A moment of profundity in Glendale, Colorado, as life begins to get better

I grabbed this photo of the Glendale skyline (forward, Denver in back) as well as the Cherry Creek photo below, off the City of Glendale, Colo. website. I hope nobody at City Hall minds. I want to brag the town up.

Glendale is a lot of things for only being one square mile. In addition to beautiful parks, scenic Cherry Creek, a top-notch police department, and tons of places to shop, eat, drink (and buy weed! or see a strip show … gasp!) Glendale even has its own significant skyline.

I wanted to be someplace completely different from where I was before. Glendale, Colorado is completely different from Rock Island, Illinois, even if they may have had some shared issues in the past.

Glendale learned from theirs and moved on.

So many times in my life, particularly since about age 22, I have said to myself, “Wow, what an interesting life I lead. How can this be happening?”

I told a particular shady-as-hell Lyft driver tonight that when I was 8 years old, I said to my mom, “Mom, we live in the most boring place on earth. My life is so boring.”

And so it went. The song I sang.

Until I went to Los Angeles.

The first time. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was my landlord.

It’s true. Another verifiable story in the OMG gasps as the truth about my wacky life comes out. And Schwarzenegger evicted me.

I lived on Nielsen Way in a red brick building above a restaurant called Schazi (sp?) on Main in Santa Monica. I worked as a Fellow at U. The National College Magazine.

Schwarzenegger evicted all the Fellows, apparently the chef needed a place to live.

All true!

‘The Terminator’ as my landlord no match for life now

But as I sit here in Glendale, Colorado, tonight, life is far, far more stranger than that.

So strange I won’t even say much about it.

But I sure do live in a beautiful part of the country. No doubt about that.

Family by the Creek_420x280_thumb

And, I have the cutest little dog in the world.


And, I have said so long to social media (at least for now, and you still might be able to find me somewhere if you look hard enough) and life is so much better.

I think most would agree I’m kind of an expert on social media and using it in trailblazing ways.

But I’m also a nice person, who, as angry as I am about what has happened to me through the years, I’m glad to be finally processing it, even pushing 50, and really hope to still make new friends and even meet someone special.

And I’ll just blurt out that I do live in the greatest country on earth and soon everyone will see just how great it is.

My apartment is finally looking like a home 

So, not only is the social media gone, but so is a ton of anxiety. Not only that, my apartment is finally taking shape.

I had my furniture assembled today and the place finally is beginning to look like a home.

Tomorrow I probably will write all day.

I love my dog so much, and I also love my new community of Glendale.

I really do believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now,.

But it’s overwhelming, exciting, scary, upsetting, terrifying at times. I can’t believe the world we live in and it truly frightens me to the core when I think about what I know to be true.

People ask me why I ever would post anything that could give any clue or hint as to where I live. I answer that I want to show off my new life like anybody, and that I am SO SAFE that anyone who tries to come near me and do harm only is like candy in the hands of justice-doers.

Living Room

Everybody answers to somebody in the United States of America. God. Liberty. Justice for all.

So to have things falling into place in Glendale, with a great place to live, the sweetest dog ever, the best weed on earth, and quite a book to write, all I can do today is say,

“Praise Jesus.”



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