Meet my new girl Lucinda, funnest #StonerChick ever #Marijuana #Strains

I want to introduce you to my boo Lucinda.

Lucinda and I walk around my Denver my neighborhood a lot, often to Target to buy candy or just to walk the dog.

Lucinda is a cool stoner chick I met at a dispensary in Glendale.

Lucinda tests at 23.97 percent THC and tastes mighty fine.

I’m not sure what her terpene profile is, but I can tell you my dog is very, very jealous of Lucinda. In fact, my dog Chewy, who I just adopted two days ago, a Chiweenie of four years on this earth, just lifted his leg and peed a gusher all over the floor right in front of me.

He is mad because he wants to play. I told him I write blogs for a living! He tolerates it, but not when I’m writing about stoner chicks named Lucinda who drive me crazy, apparently.

Now, I ran into Lucinda by accident. Not exactly by accident. A bud tender at Emerald Fields introduced me to her.

Here’s what Leafly says about “Lucy” (who I am assuming is a close relative of “Lucinda”)

This strain packs a ton of cannabinoids into a tiny package, rendering THC and CBD content above 10% each. With this potent ratio, you can expect to feel an intense sense of wellbeing that isn’t overwhelmingly sedative. Also known for its mental stillness, Lucy pulls the handbrake on “monkey mind” and anxious thoughts.

Well. That explains it.

Have you met my dog, Chewy, Lucy?

Photo on 8-29-18 at 4.18 PM #2

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