KAPOW! David Heitz on YouTube hits 10K monthly views in only its second month

It all started when I woke up one night scared to death.

I made a video about what happened to me in the Rock Island County Jail. I recollected it in tears and sheer terror.

I think I later deleted that first video out of fear I may be arrested for telling the truth.

And of course I have been, and also thrown in a nuthouse in Colorado, where you can’t just lock somebody up on no charges at all. At least not in a jail.

You can read all about the terror of last Friday right here.


Blogger locked up in mental ward after being called ‘fag,’ reporting white supremacists to Glendale, Colo. Police

Glendale Police cuffed me and threw me into the back of a squad for about an hour before an ambulance arrived, no window cracked. I had no shoes when I was taken to the hospital.

Glendale, Colo. Police called a mental health professional Friday afternoon who had me taken to Denver Porter Adventist after I had called police about white supremacists across the street harassing me and even calling me a “faggot.”

The terror began early afternoon. Officer Baumgartner responded. He said he would be sending a mental health professional in a couple of hours. I thought this simply would mean some talk therapy, help dealing with being the victim of a crime, etc.

But that was not to be the case. This tiny, mousy little man simply said, “I’m worried about you David,” offering no diagnosis. I was asleep with my dog on my lap when the police knocked; the lying punk blonde young cop told the medic “We found him on the floor.”


Meanwhile, dozens are going to prison in BUSTOS 17 Congress Illinois, where I was jailed without charge, tortured, after reporting human trafficking, gangs and sex crimes.

At 11:21 p.m. the night before, I had sent an email to assistant manager Janie literally predicting that the cops eventually were going to set me up, and that I was going to be taken to jail because the white supremacists were harassing me.

And look what happened.

This is made even richer given I used to be No. 3 at historic Advocate magazine.

advocate masthead

Should I post the correspondence with Janie? I’ll wait until meeting with Janie’s supervisor and my attorney this morning.

Prepare to be further alarmed: I used to date Richard Socarides as he served as the first openly gay official in a presidential administration — Bill Clinton, of course.

We know what happens to those who date Clinton officials. Aunt Wanda INSISTED I make this video. Click here to see my message to Richard Socarides (this was made several months ago, I do not want to talk to Richard now)

Aunt Wanda is matriarch of my Aryan Nation family at home. She appeared out of nowhere in my driveway five months ago to try to explain a few things..

It all began with a woman wanting me to introduce me to her husband, a medical cannabis user. His name?

Benny. My dad was Benny.

Benny’s a little guy. Kinda likable I guess if here didn’t call me faggot, or if he didn’t spend three days screaming other crap at me out the window.

Often, he screamed, “DAVID!” And it sounded like my brother, or the men on my mom’s side of the family, exactly how they said it. Creepy.

He’d scream, “DAVID! You OK?” When I simply was walking my dog minding my own business.

Then? “FAGGOT!”

I even have a text where he admits he was yelling at me. I blocked him but it should still be on my phone.

And Benny’s not an official medical cannabis patient. His wife says he’s connected to tubes and has a heart condition, but he had his arm around me and was sucking down cigarettes when I met him. I saw nor felt no tubes.

Benny liked me until I showed him this:

Shamrock tattoo neck arrested in murder of girl 

Benny was a bit speechless. Kind of cackled like my brother used to when he would be in trouble.

I then fled the scene, so to speak. I knew I was going to blow Benny’s skirt up by showing him that post, but I needed to just cut to the chase with him and his wife.

And let them know I know what’s up and to please leave me alone.

I can’t remember what his wife told me her name was. Long hair, sucks down cigarettes.

I told Benny there’s a similar story to killer Shamrock tattoo neck involving a little girl in my town:

And that would be Trudy Appleby, of course

My brother is very loyal and very aligned to my mother’s side of the family, the white supremacists. Indeed, he told my cousin Cindy, “David will have a nervous breakdown later in life and be institutionalized.”

Cindy and I laughed; she knows how dirty he is.

He harbored fugitive Jonathan Nash for weeks; he’s in bed with Moline AND Davenport cops as the former head of security for Sears Quad-Cities.

The harassment of me by law enforcement began when I went to police about my friend Sam Davis’s lifeless body being pulled from the Mississippi River.

