Super-cool #Denver #Pinball Pub: Have some nostalgia with your #cocktails

Holy cow, man, it’s the coolest place I have been to in Denver yet.

It’s a bar that’s also an arcade. As in old-school video games, not the reality stuff where kids are doing scary shee-ot.


Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr., and world’s largest Pac-Man game, seen above.

And pinball games. Every one you can think of. Two Denver storefronts full of them.

I used to play “Attack From Mars” when I lived in Los Angeles. I would dance all night at Probe Nightclub in Hollywood high on crystal meth and ecstasy and then end up at a place called 7702 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

My friends and I called it “Sketcher Sketcher 0-2,” because everyone was “Sketchin’,” or, in other words, high on meth.

At any rate, they had an “Attack from Mars!” pinball game, and as bad my crystal meth habit was in those days, “Attack from Mars” is a hilarious piece of its history. You would have to have been there.

And you would have to completely understand my current bizarre situation to get the INCREDIBLE irony, LOL of me having the time of my life playing “Attack from Mars!” in a rather wholesome (it really is, quite frankly) Denver arcade bar that has dollar (yes, $1) mimosas on Sundays.

Mama Mia, They’re Straightening The Tower of Pisa!”

In “Attack from Mars,” you are a United States soldier saving the world from a Martian attack.

I blew up a flying saucer today, which is a pretty big deal. I got several FREE balls and two free games.

I also had several SAVED balls, and when you get a saved ball, the “commander,” I guess he would be, says, “Return to battle, soldier!”

And it was just making me laugh. I was really getting into it, stabilizing with the left foot, pivoting on one toe on the right foot for hard-to-make shots.

A true pinball junkie understands. You have to stabilize.

Sadly, I did not hear the game say, “Mama Mia! They’re straightening the Tower of Pisa!” so I will have to come back next week and work toward getting to that level, where the Martians try to take Paris.

Bars should offer more than just booze

Mimosas were only a buck. I had three.

The crowd is completely low-key.

The owner told me the place used to be a porn shop, believe it or not, Later, the business expanded and bought “The Drunken Monkey” next door.

But after the bar just wasn’t making money, the owner decided to do a reset — and “One Up” with two locations (soon to be three!) in Denver was born.

Hailing from a college town in Pennsylvania, the man behind The One Up believes that people who go to a bar ought to be going there for something to do other than just drink.

I completely agree. Chalk up another one for Denver.



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