Four-legged intruder disrupts journalist’s book schedule with killer smile

A four-legged Chiweenie named Chewbacca (Chewy for short) walked (ran) into my life two weeks ago.

Actually, he ran right out the door of Dumb Friends League animal shelter with me.

He’s cute beyond belief, but he sure barks. A lot!

I thought he was mute the first week. Not even!

Today I am going to go buy pheromones to spray on his bed. Somebody also said that if I buy him a little kennel he’ll go inside of it when I’m not here and it will help with his separation anxiety.

He will not allow me to work at all much of the time, jumping right between my legs.

He can stick his long snout — and its ice-cold tip — into and onto everything.

And he will, if you let him!

I did not know that  with dogs you have to wear underwear to bed. No cat claws, but ice cold noses they’re not afraid to stick anywhere.

He reminds me very much of the tiny poodle Peaches we got when I was 5 years old. Peaches lived until my freshman year of college.

He’s cuter than peaches, and actually, he’s even SMALLER than Peaches. But his barks sound almost exactly like Peaches. It’s weird.

He also wipes his butt on the floor like Peaches. You know what I mean. Mom used to say it can mean the dog has worms, so I better get him to the vet right away.

He barks at himself (and me) in the mirror.

Chewy Sofa

He does not like elevators.

He runs in circles and likes to play “sockey” complete with the motorboat noises.

He runs really fast and tries to jump onto things and misses.

He’s over-the-top sweet and loving unlike any dog I ever have known or seen.

He’s a sweet boy.

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