Dawn Hunter, Jason Morris, Jutta ‘Uda’ Patterson … who else was in the jail?

Let me start by asking this:

Whose writing is this, FBI, DOJ?

Surely, you’re skilled enough to find out as you probe my jailhouse terror.

I know they’re going to say it never happened. Robert Young Center never created a ticket when they came there, and then immediately cleared me to be released.

But we know all about them, too. Don’t we. After all, I heard US Rep Cheri Bustos say, “When you take him to Trinity, tell them he’s a sex worker.” This blog has been up for almost a year. The number of views? Thousands upon thousands. 

It’s filth upon filth in corrupt Dist 17 Congress Illinois, where US Rep Cheri Bustos is married to appointed sheriff hubby, and where I was held without charge for reporting sex crimes, gangs and human trafficking.

But why might this happen to a sober, gay caregiver? Who would jail a person for reporting heinous crimes? Find out one possible explanation by clicking here. 

FBI DOJ, Jason Morris made the nasty Chief Behning comment to me once

I have been telling FBI DOJ, Illinois State Police, local police and others that Jason Morris clearly must be some sort of kingpin for the filth occurring in Quad-Cities. Numerous angry lesbians known for their alcoholism attacked me last summer when I began to post about Jason working in the Rock Island County Jail.

It was over the top. RIPD were notified many times. Often, the dispatchers there harassed me.

One in particular harassed to no end. I can honestly say I can think of two who should face criminal charges for obstructing 911.

At any rate, so much effort went into telling me Jason did not work in the Rock Island County Jail that it confirmed it. That, and Brandy Sue Sivels confirmed for me the former LGBT bartenders from Mary’s on 2nd, Jason and Dawn Hunter, were working in there. Her hubby told her, and he’s a correctional officer in there, or was.

She was head cook at Amber Ridge Memory Care Institution and my dad’s favorite employee until the place went to shee-ot and eventually fired Brandy.

Brandy, dad thanks you for the fine cooking. Gone three years Friday. He loved you so much.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.53.52 PM.png

I have endured incredible abuse by very sick people.

Oh my God.

I don’t believe Dawn Hunter to be dirty. I think she narc’d Cheri out.

I’m praying.

Dawn has known my brother for years. She smoked pot in the basement of the shot-up home I just sold, with my brother, years and years ago. I was a tot.

Mom and dad were no doubt upstairs fighting.

I probably was dancing in my room in the dark with the door closed, music turned up on the hi fi (that was before wi fi, don’t ask) and my imaginary microphone.

Jutta-Uda What-What-What?

Who is Jutta-Uda Patterson?

I never knew for sure until l was thrown in the jail on no charges. I did know that half the drug crowd LGBT adored her, half the drug crowd LGBT said she was a narc.

So it was confusing, but not now. Not really.

At any rate, Jutta was a guard while I was in the jail. I saw her during my relapse at Mary’s on 2nd last year. She said she had been placed on disability.


Rock Island County went after a guard named Amanda once. I knew Amanda and her girlfriend at the time, Amelia, both.

Not criminals. Very nice girls. Not saints, no. What LGBT person is a saint, most of us like to have fun now and then.

Or at least we did at one time. Ha!

But Amanda and Amelia, to me, both were good peeps. I think I have a really good read on such things.

The whole media assault against Amanda smelled like a Chrissy Minor dust-up, no offense to Chris. But boy, Chrissy was aggressive.

Read the Quad-City Times report about Amanda Wolf by clicking here.

And what happened to the state attorney who prosecuted her? Alcohol allegations amidst sex crimes. Read all about it, just click right here, for the Quad-City Times report. 

Are you convinced yet that drugs where shoved into my rectum, that I was tortured in the jail for reporting crimes? I don’t want sympathy. I want people locked up.

I want to delight in a federal takeover of Rock Island County, Illinois.

So many skeletons in so many closets. That’s why I threw all my stuff out there before I began throwing stones from my glass house long, long ago.

I own my shit. It’s the difference between myself and the filthies.

I wonder what happened to Amanda. I just never bought that she was dirty, yet boy was she convicted and humiliated by the Quad-City news media.



13 thoughts on “Dawn Hunter, Jason Morris, Jutta ‘Uda’ Patterson … who else was in the jail?

    1. Only because she didn’t show who is slow? You want to elaborate on why you were stalking
      Her? I can guarantee you the FBI is watching you very closely and not because they are protecting you.


      1. The FBI has been notified of your rants against the government that’s how I know they are watching you. You are harassing several people and like Glendale police will tell you, if you open yourself up to these publications or your posts, you can expect this and it’s not harassment. You concern me with your rants against the government and political rants. It’s people like you that make headlines each day by killing others. This is why you are being watched I am a concerned citizen. And I have every right to say that.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Teaghan. How are you. You know, they got Fitzpatrick and they know what he and Bobby did and my house. It’s federal. I think they got the shooter of my house. Did you kill Trudy? Did you kill Seth Rich? Did you kill Sam Davis? Did you kill David Harker? Because Harker’s widow and I have spoken at length. She thanked me. Pastor Stacie Fidlar is a material witness to many, many things. Amie Lohmann had your filthy agency harass me as soon as I gave her the Stacie info. You go out and make it a great day.


  1. Your rants are a jumbled mess and I have no idea what you just said. Seek help and stop harassing this country. Let’s make America Great Again.


  2. One more comment, as you know, in a court of law, no Judge will take your word as truth when you quote what others said. Come on you are smarter than that. And a word of advice, your chapters make no sense they are all over the place. No publisher will accept this. Perhaps you should dictate and have someone who has their mind about them write the material. Hey just a suggestion. Now go out and make it a great day and no I don’t live in your building.

    Liked by 1 person

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