techniques published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine.

Stress-reduction exercises, such as yoga. That same paper published in Journal of Investigative Medicine also affirmed that stress-reduction exercises such as yoga and tai chi help reduce PTSD symptoms. Never tried yoga? Taking a class is a good way to get an isolated person with PTSD out of the house. Not to worry, most people seeking to learn yoga are chill, or at least want to be.

Changing your way of thinking to being “mindful.” Mindfulness, simply put, means living in the present. During a panic attack, being mindful might be as simple as touching something near you to remind yourself that you are OK, you are not in danger right now, you are safe wherever you are. According to the National Center for PTSD, “While attending to the present, mindfulness also entails a stance of acceptance, or willingness to experience an array of thoughts and emotions without judgment.”

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How my cannabis card is helping me win the fight of my life: Political corruption

I walked into Nature’s Treatment of Illinois yesterday and wept.

The Milan, Ill.-based medical marijuana dispensary is where I am able to obtain the finest cannabis in the United States. That absolutely is the truth, as legal cannabis patients in my state can get weed in any form, with limitless THC and CBD content.

The cannabis is grown under the strictest regulations in the country (probably the world) and is clean, clean, clean. People support me in my medical cannabis needs because I have shown the amazing effects it can have on people who truly need it.

“Why is this happening to me?” I asked Tammy, as I broke down for a consult and wept. And I weep now as I write it, because when I try to answer the question, it leads to one thing: Fright. Anger. Fear.

A WAY overactive amygdala.

Tammy, a new employee, put her hand on my shoulder. She simply said that sometimes being brave is lonely, or something to that effect (I don’t want to misquote her).

We talked a bit about how much money I had and what symptoms I have been having and I just let her call the shots. That’s what I have been doing the past two weeks just about every time I go.

The MediCannabis consultants at NTI know what they’re doing.

Bruce Banner No. 3: Did someone just screw a new head on my shoulders?

“I think it’s called Bruce Banner because it takes the hulk out of you.”

That’s what Tammy said as she highly recommended Bruce Banner No. 3 for my explosive anger. I admittedly told her I smashed a dish in my driveway in a rage.

Photo on 8-3-18 at 1.27 PM

But then I cleaned it up. And I got the idea from my mother, who smashed an entire set of  dishes in the exact same spot when she got her cancer diagnosis.

So I figured, what the hell.



FILTHY State Farm Insurance had changed their story yet again, telling me they no longer are giving me a penny for my shot-up house. That’s why I reduced the price: The home is now “AS IS.”

At any rate, this strain is a sativa. It’s highly unusual, at least based on legend, that a sativa (upper) strain would tame a beast. But it does.

Here’s what Leafly has to say about Bruce Banner No. 3: 

“Effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation that may be good for creative pursuits. Dark Horse Genetics bred this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its heritage can be found in its diesel aroma with sweet undertones.”

Reading this really excited me because I have emphasized repeatedly the IMMEDIATE effects. Think of it as Naloxone for people with PTSD. Incredible.

There is no Pharma drug that can achieve this incredible result, naturally. Indeed, most Pharma drugs cause further damage to people with PTSD.

Pharma drugs prescribed for anxiety can nurture alcohol dependence, and alcoholism is common in people with PTSD. Read my special report by clicking here.

Star Killer Live Sugar

Wow. I know. Funny name.

Star Killer is a medical marijuana strain known for its PTSD-related anxiety calming effects. Live Sugar denotes a concentrated form of the plant that is absolutely as fresh as a flower.

I “dab” it with a device called a nectar collector. There are other ways to dab, too.

Learn all about legal dabbing by clicking here. 

Live Sugar is made by taking the plant, freezing it, and pressing it. The end product is this beautiful, bountiful “sugar,” or “terp sugar,” with “terp” denoting “terpenes.”

What are terpenes? The under-recognized medical specialists of the marijuana plant Read all about it here.