Check out this report by Steve Elliott, who I am proud to say was mentored by myself at the very newspaper he wrote this piece for. But not at the same time; I left the Argus after a columnist called me “Queenie” and threat of a lawsuit ended in a settlement. The company no longer is around; it has been absorbed by another of my former employers, Lee Enterprises. 

Lee publishes Quad-City Times, where I was mentored beginning at age 17 by US Rep Cheri Bustos.

They immediately asked me about former Davenport Alderman (now convicted federal felon) Bill Boom. I told them I thought Bill Boom was running a male prostitution ring, but said I could not prove it.

The next thing you know, I was jailed without charge, tortured in the jail run by the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri BUSTOS, then taken to a mental hospital where Cheri BUSTOS used to work.

Cheri ordered it herself; you can read all about that here. 

Much time later, Boom got a hand slap. Enjoy this delightful report by Chrissy Minor (Retired) WQAD.

What makes me an authority on Mr. Boom? I was his deceased lover’s mistress to some degree or another for many years. You can read all about that here. 

I live with chronic post traumatic stress disorder and find great relief from medical marijuana. I am a legal Illinois medical cannabis patient.

I have had no justice at all.

In fact, I’m being harassed by a DOJ employee who used to call me “Faggot” in high school!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.19.23 PM

Want some more? The former mayor of Bettendorf, Iowa, chided me on LinkedIn this morning for reporting the harassment of Glendale Police and Centura Health to Colorado Civil Rights Commission! I blocked Mike and Lori Freemire immediately.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 4.50.56 AM

The story of missing people in Rock Island, Illinois, particularly handsome, dark-haired gay and bisexual men, is long. Very long.

The widow of David Harker, who I never met, reached out to me shortly after I began to write about my house being shot up.

We spoke well over an hour.

Read all about what happened to David Harker. Sam Davis’ death also was “accidental drowning” but that changed. 

David’s wife, who asked I not tell anyone we spoke, but at this time I feel I must, as I am speaking as a victim myself now and NOT A JOURNALIST, said David was “on the DL” with men and she knew it. She said they were getting a divorce but obviously they were quite amicable.

She wondered about Augustana College and St. John Lutheran Church, in particular. 

Such a title: Blogger, journalist, victim, detective, social media disrupter …. I life a wacky life but God picked me. Nothing I can do about that.

With no access to my money, handsome couple rents me room with no phone

Sometimes, you’re not sure how you survived. You just praise God that you did.

After my flight being delayed more than four hours and bizarre harassment at MLI Airport, upon arrival in Denver, I was exhausted.

It was the middle of the night, and I did not have a cell phone. I had closed on my house hours before and the title company/whatever did not wire the money as promised.

After an hours-long snafu to get the money for my house, I did not even have time to buy a cell phone. I had to buy an airplane ticket immediately and get out of corrupt Quad-Cities. I no longer had anywhere to live.

So, my saint of a Realtor Kyle Robinson took me to lunch, and then we went to my bank when the money FINALLY posted. It was a ridiculous series of snafus that I believe borders on criminal charges.

To make a long story short, I arrived at Denver International with no way to call a cab. Thankfully, that’s not a problem at an airport the size of Denver. I went outside and hailed a cab. Thankfully, the temp debit cards with money loaded from the sale of my house were working at that time.

I did not have my regular card due to a security event, so the new card was in transit.

Can you imagine the terror of selling your shot-up house at $50K loss and then not having access to your money when you arrive in your new destination?

That’s exactly what happened.

MS-13 gang welcomes me

When I arrived at Denver Clarion, where I had stayed previously and had a peaceful stay, it was chaos. In fact, there were MS-13 gang members everywhere.

I have written and Tweeted extensively about MS-13.

These men often play sex slaves to women, I believe.

I even saw a strange incidence at the Clarion. A rather homely young woman extended her arm and an MS-13 (with the strange tattoos on their face, the almost cartoonish, semi-lovable designs) young man escorted her into the wild party.

What a scene it was at Central Denver Clarion.

I walked in, terrified.

Then a nasty woman scowled at me, said the system was down, I’d have to wait.

I panicked and declared that I was not safe. I wanted to leave.

But I had no phone. Where would I go?“You’re high!” screamed the angry, obese woman. “I’m calling the police!”

Frightened of police, I tried to call a cab.

But I had no phone. And nobody outside the wild party would help me.

“I don’t want to get involved,” they all said.

So, I bolted across the freeway for the hotel across the way. I was so scared I abandoned my luggage, which by then had been nearly destroyed by my dragging it across the highway.

