Ch. 2: I thought nothing of Bert grabbing my penis. I wasn’t even in school yet.

Bert was a World War II veteran with one wooden leg, and even as I write this, I certainly don’t think of him as a pervert.

But he did grab my penis, many times. He grabbed the other boy his wife babysat with me’s penis, too.

But it never was in a gross way? At least not to a three year old?

But now it’s all in a much different context. There’s the matter of veteran Mr. Downing. Veteran Mr. Britton.

And what they told me. Mr. Downing even vomited in my basement drain upon telling the story.

Watch this video I made moments after veteran Mr. Downing, who was looking at my home, told me I was being harassed because the neighborhood long has been a sexual abuse neighborhood associated with the days of Lane Evans. He told me to trust in Cheri Bustos. 

I always thought it odd Bert and Letha slept in different beds. Different rooms. But back in the day, maybe not so odd?

And I also am sitting her perplexed, as Bert was a pallbearer at my mother’s funeral when she died of breast cancer at age 23.

Then, Bert dropped dead of a heart attack two weeks later. It all happened in March 1995.

I’m fighting for my life, running from the Antifa for reporting sex crimes. I have been jailed, tortured on no charges by corrupt law enforcement and do not feel safe anywhere I go.

I have had veterans tell me my old neighborhood is famous for sex crimes against children, and that’s why I’m being harassed.

So today I write about Bert Ellegood, who worked for Per Mar Security, just like the former partner of convicted felon Bill Boom.

Bert was a relation of a bailiff at Rock Island County Courthouse. You can read all about the bailiff and his friends, the McDonald’s 30th Street Rock Island Breakfast Club, by clicking here. These men burst into laughter a few years ago when I told them I was buying my father’s home; except for Jim (whose son Matt also had his penis grabbed)

Once, Matt’s mom, Rhodey, called my mom. She wanted to know did I have all my shot.

It sent my mother into a rage.

But I do know I was sexually abused. I remember bits and pieces.

Something happened in the woods my Immanuel Lutheran School. But I also was run over by a sled at a young age in that same location, so my memories are fuzzy.

The man who ran over me on the sled is the brother of a man my dad left a diamond ring to in the will; Hollywood could not make this stuff up; check out this chapter excerpt 

But for sure Bert regularly grabbed Matt and I’s penis, usually when we were sitting on the couch watching TV on the porch watching cartoons.

subhead here

Bert relocated to my old neighborhood after his was demolished. Bert’s old neighborhood, just down the hill from where I grew up, was replaced with a YMCA. The YMCA later was acquired by the city and called Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center. My high school senior prom date, last I knew, was director of its pre-school.

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