Ch. 19: ‘I’m renting AirBnB in your neighbor’s unit, let’s go to SmokinGun’

Screen shot from SmokinGun website. SmokinGun is a delightful cannabis legalization museum and high-end dispensary. I can’t say enough about the Willie Nelson pre-rolls.

I should have called Glendale Police immediately — what was I to think when a neighbor’s AirBnB guest drops on me that she’s a drug dealer from Ohio?

“Hi, I’m Kai. Want to go to SmokinGun with me?”

This young woman proceeded to tell me she’s a lesbian and that she and her partner weren’t happy with their AirBnB. She claimed my neighbor offered rides includes in the price of rent but did not deliver.

But I delight that I remember this criminal’s name, Kai, an admitted drug dealer.

How could I ever forget her name; a frightening as hell PTSD trigger. My former AA sponsor, who I fired, is Kai Swanson, a Rock Island County Board member who allowed me to be locked up, tortured, sober, on no charges, for reporting human trafficking and sex crimes.

Just look what the mentally sick Rock Island County Democrats did to me. Be sure to check the screen shot of the GPS … my public transit app caught the dirty cops running around town with my phone. The Dem perps in charge all continue to run free!

And look here! Kid of man dad bought my childhood home back from was sentenced to prison, the filthy Quad-City Times newspaper has reported none of it because the kid’s the son of a high-ranking Dem

Kai is assistant to the president of my alma mater Augustana College, Swedish ELCA-Lutheran affiliated.

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Indeed, she had no problems telling me she was making the rounds at Glendale, Colo. dispensaries so she may deal the goods back east. She said her mother suffered from illness where marijuana would help; what was I to say?

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As I write this my entire town is being rounded up for drugs, burglary, and assorted Antifa crimes. I’m a childhood sexual assault and human trafficking survivor, and my childhood home I inherited twice is shot up. See it for yourself. 

Look what “Gerry’s Kids,” the sheriff’s deputies of appointed sheriff hubby Gerry Bustos, did to my basement during an illegal search 

That’s because as a journalist I uncovered human trafficking and sex crimes; I then was jailed, tortured on no charges in the Rock Island County Jail, where gay people fired fro the gay bar worked. The jail is run by Gerry Bustos, the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos, my former friend of 30 years.

I have been a guest in Gerry and Cheri’s home more than once.

I was born into the Aryan Nation gang and never knew; I’m an academic, a geek, a Christian.

I don’t know anything about gangs.

Kai the drug dealer wanted me to break federal law

When we got to SmokinGun, Kai wanted me to buy an ounce of marijuana in my name. That would have sent me over my daily limit and resulted in a violation of federal law for me and SmokinGun both. It all had to have been witnessed by multiple SmokinGun employees and also caught on tape.

I reached out to AirBnB for comment but got an auto-response saying they were having email difficulties. They suggested I send my inquiry to a separate email address.

I will not.

Here’s what I asked them:

My name is David Heitz and I am a freelance journalist in Glendale, Colo.
I am reaching out today because I am working on a story regarding harassment of childhood sexual assault and human trafficking survivors.
I am one such survivor who fled my shot-up home in Rock Island, Illinois and now and am being harassed by my next door neighbor, who folks in my building say is an AirBnB host. Not only that, her guests are complaining to me that she’s rude, doesn’t offer the rides included in the rent, and that she says she’s a political corruption victim, fired by a Democrat governor? Nobody follows her meaningless rants. Something about abuse of children? Sounds like she’s seeking revenge upon me; very scary. She suffers from mental illness.
My blog gets 5,000 hits per week due to the fact I’m a federal political corruption victim who already has had two FBI victims’ advocates.
The neighborhood is filled with dangerous white supremacists, and I fear she rents to them. Some harass me daily. Here’s some more about my story:
And this, all true, all verifiable:
My question is simple: Do you ask your hosts to provide leases showing their
AirBnB is legal in their apartment communities?
This has all been reported to Glendale Police and the management agency for the apartment community. My lawyer also has been notified.
I need my answers by close of business Mountain time Monday.
Dave Heitz


Apartment community management supportive, my only friends

Company management has said AirBnB cannot continue in the building.

Glendale police last night told me to start a new life by trusting the management company of this building.

Last night I noticed the padlock behind my apartment accessing a courtyard was broken. I freaked out. I emailed management and they fixed it immediately.

But you can imagine.

I hope things get better soon. I pray the cops and politicians of Rock Island County, Illinois will be locked up soon, and a federal takeover instituted for the sake of all who still live there.

The SmokinGun complaint is under investigation by the state.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 10.32.56 AM

Thank you.

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