No access to my thousands of dollars 

Upon arrival, my cards would not work.

I panicked

I cried. A beautiful Hispanic woman held my hand outside. The next thing I know, she and her also very handsome Asian-looking husband had rented me a room – with no phone in it.

The woman was the bar manager, she said; her husband, a former cop “who quit because of the corruption.”








#CenturaHealth declares my story of jail terror in Bustos District ‘psychotic’

Stories like mine are sure to create a #RedWave come mid-terms. 



Yesterday I called 911 to report some information about a white supremacist in the building across the street harassing me. I’m frightened of Aryan Nation tattoos, naturally, and this man first was my friend (not really) then called me “faggot.”

But instead of talking to the harasser, they found a behavioral health professional to deem me a risk to Democrats (I’m not sure what else?) so they put me in a cop car until the ambulance came, cuffed me, then I was loaded into the ambulance and taken to lockup at the hospital.

They did this as the entire neighborhood gazed out their windows. I was barefoot; they had not allowed me to put my shoes on.

Way to further harass a federal political corruption victim! They left me cuffed in the car, shoeless, a very log time, on display, before the ambulance came. The cops laughed and chuckled, one commenting, “This is whole new territory.”

They literally recreated a previous terror for me, as if they were trying to further damage someone with CPTSD or even cause a trigger / cardiac arrest. Read here. 

Check out this piece: Terror in the ER

Police and healthcare colluded to do exactly the same thing again, except this time, I was not poisoned, and I was calm. This is outrageous.

I was born into an AryanNation family and did not know it. My house has been shot up, I have had drugs shoved into my rectum, and I also have been imprisoned, no charges, in the appointed sheriff hubby jail of US Rep Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline).

You can read about a Jerry Lee Bustos who trafficked drugs in his rectal in the prison system, got sideways with Aryan nation, and then sued a journalist for their A&E report.

Inmate Bustos lost the case; Supreme Court JUSTICE GORSUCH WAS THE JUDGE. All links to MSM reports including the Washington Post story are linked to in my blog. 

My story checks out. Dozens of Aryan nation are being locked up nationwide. This is only Scott County, Iowa, across the river from where I lived. There’s no sunshine or transparency in Rock Island, Illinois (they ignore elections too, like they did with Cheri’s appointed sheriff hubby)

Get educated! Can you handle the truth? Click here! This story was written by US Rep Cheri’s alma mater, after all. CLICK HERE if you can handle the truth!

I urge CenturaHealth to order an immediate mental health evaluation of the doctor who saw me.

Her discharge instructions are alarming and to be ignored. As I told her, on Monday I am going to seek quality cognitive behavioral therapy from a private-pay mental health professional.

It is not safe for me to use Medicaid, as this woman, and several others at the hospital, pushed. The bill will be forgiven or end in litigation. Again, this is a repeat of the UnityPoint Trinity act; CenturaHealth could not look any worse.

Here’s why. This FILTHY doctor tried to blame my 911 call to relay info. regarding white supremacists (which previously was ASKED FOR by Glendale Police / apartment asst. manager, no less) on marijuana.

This is outrageous. Trinity tried to do this, too; and then — THE STATE GAVE ME A MARIJUANA CARD.

The UnityPoint Trinity medical records were falsified. This has been/can be proven time and again.

CenturaHealth also gave me a bracelet with my name spelled wrong upon admission.

FILTHY UnityPoint Trinity did the same. CenturaHealth also screwed up my DOB once and I had to correct them … twice.

The cognition test after dispensing Zpyrexa is OURTRAGEOUS.

The ambulance ride also was slightly strange. The driver kept saying I should move to California.

Do they always start such bizarre conversations with people who just moved to Denver?

Psychosis? For being brought in calmly (I had ingested three edible chocolate squares, total 30 grams THC)

This behavioral health “professional” told me her name was Nellie “Just like your grandma.”

I asked, “How did you know my grandma (mom’s Aryan Nation side) was named Nellie?

“I didn’t, actually!”

That’s about as truthful as something that would have come out of Nellie Olson’s mouth. For young ones, Nellie Olson was a delightful childhood actress:

Enjoy the clip. 

I gave the hospital no trouble at all, although the nasty female behavioral health professional threatened to walk out on me when I tried to tell my story.

She repeatedly interrupted me saying I was interrupting her.

