Shady San Francisco: Online commerce Cabal just waiting to be uncovered

Stock image courtesy Pixabay


Do I start with not-looking-so-good, where I used to work when all the nonsense went down?

Or go straight to the present, and filthy Lyft?

Let’s start with filthy Lyft.

As my story began to be proven true about my false imprisonment and torture for reporting gangs, human trafficking and drug activity in Bustos District — imprisoned in the jail of Bustos’ appointed sheriff hubby, no less — menacing people began to hiss at me at every turn.

But to have one of them be your Lyft driver — you’re a prisoner in their vehicle — is pure terror.

And when they play Bill. Maher on the radio, then ask you who you voted for president, and SCREAM at you? It’s a lawsuit.

I delight.

This is the driver in question.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 5.47.36 PM

It took me several tries, but Lyft has acknowledged my filing of formal complaint.

But what do you think happened after I filed the formal complaint against Lyft?

What do you think happened also when, at the same time, white supremacists in the neighborhood began to harass me?

Well, in Colorado they can’t throw you in jail on no charges at all. So they threw me in a mental hospital. 

That’s right.

Now, why do I think Healthline doesn’t look so good?

Let me say. I loved Healthline. Wow. My word. LOL. Between what they taught me and the opportunities they gave me, talk about a CATAPULT when I thought my career was DEAD.

Of course, I DID IT. They gave me the platform and the skills.

But then it just got WEIRD as I began to interview and get to know more and more people in healthcare, Pharma, and assorted “patient advocates.”

My beats were HIV and Hepatitis (give them to the gay guy) even though I did not have either disease.

Until I did. I do NOT have HIV and have been tested in the past year with three sexual partners and no unsafe activity, however … 

I ended up testing positive for Hepatitis A (your body clears it, and mine has) after an assault in my basement.

All of this going down right around the time I was to be the official press boy for the LA-SF AIDS Ride, sponsored by Gilead and Abbvie.

But I have further concerns, oddities, weirdnesses I need to point out.

First, Brian Krans, the guy who got me the job at Healthline, has written a book already — several, in fact.

I’m reading Brian’s books now. He’s got talent and balls. I like to think the same of myself.

Yes I sure do.

One of Brian’s books is called “Assault Rifles and Pedophiles” and I urge everyone to buy it and read it right now.


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