Just look at it.

Says Leafly:

“The dense, purple buds offer a sweet, lemon flavor, and aid in treating pain, insomnia, AIDS, PTSD, and Gastrointestinal Disorder.”

Photo on 8-3-18 at 12.28 PM

How is my mental and physical health?

My mental health, when medicated with my legal medical cannabis, is hyper vigilant but sharp, and without hysteria or anger. Without medical cannabis, it’s bad.

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My physical health is the best its ever been. I’m in great shape. I’m overflowing with testosterone and very frustrated.

There is no way in hell I would seek mental health treatment via behavioral health even if I were NOT afraid of the corrupt local behavior health systems. However, I say that after DECADES of cognitive behavioral already which has given me many, many tools for coping with my anxiety.

But for background, here is why I WILL NOT EVER seek MEDICAL TREATMENT where I live UNTIL I am convinced it is safe to do so or until I can afford private health care out-of-pocket or land another excellent plan off the exchange like I had previously.

That’s hard when nobody will hire you because you’re so talented you uncovered a story that never was supposed to be uncovered.

Donald Trump never was supposed to win the election either.

A nod to Rock Island Arsenal employees

Finally, a twist of hilarity and fun in a federal political corruption case served with legal medical cannabis on the side:

It’s all going down in a Congressional district that’s home to a federal military installation that’s one of the area’s largest employers. As you can imagine, many of them have PTSD. Many of them have cannabis cards.

They are my pals. They are the nicest people I have met so far at the dispensary … and EVERYONE is nice. They tell me about their cars being raided on the island, even though they are well aware they cannot bring their cannabis onto it.

I can tell you that when I first moved back here from Los Angeles, Cheri Bustos met me for drinks at my apartment on 60th Street Moline.

I announced my intention to spark up.

“I won’t be a party to that,” Bustos quipped.

“Let’s call Susie, she’ll come drink with us.” she added, referring to Susie Snyder, now Susie Gustafson, my dear friend and beautiful bride of Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson.

Me and Sioux See had so much fun.

Until next time.

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Chunky Diesel marijuana strain helps me keep on truckin’ #PTSD #MedicalCannabis

When’s the last time you had some really delicious freshly ground pepper?

That’s what Chunky Diesel reminds me of when I inhale and hold in this delightful medical cannabis strain.

The pungent pop of pepper, but without discomfort. That perfect added pep.

Chunky Diesel has what’s known as an “earthy” profile, and is a cross between a heavy indica known as Deep Chunk (never heard of it, got that from Leafly) and Sour Diesel, which is a nice sativa strain that does not cause anxiety for me (some sativa do). Here’s what good ol’ Leafly, often imitated, never duplicated, has to say about Chunky Diesel:

“With massive trichome production and a terpene profile of skunk, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and diesel, Chunky Diesel is sure to please sativa-dominant aficionados. Chunky Diesel may also assist with depression, fatigue, nausea while concurrently improving mood.”

My $12 pre-roll from Cresco is testing at just over 20 percent, which is relatively low by modern-day standards. But you can’t just go by THC; I am pleasantly stoned, yet fully functional.

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Read more: What’s a ‘Rocket Joint’ or a ‘Roman candle’ in Stoner Speak?

My thoughts when I take a good rip of a bowl of Chunky Diesel off the bong?

A rush of relief comes around my neck, which often hurts. My neck is where all my stress is contained.

Simply coughing from taking too big hit off the bong causes popping, instant relief and loud crunching sounds throughout my lower neck and shoulder blade, sending shock waves (albeit relief-inducing ones) down my left foot and sometimes directly down my spine.

Here’s a piece I wrote about thoracic outlet syndrome, or TOS, that explains how this all works. 

I find I stand up straight like a soldier, with my shoulders naturally falling forward just a tad, as they are supposed to, after smoking a gram or two of Chunky Diesel.

Warning: induces extreme horniness, which can be frustrating for us single folk.