I slept semi-peacefully there on and off and chatted with security guards.

They didn’t even remember to take the IV out before discharging me; I alerted them as I tried to put my shirt on under video surveillance.

Psychosis? YOU’RE FILTHY, CENTURAHEALTH. I’VE CALLED THE LAWYER. You’re stigmatizing and gaslighting a federal political corruption victim who already has been endlessly harassed.

First the FBI; and now a former childhood friend who called me “faggot” and now works for DOJ has been harassing me, too. 

Screenshots of the emails and all have been provided to law enforcement.

I mean, it’s beyond outrageous. To be insulted by corrupt Behavioral Health time and again makes me want to vomit. You’re a filthy industry. I’ve worked in it. Click here. 

I ask for an immediate investigation into the doctor with the gaslighting diagnosis in the face of a mountain of evidence that shows I’m suffering from normal anxiety, in a most superhero way.

The FILTHY hospital wanted me to sign something saying I was placed on a mental health hold.

I refused to sign.

I was denied my legal medical cannabis. Read all about why and how I got my Illinois cannabis card by clicking here. 

Indeed, I’ll be called “paranoid” LOL but I’m right. It was a carefully orchestrated recap of the terror I already have experienced that helped put the C in the CPTSD. Read all about it here.  

I will continue to fight relentlessly to expose pedophilia, human trafficking, and political corruption until the day I die. 

Several inmates of CenturaHealth had cell phones. And yet, I was denied mine

Terrifying given my high profile.

I have exposed the filth quite well. The very fact I was taken to the hospital is outrageous, and will end in litigation or a forgiven bill (already called Puryear for related matter need to finalize local atty too), just like it did with UnityPoint Trinity (forgiven bill AND they offered me free healthcare for a year … while I had the best insurance on earth)

It was odd and raised eyebrows.

As the best president to ever serve America, Ronald Reagan, would have said, “There you go again.”


I delight.

#BULLETIN … Aryan Brotherhood being rounded up in, near US Rep Bustos District



BULLETIN … NOTE TO EDS .. UPDATES WITH FREDERICK WALLACE HARE … former member of Congress was Phil Hare, Phil Hare was appointed as nominee against will of voters, who wanted Mark Schwiebert



They traffic drugs through their rectums in prison.

And they adorn their necks with elaborate tattoos.

Their leader died this summer, right around the time my harassment in the Quad-Cities got to be so bad that I fled. I had to go; my house shot up, my body and brain afflicted with CPTSD after being jailed without charge, tortured, in the appointed sheriff hubby jail of my journalism mentor and former friend US Rep Cheri Bustos.

The Aryan Brotherhood leader died in a Colorado prison.

Here’s an except from the AP obituary on Barry Mills, who led the gang that my family was a part of, completely unbeknownst to me until a visit from Aunt Wanda about five months ago:

“But the authorities eventually implicated the Brotherhood in monopolizing drug dealing, gambling, extortion, prostitution and other prison rackets, as well as murdering guards and rivals, fomenting racial warfare among prisoners, recruiting ex-convicts as accessories and even extorting tribute from John Gotti, the Mafia boss. Mr. Gotti was assaulted by a black fellow inmate in 1996 after he had stopped paying the Aryan Brotherhood for protection.”

Growing up a privileged, wealthy child, he chose to become a gang banger. How intense for me to read this as I watch children of prestigious families from corrupt Quad-Cities be locked up as I type this — for being alleged criminal gangbangers.


I had no idea about any of this until right now. I think Mr. Perkins even tried to drop a hint once. “People have died,” he said.

But I knew nothing about Aryan Brotherhood — indeed not my family’s connection to it — when he said that.

The Aryan Nation gang, or Aryan Brotherhood … who would have known that the Quad-Cities is full of them?

Not me.

Yep, LOL, not even me. The Gladys Kravitz of the Quad-Cities who was related to some of them all along.

But I know now.

I never would have known had I not been jailed without charge, tortured, for reporting gangs, human trafficking and sex crimes in the jail of the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos. 

