FBI Victim’s Advocate No. 2: Hunter Collins of the Air Force, childhood friend

When Hunter Collins finally blurted out why he and his wife, beautiful Carrie Miner Collins, had been bringing me groceries and marijuana money, I about collapsed.

“David, knowing that Gerry and Cheri Bustos never will go to prison, what can the federal government do to make this right with you?”

Boy, did Hunter ever get an earful. I think they heard me in Silvis.

And Hunter’s reply to what I said? “Then don’t give up. It won’t be easy.”

He said he knows the town is filthy as hell and he didn’t even want to move back here. Carrie did.

My former friend Colleen Stalf, who ran Niabi Zoo with her husband Tom, also said Rock Island, Illinois, is a filthy, dangerous disgrace. She urged me to get out from the day my dad died, like a true friend would.

Son of a cop, beauty queen flight attendant

Hunter’s dad is a retired Rock Island, Ill. cop.

His mother? A former flight attendant and an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I want to say she was in a Miss America pageant once? Someone can correct me if I am wrong!

Never a bad word has been uttered, not that I know of, ever, about Hunter or his family.

Hunter told me I inspired him to get sober. Many people have told me that. There is no greater compliment.

I’m sober again, and committed to staying that way (I am a medical cannabis patient, that’s my medicine, and I’ll never stop smoking 24/7, but no more beer) but I’m not going to carry a flag for filthy behavioral health or filthy rehab centers ever again.

I’m not saying those that I worked for are filthy; I’m not saying they’re not. I never had a personal tour of any of them, nor did I ever meet a single clinician personally. I will say that until the very end, my bosses in corporate at Nashville-based Foundations Recovery Network — David Tjornehoj and Anna McKenzie — were tolerant, understanding, and bent over backwards for me.

I believe them, too, to be true Christian people, and I want to thank them both from the bottom of my heart.

The victim’s advocate with the true 411: Collins attends my family’s church 

Hunter Collins attends my family’s church on my dad’s side, filthy Edgewood Baptist Church.

Hunter also pointed that the son of Diane Carnithan, retired assistant to the president of Augustana College, is friends with convicted felon Bill Boom.

Former Davenport Alderman Bill Boom supplied meth money to his mentally disabled “roommate” so he could deal meth to the LGBT community. You can read all about Boom’s federal guilty plea and sentencing my clicking here. 

Sadly, Diane’s other son, an up and coming wrestler, killed himself in high school. He was a year or two younger than me.

Read why Augustana College frightens me almost as much as Gerry and Cheri Bustos themselves.

Read how I was jailed by Moline Police (the chief there is now on leave following a DUI arrest with two Moline police captains at his side when it happened, driving more than 90 mph in Iowa)

I then was taken to the jail of appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos and tortured there two days on no charges at all. This all went down after I reported human trafficking, narcotics trafficking and sex crimes to Rock Island County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Rusk and Rock Island Police Department Officer Doug Williams. Williams incessantly harassed me until I finally left Rock Island.

Cops act like sophomoric kids in bang-bang shoot-em-up District 17

Poor behavior among law enforcement in the filthy Illinois Quad-Cities where Bustos is the appointed sheriff hubby is completely out of control, and par for the course. The cops are filthy; I felt they could murder me or take me to the hospital and have me murdered at any time, as US Rep Cheri Bustos controls that, too.

I had to get out. Read what happened to me after they finally released me from the jail. I never will seek healthcare again until the proper people are locked up. 

I’m scared of Officer Doug Williams, and I thought I saw him once here in Denver after my first frightening night and became extremely triggered.

Many of the people who have hurt me and continue to hurt me, and who I believe clearly are working for Gerry and Cheri Bustos, called me faggot in high school.

When I was arrested on no charges at my father’s filthy hellhole memory care institution, Amber Ridge, the excuse they gave is that I was screaming in a nursing home.

Filthy Amber Ridge memory care is not a nursing home. It’s a hotel-like atmosphere where people with no credentials or sub-par credentials care for your ailing loved one. Since it’s private pay, they are not held to federal Medicare/Medicaid standards of care. They are held to state standards for private pay, but they differ state to state.

Collins: Phil Hare doesn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution 

Collins lives on a local golf course next to former US Rep Phil Hare, who held the seat by Bustos a while back. He lost immediately; he has no charisma whatsoever and is corrupt. The seat was taken by a Republican, Bobby Schilling.

Hare worked for famed US Rep Lane Evans, and although voters did not want Hare as Evans’ replacement (indeed, the caucus chose Mark Schwiebert) the views of all were disrespected and Hare installed as the candidate.

Check out this opinion piece by Quad-City Times’ Barb Ickes anointing Hare as Evans replacement. In fact, a caucus chose Schwiebert and then the party snubbed the vote.

Much like the hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos was made sheriff without an election.

It’s all par for the course in FILTHY Rock Island, Ill. Bustos and others routinely flip the bird at free elections. You can read all about that by clicking here. 

Here’s some more background in a 2010 piece by my longtime friend Quad-City Times political reporter Ed Tibbetts. 

Isn’t Mark Schwiebert the Augie, St. John’s poster child? 

You may be confused. You may be saying, “Mark Schwiebert goes to the church and graduated from the college you’re afraid of. You’re not making any sense.”

I’m making perfect sense. Mark Scwhiebert is much more gentlemanly than myself. I also think he’s honest and probably knows I am telling the total truth about what happened to me.

My gut says he’s a good man.

How I came to distrust Hunter Collins

Team Ryden … Ryden Realtor … “I know Cheri Bustos! I love Bustos!” Then changes it to, “I know Cheri from being a lobbyist.”

Is one better than the other?


Offered me $47K for my $130K house “The data says … ”

“You can shove your data up your ass,” I told him, as he was dismissed, and I swore to never leave my home.

But to quote my dispensary friend Randy Veys, nephew of a former Moline chief of Police:

“They’re killers,” and “They tried to give you AIDS for God’s sake.”

I knew it was time to get out.

Harassment by Tim Ryerson, Zach Dusenberry

Now, as some of you know, I am being harassed by former high school classmate Tim Ryerson, who now works for FBI DOJ. You can read all about that here, complete with screen shot of the harassment (there’s more, that’s just a sample)

Tim emerged out of the blue a few years ago and began to be nice to me on social media. This made no sense.

Next,  a guy from Netherlands introduced me to Chris Brandt, a handsome guy about 10 years my junior who immediately jumped into my lap. He was introduced as my new marijuana dealer, but he immediately jumped into my lap — yes he did — and said, “I’m good at lots of things.”

Chris and I never fooled around, but he was sober, liked sports, and I liked him. But I did not think he was gay and was not about to make the first move.

Now, if it’s not scary enough that a DOJ employee is harassing me after all of this, did I mention my distant relation Joe Dusenberry also was in the military and for a time protected President Obama? At least he used to post photos on Facebook saying he was protecting him.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.46.47 AM


And just look here.

And my house was shot up. You can read all about that here, with pictures. 

It’s just not looking good for Obama or the Dems




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