Blogger locked up in mental ward after being called ‘fag,’ reporting white supremacists to Glendale, Colo. Police

Glendale Police cuffed me and threw me into the back of a squad for about an hour before an ambulance arrived, no window cracked. I had no shoes when I was taken to the hospital.

Glendale, Colo. Police called a mental health professional Friday afternoon who had me taken to Denver Porter Adventist after I had called police about white supremacists across the street harassing me and even calling me a “faggot.”

The terror began early afternoon. Officer Baumgartner responded. He said he would be sending a mental health professional in a couple of hours. I thought this simply would mean some talk therapy, help dealing with being the victim of a crime, etc.

But that was not to be the case. This tiny, mousy little man simply said, “I’m worried about you David,” offering no diagnosis. I was asleep with my dog on my lap when the police knocked; the lying punk blonde young cop told the medic “We found him on the floor.”


Meanwhile, dozens are going to prison in BUSTOS 17 Congress Illinois, where I was jailed without charge, tortured, after reporting human trafficking, gangs and sex crimes.

At 11:21 p.m. the night before, I had sent an email to assistant manager Janie literally predicting that the cops eventually were going to set me up, and that I was going to be taken to jail because the white supremacists were harassing me.

And look what happened.

This is made even richer given I used to be No. 3 at historic Advocate magazine.

advocate masthead

Should I post the correspondence with Janie? I’ll wait until meeting with Janie’s supervisor and my attorney this morning.

Prepare to be further alarmed: I used to date Richard Socarides as he served as the first openly gay official in a presidential administration — Bill Clinton, of course.

We know what happens to those who date Clinton officials. Aunt Wanda INSISTED I make this video. Click here to see my message to Richard Socarides (this was made several months ago, I do not want to talk to Richard now)

Aunt Wanda is matriarch of my Aryan Nation family at home. She appeared out of nowhere in my driveway five months ago to try to explain a few things..

It all began with a woman wanting me to introduce me to her husband, a medical cannabis user. His name?

Benny. My dad was Benny.

Benny’s a little guy. Kinda likable I guess if here didn’t call me faggot, or if he didn’t spend three days screaming other crap at me out the window.

Often, he screamed, “DAVID!” And it sounded like my brother, or the men on my mom’s side of the family, exactly how they said it. Creepy.

He’d scream, “DAVID! You OK?” When I simply was walking my dog minding my own business.

Then? “FAGGOT!”

I even have a text where he admits he was yelling at me. I blocked him but it should still be on my phone.

And Benny’s not an official medical cannabis patient. His wife says he’s connected to tubes and has a heart condition, but he had his arm around me and was sucking down cigarettes when I met him. I saw nor felt no tubes.

Benny liked me until I showed him this:

Shamrock tattoo neck arrested in murder of girl 

Benny was a bit speechless. Kind of cackled like my brother used to when he would be in trouble.

I then fled the scene, so to speak. I knew I was going to blow Benny’s skirt up by showing him that post, but I needed to just cut to the chase with him and his wife.

And let them know I know what’s up and to please leave me alone.

I can’t remember what his wife told me her name was. Long hair, sucks down cigarettes.

I told Benny there’s a similar story to killer Shamrock tattoo neck involving a little girl in my town:

And that would be Trudy Appleby, of course

My brother is very loyal and very aligned to my mother’s side of the family, the white supremacists. Indeed, he told my cousin Cindy, “David will have a nervous breakdown later in life and be institutionalized.”

Cindy and I laughed; she knows how dirty he is.

He harbored fugitive Jonathan Nash for weeks; he’s in bed with Moline AND Davenport cops as the former head of security for Sears Quad-Cities.

The harassment of me by law enforcement began when I went to police about my friend Sam Davis’s lifeless body being pulled from the Mississippi River.

Check out this report by Steve Elliott, who I am proud to say was mentored by myself at the very newspaper he wrote this piece for. But not at the same time; I left the Argus after a columnist called me “Queenie” and threat of a lawsuit ended in a settlement. The company no longer is around; it has been absorbed by another of my former employers, Lee Enterprises. 

Lee publishes Quad-City Times, where I was mentored beginning at age 17 by US Rep Cheri Bustos.

They immediately asked me about former Davenport Alderman (now convicted federal felon) Bill Boom. I told them I thought Bill Boom was running a male prostitution ring, but said I could not prove it.

The next thing you know, I was jailed without charge, tortured in the jail run by the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri BUSTOS, then taken to a mental hospital where Cheri BUSTOS used to work.

Cheri ordered it herself; you can read all about that here. 

Much time later, Boom got a hand slap. Enjoy this delightful report by Chrissy Minor (Retired) WQAD.

What makes me an authority on Mr. Boom? I was his deceased lover’s mistress to some degree or another for many years. You can read all about that here. 

I live with chronic post traumatic stress disorder and find great relief from medical marijuana. I am a legal Illinois medical cannabis patient.

I have had no justice at all.

In fact, I’m being harassed by a DOJ employee who used to call me “Faggot” in high school!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.19.23 PM

Want some more? The former mayor of Bettendorf, Iowa, chided me on LinkedIn this morning for reporting the harassment of Glendale Police and Centura Health to Colorado Civil Rights Commission! I blocked Mike and Lori Freemire immediately.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.50.56 AM

The story of missing people in Rock Island, Illinois, particularly handsome, dark-haired gay and bisexual men, is long. Very long.

The widow of David Harker, who I never met, reached out to me shortly after I began to write about my house being shot up.

We spoke well over an hour.

Read all about what happened to David Harker. Sam Davis’ death also was “accidental drowning” but that changed. 

David’s wife, who asked I not tell anyone we spoke, but at this time I feel I must, as I am speaking as a victim myself now and NOT A JOURNALIST, said David was “on the DL” with men and she knew it. She said they were getting a divorce but obviously they were quite amicable.

She wondered about Augustana College and St. John Lutheran Church, in particular. 

Such a title: Blogger, journalist, victim, detective, social media disrupter …. I life a wacky life but God picked me. Nothing I can do about that.

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