Let’s review just a tiny, tiny few arrests and some of their elaborate tattoos (many inmates already have gone to federal detention and can be found on a separate system, according to sources…some of these inmates do not have tattoos and may not be Aryan Nation, but are part of established Rock Island County families and or mob connections):

Frederick Wallace Hare (former member of Congress was Phil Hare; Hare was appointed into the position against the will of voters who wanted Schwiebert; my former FBI victims advocate Hunter Collins told me he lives next to Phil Hare on the golf course, and that  Mr. Hare says he does not believe in the United States Constitution)


Shawn Michael Baker

Multiple Ochoas

Jared James Mills

Jose Cayetano Olson 

Ricardo Diaz Amador Jr.

Brett Alan Kessinger

Harley Edward Jenkins (super scary)

Michael Anthony Amato

Jeffrey Brian Chapman


Steven Ashby Jr.

Kory Michael Allerton 

Many young men being hauled in bear the names of famed area dentists. Consider:

Dustin Robert Bain (a Bain extracted my wisdom teeth)

Anthony Michael Duyvejonck

Let’s bookmark Duyvejonck and circle back. Let me remind Jan Touney, former editor of the Quad-City Times, about the time she chided me for proclaiming on Facebook that Dr. Caras charged my dental company for a cleaning but did not perform said cleaning (did not want my gums to bleed, so it appears … also refused to use novocaine on deep filling)

This had absolutely nothing to do with my duties.

Jan knows I have been wronged and is among the very few I trust. She even has agreed to be a reference.

Another victim of shocking mob nonsense that’s about to be exposed.

Mob is just right. Many being hauled in are decades-long Rock Island criminal families. Others bear big names in business, like Karr, owners of Hiland Toyota.

Matt Karr was hauled in on drugs and being armed with intent. 

I bought my Prius there.

I know a lot.

Why are these all Scott County links? Criminals often get free passes (that’s what people always have said about Rock Island)  District 17 Congress Illinois, where the sheriff was appointed; it’s US Rep Cheri Bustos’ hubby.

And check out these women wanted on detainer for harassment out of my new home county in Colorado:

Brianna Maria Bremmer

Amanda Kay Scott

Many others also are being hauled in on Colorado intrastate detainers.

And THIS shocking Colorado development, coupled with neighbors bearing shamrocks trying to befriend me, then later harassing me, all reported to Glendale Police

Others? Scary people I grew up with being hauled in on sex crimes charges.

But Chuck never really bothered me, which everyone seemed surprised to hear during the past year when people would ask, “Do you remember Chuck Bell?”

Nobody ever elaborated.

Then there is the matter of the Johnsons. A man named Johnson owns several unkempt homes in my neighborhood. Others are active in corrupt Rock Island politics or law enforcement.

Jason Matthew Johnson

Joseph Eugene Johnson

Others are people I have known for years through the LGBT who now appear to be only a shell of their former selves …. AND …


I am saddened to see a man I knew as a kid hauled in, he looks just like his dad, who last I knew was sober and who I have known many years along with his wife Diane Reid Brown, and they were my only friends my first few years back in the Quad-Cities after returning from Los Angeles.

Special thanks to my senior prom date Heather Lee Gray for introducing them to me.

Numerous people named Gomez have endlessly harassed me, a chapter in itself 



Dawn Hunter, Jason Morris, Jutta ‘Uda’ Patterson … who else was in the jail?

Let me start by asking this:

Whose writing is this, FBI, DOJ?

Surely, you’re skilled enough to find out as you probe my jailhouse terror.

I know they’re going to say it never happened. Robert Young Center never created a ticket when they came there, and then immediately cleared me to be released.

But we know all about them, too. Don’t we. After all, I heard US Rep Cheri Bustos say, “When you take him to Trinity, tell them he’s a sex worker.” This blog has been up for almost a year. The number of views? Thousands upon thousands. 

It’s filth upon filth in corrupt Dist 17 Congress Illinois, where US Rep Cheri Bustos is married to appointed sheriff hubby, and where I was held without charge for reporting sex crimes, gangs and human trafficking.

But why might this happen to a sober, gay caregiver? Who would jail a person for reporting heinous crimes? Find out one possible explanation by clicking here. 

FBI DOJ, Jason Morris made the nasty Chief Behning comment to me once

I have been telling FBI DOJ, Illinois State Police, local police and others that Jason Morris clearly must be some sort of kingpin for the filth occurring in Quad-Cities. Numerous angry lesbians known for their alcoholism attacked me last summer when I began to post about Jason working in the Rock Island County Jail.

It was over the top. RIPD were notified many times. Often, the dispatchers there harassed me.

One in particular harassed to no end. I can honestly say I can think of two who should face criminal charges for obstructing 911.

