Why would a childhood bully, now #FBI #DOJ employee, harass me? I’ll tell you

BULLETIN … UPDATED … In high school, second FBI victim’s advocate polar opposite of DOJ employee … BOOK COMING VERY, VERY SOON … DEVELOPING … 

His rap sheet from filthy Rock Island County, Illinois, where criminals generally are given lots of free passes, says it all.

He’s filthy. And a bully.

At least that’s what the men and women who have filed restraining orders against him must think.

You can see Tim Ryerson’s rap sheet by clicking right here.

There’s even an assault with a deadly weapon charge. Motion to dismiss.

I ask for an immediate investigation by FBI DOJ into the harassment against me by this deranged employee. I am frightened. I have reported his crimes to police. I took screenshots of the first email, where he told me he is DOJ (I knew he had to be, I’m a reporter and I got the story!) and then said the federal government never would waste a penny protecting me.

That you are allowing this after threatening me is shocking. Do I live in Russia? China? North Korea?

This story has had tens of thousands of hits FBI DOJ. Please get off Fantasy Island and begin to act right. Today. 

I wonder what Stacie Howard, his wife or ex wife, has to say about Tim Ryerson. She’s a sweet girl. I wonder what she would say about me.

I wonder what she would say about all of this.

I am a childhood sexual assault and human trafficking survivor. I was jailed without charge in the appointed sheriff hubby jail of US Rep Cheri Bustos. This should be absolutely repugnant to any American.

Further, it appears my father bought my childhood home from an Aryan Nation family. I have been assaulted in my home. It also was illegally searched by the department run by the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos. 

Frank Fitzpatrick is now in prison. The filthy Quad-City Times, which Bustos and Bustos apparently control, has covered it all up. 

My senior prom date had a date that ended up with a call from the feds, too

This reminds me of when my senior Prom Date Heather Gray had the government call her and ask about “Flames of Fire” and Robbie Chambers one time.

Do you remember, Heather? I hope you know at this point I care about you.

I bring this up now because Robbie’s sister is harassing the heck out of me now. Actually, she has stopped, I should back up. But for a while, it was over the top.

And of course she was assaulted at Hodge Park, we all witnessed it ourselves.

Didn’t we?

She cried out, “My pu**y’s not a toy!”

Several young men were assaulting her in the park after the shaving cream tug-of-war.

In front of everyone.

I offer her only compassion and no disrespect. I have told her this. She’s a victim of abuse, too, and I saw it .

Colleen Carroll Stalf was there, too. Robin Kahn may have been.

I have pictures somewhere (G pics, with all the girls wearing their ‘Less Filling, Tastes Great, We’re the Girls of 88!’ T-shirts.

Matt Stern, king of Bud and king of bud, was our class president, after all. He owns the Budweiser distributorship and the marijuana dispensary. His house is just blocks from mine; maybe 20,000 square feet? More? 

It was Colleen, Heather, Robin, and David, after all, all through most of high school.

Charlie and his angels!

Lester Chambers, Dorothy Chambers, my dad is dead now

So confusing. Jody Chambers’ grams and gramps were so close to my dad.

OMG. My dad was close to Uncle Alan, too (mom’s side, gang family) that lived down the street from “Chambers,” as dad referred to Lester.

Rhonda wanted dad’s motorcycle pics with Uncle Alan.

What’s wrong with these people??

And they all live in filthy Florida now. My cousin Allison “Oopie” Fordham said Uncle Alan lives on a plantation. Aunt Wanda’s hateful husband Harold, daddy to all the gang-bangers, lived on a trailer on Uncle Alan’s property.

He died last year. Maybe it was the year before that.

My Aunt Lee Ella Crosby, my mom’s sister and best friend from which I was estranged many years, reached out several months ago. She had not heard what happened to me (of course not, filthy Lee Enterprises covered it all up). Once she learned, she told me my Uncle Alan is great friends with filthy Bohnsack.

Bohnsack served on the filthy airport commission until gay GOP party chair Drue Mielke demanded he resign. The Quad-City Times did cover that, and you can read the story here.

I nearly was trafficked out of the Quad-Cities on a C17.

Many years ago, my second cousin Tomi Lynn Myers blew her head off while being chased by police in her mother’s (my cousin’s) car. It nearly killed my Aunt Lee. My mother did die just months later. She had breast cancer; she lived to drive Tomi to school and to spend time with Aunt Lee.

Tomi Lynn was 15.

Cute Chris Brandt: How do you know Tim Ryerson?

Roel De Bruyn, a guy I knew from the Netherlands who lived in the Quad-Cities, introduced me to Chris Brandt. He was to be my new weed guy.

He had great weed. He got it from someone else who lived in his nondescript apartment building next to Hillside Inn and the Milan Bridges.

But when Roel introduced him to me, he leaped right into my lap. He told me was good at lots of things.

I liked this guy. Masculine, sober, kinda funny. But when he did that, alarms went off.

And then I came to decide he wasn’t gay at all, and in fact, I’ll just say it. I think he’s owned. And traded.

I really do. I’ve told Rock Island cops that a million times.

At any rate, Chris blurted it out to me one day while we were smoking: How do you know Tim Ryerson?

What do you think of all these detailed, staggering allegations of a DOJ employee? Not moving forward on the probe I have requested would defy all sense of morality.



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