Ch. 18: Empty houses with unlocked doors, backyard tents in Rock Island, Ill.

Stock image courtesy Pixabay

Never could I have imagined my quiet World War II neighborhood had become an Antifa gang sleeper cell.

Indeed, one third of the homes were owned by one man — a man named Johnson.

I called police.  I called zoning. I called my alderman. I called everyone.

Nobody cared that doors were left open, all the time, on vacant houses. Nobody cared that one houses had people living in tents in the back yard.

And don’t get me started on the trampoline house, that puts the Asian children (with the filthiest mouths you’ve ever heard on pre-toddlers) on display once a week.

And what about the big hulk of a man with the dew rag who lives in the house across the street? The guy from Freeport, Ill. … with no furniture in his house?

The story of what the whack-job Rock Island County Antifa Democrats did to Suncrest Addition, Rock Island, Illinois, is shocking.


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