#CenturaHealth declares my story of jail terror in Bustos District ‘psychotic’

Stories like mine are sure to create a #RedWave come mid-terms. 



Yesterday I called 911 to report some information about a white supremacist in the building across the street harassing me. I’m frightened of Aryan Nation tattoos, naturally, and this man first was my friend (not really) then called me “faggot.”

But instead of talking to the harasser, they found a behavioral health professional to deem me a risk to Democrats (I’m not sure what else?) so they put me in a cop car until the ambulance came, cuffed me, then I was loaded into the ambulance and taken to lockup at the hospital.

They did this as the entire neighborhood gazed out their windows. I was barefoot; they had not allowed me to put my shoes on.

Way to further harass a federal political corruption victim! They left me cuffed in the car, shoeless, a very log time, on display, before the ambulance came. The cops laughed and chuckled, one commenting, “This is whole new territory.”

They literally recreated a previous terror for me, as if they were trying to further damage someone with CPTSD or even cause a trigger / cardiac arrest. Read here. 

Check out this piece: Terror in the ER

Police and healthcare colluded to do exactly the same thing again, except this time, I was not poisoned, and I was calm. This is outrageous.

I was born into an AryanNation family and did not know it. My house has been shot up, I have had drugs shoved into my rectum, and I also have been imprisoned, no charges, in the appointed sheriff hubby jail of US Rep Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline).

You can read about a Jerry Lee Bustos who trafficked drugs in his rectal in the prison system, got sideways with Aryan nation, and then sued a journalist for their A&E report.

Inmate Bustos lost the case; Supreme Court JUSTICE GORSUCH WAS THE JUDGE. All links to MSM reports including the Washington Post story are linked to in my blog. 

My story checks out. Dozens of Aryan nation are being locked up nationwide. This is only Scott County, Iowa, across the river from where I lived. There’s no sunshine or transparency in Rock Island, Illinois (they ignore elections too, like they did with Cheri’s appointed sheriff hubby)

Get educated! Can you handle the truth? Click here! This story was written by US Rep Cheri’s alma mater, after all. CLICK HERE if you can handle the truth!

I urge CenturaHealth to order an immediate mental health evaluation of the doctor who saw me.

Her discharge instructions are alarming and to be ignored. As I told her, on Monday I am going to seek quality cognitive behavioral therapy from a private-pay mental health professional.

It is not safe for me to use Medicaid, as this woman, and several others at the hospital, pushed. The bill will be forgiven or end in litigation. Again, this is a repeat of the UnityPoint Trinity act; CenturaHealth could not look any worse.

Here’s why. This FILTHY doctor tried to blame my 911 call to relay info. regarding white supremacists (which previously was ASKED FOR by Glendale Police / apartment asst. manager, no less) on marijuana.

This is outrageous. Trinity tried to do this, too; and then — THE STATE GAVE ME A MARIJUANA CARD.

The UnityPoint Trinity medical records were falsified. This has been/can be proven time and again.

CenturaHealth also gave me a bracelet with my name spelled wrong upon admission.

FILTHY UnityPoint Trinity did the same. CenturaHealth also screwed up my DOB once and I had to correct them … twice.

The cognition test after dispensing Zpyrexa is OURTRAGEOUS.

The ambulance ride also was slightly strange. The driver kept saying I should move to California.

Do they always start such bizarre conversations with people who just moved to Denver?

Psychosis? For being brought in calmly (I had ingested three edible chocolate squares, total 30 grams THC)

This behavioral health “professional” told me her name was Nellie “Just like your grandma.”

I asked, “How did you know my grandma (mom’s Aryan Nation side) was named Nellie?

“I didn’t, actually!”

That’s about as truthful as something that would have come out of Nellie Olson’s mouth. For young ones, Nellie Olson was a delightful childhood actress:

Enjoy the clip. 

I gave the hospital no trouble at all, although the nasty female behavioral health professional threatened to walk out on me when I tried to tell my story.

She repeatedly interrupted me saying I was interrupting her.

I slept semi-peacefully there on and off and chatted with security guards.

They didn’t even remember to take the IV out before discharging me; I alerted them as I tried to put my shirt on under video surveillance.

Psychosis? YOU’RE FILTHY, CENTURAHEALTH. I’VE CALLED THE LAWYER. You’re stigmatizing and gaslighting a federal political corruption victim who already has been endlessly harassed.

First the FBI; and now a former childhood friend who called me “faggot” and now works for DOJ has been harassing me, too. 

Screenshots of the emails and all have been provided to law enforcement.

I mean, it’s beyond outrageous. To be insulted by corrupt Behavioral Health time and again makes me want to vomit. You’re a filthy industry. I’ve worked in it. Click here. 

I ask for an immediate investigation into the doctor with the gaslighting diagnosis in the face of a mountain of evidence that shows I’m suffering from normal anxiety, in a most superhero way.

The FILTHY hospital wanted me to sign something saying I was placed on a mental health hold.

I refused to sign.

I was denied my legal medical cannabis. Read all about why and how I got my Illinois cannabis card by clicking here. 

Indeed, I’ll be called “paranoid” LOL but I’m right. It was a carefully orchestrated recap of the terror I already have experienced that helped put the C in the CPTSD. Read all about it here.  

I will continue to fight relentlessly to expose pedophilia, human trafficking, and political corruption until the day I die. 

Several inmates of CenturaHealth had cell phones. And yet, I was denied mine

Terrifying given my high profile.

I have exposed the filth quite well. The very fact I was taken to the hospital is outrageous, and will end in litigation or a forgiven bill (already called Puryear for related matter need to finalize local atty too), just like it did with UnityPoint Trinity (forgiven bill AND they offered me free healthcare for a year … while I had the best insurance on earth)

It was odd and raised eyebrows.

As the best president to ever serve America, Ronald Reagan, would have said, “There you go again.”


I delight.

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