Colorado stoners delight in being fancy (and so high) while smoking ‘caviar’

I was very, very upset earlier, but now I’m smoking “caviar.”

Caviar is a term Coloradans use to describe marijuana buds that are rolled in marijuana oils and kief (medicinal compounds that fall off the bud when you touch it). This makes a regular bud of flower even more dense, not only in weight but also in terms of THC/CBD and the ability to get you high (or medicated, which is how I prefer to describe it).

So, in the interest of getting back on track after numerous severe PTSD attacks tonight, I recalled I had purchased a product called Double Black Caviar. In particular, I purchased Double Black Caviar Back Country Hybrid strain.


Caviar, which under the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program are referred to as “Moon Rocks” are something I never had tried before last night.

Holy cow.

I went to my favorite dispensary, my home base, Emerald Fields this morning when they sent out a text about BOGO 50 percent half off concentrate. Moon Rocks fall under the concentrate category, so I bought two more grams of it.

When I went in it probably was rather obvious I finally had reached the proper dose. We all chuckled about Moon Rocks, as there likely is nothing more potent in the cannabis world.

So, in addition to the hybrid “Back Country” strain (I’ve been functioning well on this strain, very chill, but it will knock you out if you do more than a puff an hour or so)

Photo on 9-14-18 at 1.08 PM

I also bought a Sativa (stimulus) gram of caviar (Sativa at times can be disastrous for me, other times remarkably helpful). This sativa caviar strain is called “Summit,” which I am not familiar with. I was not familiar with Back Country either, and can’t even find anything online about that one. But I like it, that is for sure.

Here’s what says about Summit: 

“Uplifting and borderline euphoric to start, with pressure in the eyes and face — that feeling gives way to heavy eyes and a lolling head, leading into a mind-numbing sort of Indica experience to finish.”

Traditionally, Sweet Skunk has been a no-no strain for me. But this strain is slightly different. Let’s see what happens

(Half an hour later)

This has completely brought me out of stoner-dom and to a sort of alert and horny state, yet drowsy at the same time. I often say to my fellow stoner, “You know when you get a strain that allows for those deep, deep yawns where you get all that oxygen to the brain?”

Yep, this is doing that for me. This is very nice and not overwhelming. Maybe a bit too euphoric for the workday? Probably better suited for recreation.

On the other hand, I just got my landline hooked up and calmly sent out some critical tweets.

The hybrid no doubt is fully functional for me as a writer. I can smoke those rocks and work.

As a writer. Work as a writer. While smoking rocks. Of cannabis. Moon rocks. Caviar. Whatever you want to call it.

Here’s what CannaSaver (great site) says about “Moon Rocks vs. Caviar”:

“Caviar marijuana or cannabis caviar as it’s sometimes called is often the same exact product as moon rocks. It’s buds that have been soaked in hash oil, and usually (but not always!) coated in kief. Sometimes caviar marijuana refers to marijuana that has been saturated in hash oil, but that does not have the added layer of kief on the outside. Moon rocks always has both the hash oil layer and the kief coating, whereas caviar always has the hash oil, but may or may not have the kief layer. To put it another way, moon rocks is always caviar, but caviar is not always moon rocks.”

The bottom line, according to CannSaver?

“You might want to go slow your first time smoking moon rocks or caviar; they have a reputation for knocking out even the most experienced stoners.”

Finally, I also bought an indica (sedative) strain of caviar moon rocks called Avalanche. Again, it’s not a strain I know anything about.

I am not paid in any way for my blogs. Rather, in the interest of giving my fellow stoners a bargain tip, let me tell you that for only $30 a gram and a BOGO Half off, you’ll be flying all weekend on 45 bucks if you stop at Emerald Fields for caviar Moon Rocks.

Bring your Glendoozy ticket and get an even bigger bargain.

That festival this weekend isn’t really called Glendoozy, but we were saying at Emerald Fields that we should start a Glendoozy Festival.

Even if you’re a heavy, heavy consumer with a super-high tolerance, watch out when smoking moon rocks.

You might want to remain seated.



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