‘Escape the established’ at Denver Cheba Huts with ‘baked’ bread subs, craft beers

It’s Colorado and nobody gives a sh*t.

It’s why I moved here.

And nowhere is that “live and let live” attitude true more than at any Cheba Hut.

This place is just tits, from the food to the mood. There are Cheba Huts everywhere in Denver, and not only do they serve up the best subs you’ll ever try, but the chill atmosphere means you can just be yourself.

I’m feasting on “Apollo 13,” which is a chicken sub with feta cheese, fancy Greek olives, and other exotic toppings. The beer I’m drinking? “Summer in the Citra.”

Come to Cheba Hut and expect to find a lot of hippie young people.

They are much different from hippie elderly people, inasmuch as I don’t think they care a whole lot about politics. Or if they do, they don’t talk about it in bars and restaurants.

Thank God.

Did you know they make elderly wino hippies? They do.

Cheba Hut is a good place to go if you want some yummy in your tummy and maybe just need to collect your thoughts. Everyone is welcome.

It’s a good place to get work done, too. The internet connection is awesome!!!

You’ll have to come to Cheba Hut to learn what the password is, and to find out the one thing Cheba customers all have in common.

Hint: When I went on my Colorado Cannabis Tour a couple of years ago, Cheba Hut was the meet-up place for the tour.  You can read all about my Colorado Cannabis 420 Tour by reading here. 



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