Like father, like son: At 48, I move into Oak Terrace Chalet Glendale, Colorado

Make no mistake; my apartment building is similar to Oak Terrace architecturally, only, in terms of appearance; Glendale, on the other hand, seems to be home to DOMESTIC political refugees 

There are lots of things I LOVE about Colorado, especially now that I’m settling in.

My apartment is one of them.

And ironically, it’s EXACTLY (well, not EXACTLY) like my dad’s subterranean apartment at Oak Terrace in Rock Island.

Longtime followers of my blog (and my newspaper reporting before that) know that my dad was the famed “Mayor of Oak Terrace Apartments” for 30 years before his dementia became severe in 2013, leading to his death almost exactly three years ago. You can read about my dad’s tenure as Oak Terrace mayor by clicking here. 

Dad watched Oak Terrace transform from a gang-bang lawless hellhole to an orderly, delightful community of rule-abiding tenants, many of them World Relief political refugees.

Dad loved the refugees. And once upon a time, dad was very narrow minded.  Dad transformed at Oak Terrace.

Dad lived at Oak Terrace, saved to me leave me family home

And now I am in an apartment just like my dad’s, but in Glendale, Colo.

And someone from Burma, a country that has churned out plenty of political refugees who have lived at Oak Terrace, now owns my childhood home that dad saved up for to buy back for me while living at Oak Terrace.

You can learn all about Oak Terrace by clicking here. 

I sold my home at $50,000 loss after it was shot up, no doubt by the criminal Antifa gang branch of the corrupt Rock Island County Democrats. You can read all about that here. 

You can read all about my childhood home, that I inherited twice (once from each parent) and sank tens of thousands of dollars into renovating by clicking here.

I’m no longer bitter. This is a public relations nightmare for the Rock Island County Democrats, and it’s SO worth it.

Glendale, the city I live in, seems to be filled with plenty of political refugees, just like the World Relief ones at Oak Terrace. There’s only one minor difference; the Glendale refugees are DOMESTIC political refugees.

There are a ton of recent Chicago transplants, in fact, and some Iowa ones, too.

I don’t feel like a freak here. Thank you, Glendale.

One thought on “Like father, like son: At 48, I move into Oak Terrace Chalet Glendale, Colorado

  1. Thank you for those kind words. I have a book to write (and blogs too that I love to write even when unpaid for now, that’s temporary) Too busy to get consumed by this so long as I don’t let myself get consumed by this. God bless!


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