Scary Blue Grass, Iowa: We all went there for summer camp? Really?

Stock image courtesy Pixabay (this is not Blue Grass, Iowa) 

Some things related to my bizarre situation even I could not have guessed.

But I DID figure out long ago that something was awry in Blue Grass, and Buffalo, Iowa. When Buffalo Police Chief TJ Behning was hit by a garbage truck, I shared several theories with law enforcement.

As well as some information that I know to be true.

And do you suppose it all circles back to my own trauma and my involvement with the LGBT community? If so, you’re right.

TJ Behning was injured a year ago today, and is on the road to recovery. You can tell just by looking at TJ he’s pure good. I know he’s pure good because someone I now know to be pure evil bad-mouthed him once. I told law enforcement all about it.

I trust those emails are now in the right hands.

Check out this update by KWQC-TV 6 News.

It seems most all my “theories” now are proving factual.

It’s chilling. Do you really think so much effort has gone into getting rid of me for nothing?

The truth is, many of the young, male and female tattoo necks — gang members — are being apprehended in Blue Grass, or Buffalo, and they have been being apprehended there for a long time. In fact, it no doubt has been much easier for crime to thrive there with Behning bedridden.

But that’s all about to change.

Blue Grass, Iowa, is best known to Quad-Citizens as the home of YMCA’s Camp Abe Lincoln, a venerable summer institution and rite of passage (or at least it used to be) for Quad-City youngsters.

It’s chilling because of all the sex crimes committed by gang members, quite frankly.

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