Embattled QC Times newspaper betrays award-winning journalist tortured in jail

Stock image courtesy Pixabay

I have been scratching my head for more than three years.

What in THE HELL is the corrupt Quad-City Times thinking?

Ignoring a meth/ecstasy case that I think (but cannot prove without a little more digging) must have a federal connection? A case that had a convict on the lam for months and months, yet he was found right in Moline?

Of course. Frank Fitzpatrick is the son of the Milan Fire Chief and a Moline firefighter. You get to commit crimes in Rock Island, Illinois without consequence.

In fact, I am sure I could have lived the life of a gang-banger, or a male prostitute.

No thank you.

And since I didn’t choose that life, but instead chose to write about it, my house was shot up.

But the filthy Quad-City Times never reported that either. Check it out for yourself right here, details, photos and all.

They always cover homes being shot at. In fact, no Quad-City news media covered my home being shot up, ever, not even with all the circumstances and mountains of evidence surrounding multiple violent crimes committed against me.

And I am an award-winning former Quad-City Times reporter, including a first place award in 2010/2011. Check out an excerpt from my book, coming soon!


The reason I think the Fitzpatrick case went federal or is related to a federal case is because of something my only friend at the end of my tenure in my Rock Island childhood home told me.

My friend Randy Veys, who showed incredible passion as my house was shot up for reporting sex crimes and human trafficking, told me one day, “I think they got your guy.”

And he said it was a federal arrest at a Moline Sam’s Club. Fitzpatrick showed up in the RICO JUDICI court system shortly thereafter. Check out the file on the drug arrest here. I could look him up in the federal system, but there’s a charge.

And I already know the case related to the crimes against me has gone federal, even if none of the crimes against me have lawfully been linked to that case. That would be because of DOJ corruption.

I am being harassed by a DOJ employee who called me a faggot in high school. 

I absolutely am a victim of crimes and conspiracies that need to be tried federally.

Instead, I’m being harassed by police, white supremacists, and everyone else.

My friend Randy Veys, nephew of a Moline Police Chief

Randy Veys’ uncle used to be police chief. Randy has been through a lot. He lost his brother.

I still consider Randy a great friend. He may not care for me any longer, but I know he was sideways with his family — his mom, anyway — long before I shared what he shared with me.

I’m sorry his family has strife like that. I’d hear him fight fiercely with her in the car, and it would make me so uncomfortable — because that’s how my family fought.

But back to the filthy Quad-City Times. I have made a few connections, so to speak (or drawn a few connections, I should say)

Here’s one oddity, or, shall I say, disturbing fact. Multiple young Adlers, a venerable name in the Quad-Cities attached to the founding family of the Times Democrat’s predecessors, have warrants for their arrests.

Here’s one for Marcus John Adler. Contempt.

Here’s one for Matthew Steven Adler. Drugs. 

Now, I went to the Quad-City Times, and police, long ago about disgraced former Davenport Alderman Bill Boom and what I THOUGHT MIGHT BE a human trafficking or male prostitution operation.

Of course, we all know now I was thrown in jail for that, tortured, in BUSTOS 17 Congress Illinois, where US Rep Cheri BUSTOS is married to the appointed sheriff hubby. Read all about it right here. 

And the Moline Police Department that arrested me? Well, the chief and two captains are suspended right now after a DUI incident involving 91 mph and a BAC more than .20 — by the chief himself. Check out the Times report for yourself right here. 

Before Cheri went to Capitol Hill we worked together as journalists at the Quad-City Times.

She went to work for Trinity Hospital, now UnityPoint Trinity, after that, and I’ve got a great lawsuit pending against them. Read all about that here; the terror continued at Cheri’s old employer Trinity after the terror in her appointed sheriff hubby’s jail.

It happened twice, actually, and I was taken by ambulance the second time. Read all about Dr. Eric VanderLinden by clicking here. 

And now Denver was dumb enough to repeat the stunt.

Maybe I’ll double my money.

Mr. Boom ended up being convicted for lying to a grand jury in the case, by the way. Check out retired reporter Chrissy Minor of WQAD’s excellent report.

He got a hand slap; his mentally disabled, marginalized young roommate went to prison after first being given drug court.

Meanwhile. young men like the Adlers — mostly good-looking, young white men from well-known families — are being rounded up by police like loose cattle in Wyoming or Montana.

Drugs, theft, and other crimes.

Just like I told police long ago they would find, if they looked. Read all about that right her in my groundbreaking piece published on LinkedIn: Hooking up to Stay Alive: The Sexual Exploitation of Young Men and Boys. 

Now, back to the Adlers.

Here, check out this Quad-City Times file photo of Lee Executive Mr. Schermer presenting Mr. Boom with a KEY TO THE CITY for his work in securing funding for the Adler Theater, downtown.


Photo by Quad-City Times

Just look at Mr. Boom delight!


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