I began to write about addiction when my primary beats at Healthline News, HIV and Hepatitis C, sort of took me there.

I had learned through the course of my reporting that, other than Baby Boomers who contracted Hepatitis C decades ago, one of the fastest-growing infection rates was among young adults in wealthy suburbs who were getting it by injecting heroin.

I wrote “Heroin in the Suburbs: An American Epidemic” for Healthline News on Aug. 17, 2014, long before news of America’s opioid epidemic had hit the mainstream news media. The story was picked up by Fox News, whom Healthline had a partnership with at the time.

Then I became one of the first journalists in America to break the story of the massive HIV/Hepatitis C outbreak in Indiana among injection drug users, again for Healthline News. I kept on top of that story for several weeks, leaving the competition in the dust.

My entry into writing about about addiction and recovery also happened to coincide with my own recovery. Today, I find the behavioral health space laughable. I do not endorse any addiction treatment center anywhere and I believe Alcoholics Anonymous is extraordinarily dangerous. I do not pertain to be “sober” although I try to be most of the time.

I have no interest in being a “sober” poster child or carrying such a flag for a filthy rehab center ever again. Many of these filthy rehab centers abandoned me when my human trafficking story came out and removed links to stories I wrote for them. Some took down entire sites. There is no compassion in healthcare, particularly not in the filthy, corrupt behavioral health and addiction treatment space.

Please click on the hamburger menu in the upper right hand corner of the page to see my other portfolios, which include writing samples on elder advocacy/caregiving, public health, mental health, and celebrity interviews.

My addiction/recovery portfolio includes:

Black Bear Lodge

Many elderly people who fall and end up in the ER become addicted to opioids

Heroin in the Suburbs: Why it’s a crisis and not an oxymoron

Opioid addiction: Most users are not getting help, but long-term recovery is their best hope

Michael’s House

Would the DARE program work or fail if brought back by the Attorney General?

Addiction on the circuit: The Palm Springs White Party and finding LGBT-friendly treatment that works

Why residential treatment works for young people addicted to opioids

Should friends, parents and loved ones of people with opioid addiction carry naloxone? 

What kind of an addiction president will Donald Trump be?

Here’s why specialized addiction treatment can help LGBT individuals

Even without factoring in overdose risk, long-acting opioids increase risk of death

Six signs that you are ready to get sober

Newly diagnosed with HIV/Hepatitis C? Here’s how to best get help

Children of alcoholics discuss life ‘in a war zone’

What every family doctor needs to know about opioids

Women abused as children more likely to die young, substance abuse may be partly to blame

Have a room for rent but want only sober applicants? Try

Study shows one-on-one group therapy for PTSD works better than group sessions

Astonishing study: Almost everyone who overdoses on painkillers continues to get refills from a doctor

Dangerous dichotomy: Mental health stigma remains while acceptance of illegal drug use increases

Drug abuse where you may not expect it: Older Americans getting drunk, high too

Why more and more families are adding the word ‘Addict’ to obituaries

Anger in the rooms When should someone throw in the towel on AA and seek other support?

Talbott Recovery

Why are opioid addicts in Atlanta dying from ‘Gray Death?’

Researchers will examine the genetics of self-control and its impact on addiction

FDA makes it perfectly clear: Opioids, benzodiazepines a deadly mix

Nurses nationwide increasingly disciplined for drug, alcohol violations

Why are people with alcohol use disorder more likely to die young?

Moving beyond the Smiley Face pain scale: Will a more scientific assessment tool save lives?

The Oaks at La Paloma

Study illuminates ways opioids are being misused, falling into wrong hands

Iraq veterans walk off PTS anger during cross-country trek, educate America of ‘moral injury’

Why trying to kick opioid addiction with marijuana may not be a good idea

Americans drinking themselves to death at highest rate since 1980s

Caregiving at what price? Coping with drugs or alcohol while taking care of mom or dad

The Canyon Malibu

More research than ever shows if you’re drinking, so is the baby inside you

Healthline News

Dabbing: The new, explosive way to smoke marijuana

D.A.R.E. was laughably bad; are new school anti-drug programs any better?

HIV Equal

Buzzkill: Alcohol is harder on people with HIV

Death by alcohol is rising: Are gay men leading the charge?

Addiction fuels HIV/Hepatitis C outbreak across rural Indiana, south

‘Religious’ black gay men battle substance abuse, depression


Grant may help needle exchange trailblazer clear new paths

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