At any rate, so much effort went into telling me Jason did not work in the Rock Island County Jail that it confirmed it. That, and Brandy Sue Sivels confirmed for me the former LGBT bartenders from Mary’s on 2nd, Jason and Dawn Hunter, were working in there. Her hubby told her, and he’s a correctional officer in there, or was.

She was head cook at Amber Ridge Memory Care Institution and my dad’s favorite employee until the place went to shee-ot and eventually fired Brandy.

Brandy, dad thanks you for the fine cooking. Gone three years Friday. He loved you so much.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.53.52 PM.png

I have endured incredible abuse by very sick people.

Oh my God.

I don’t believe Dawn Hunter to be dirty. I think she narc’d Cheri out.

I’m praying.

Dawn has known my brother for years. She smoked pot in the basement of the shot-up home I just sold, with my brother, years and years ago. I was a tot.

Mom and dad were no doubt upstairs fighting.

I probably was dancing in my room in the dark with the door closed, music turned up on the hi fi (that was before wi fi, don’t ask) and my imaginary microphone.

Jutta-Uda What-What-What?

Who is Jutta-Uda Patterson?

I never knew for sure until l was thrown in the jail on no charges. I did know that half the drug crowd LGBT adored her, half the drug crowd LGBT said she was a narc.

So it was confusing, but not now. Not really.

At any rate, Jutta was a guard while I was in the jail. I saw her during my relapse at Mary’s on 2nd last year. She said she had been placed on disability.


Rock Island County went after a guard named Amanda once. I knew Amanda and her girlfriend at the time, Amelia, both.

Not criminals. Very nice girls. Not saints, no. What LGBT person is a saint, most of us like to have fun now and then.

Or at least we did at one time. Ha!

But Amanda and Amelia, to me, both were good peeps. I think I have a really good read on such things.

The whole media assault against Amanda smelled like a Chrissy Minor dust-up, no offense to Chris. But boy, Chrissy was aggressive.

Read the Quad-City Times report about Amanda Wolf by clicking here.

And what happened to the state attorney who prosecuted her? Alcohol allegations amidst sex crimes. Read all about it, just click right here, for the Quad-City Times report. 

Are you convinced yet that drugs where shoved into my rectum, that I was tortured in the jail for reporting crimes? I don’t want sympathy. I want people locked up.

I want to delight in a federal takeover of Rock Island County, Illinois.

So many skeletons in so many closets. That’s why I threw all my stuff out there before I began throwing stones from my glass house long, long ago.

I own my shit. It’s the difference between myself and the filthies.

I wonder what happened to Amanda. I just never bought that she was dirty, yet boy was she convicted and humiliated by the Quad-City news media.



Why would a childhood bully, now #FBI #DOJ employee, harass me? I’ll tell you

BULLETIN … UPDATED … In high school, second FBI victim’s advocate polar opposite of DOJ employee … BOOK COMING VERY, VERY SOON … DEVELOPING … 

His rap sheet from filthy Rock Island County, Illinois, where criminals generally are given lots of free passes, says it all.

He’s filthy. And a bully.

At least that’s what the men and women who have filed restraining orders against him must think.

You can see Tim Ryerson’s rap sheet by clicking right here.

There’s even an assault with a deadly weapon charge. Motion to dismiss.

I ask for an immediate investigation by FBI DOJ into the harassment against me by this deranged employee. I am frightened. I have reported his crimes to police. I took screenshots of the first email, where he told me he is DOJ (I knew he had to be, I’m a reporter and I got the story!) and then said the federal government never would waste a penny protecting me.

That you are allowing this after threatening me is shocking. Do I live in Russia? China? North Korea?

This story has had tens of thousands of hits FBI DOJ. Please get off Fantasy Island and begin to act right. Today. 

I wonder what Stacie Howard, his wife or ex wife, has to say about Tim Ryerson. She’s a sweet girl. I wonder what she would say about me.

I wonder what she would say about all of this.

I am a childhood sexual assault and human trafficking survivor. I was jailed without charge in the appointed sheriff hubby jail of US Rep Cheri Bustos. This should be absolutely repugnant to any American.

Further, it appears my father bought my childhood home from an Aryan Nation family. I have been assaulted in my home. It also was illegally searched by the department run by the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos. 

Frank Fitzpatrick is now in prison. The filthy Quad-City Times, which Bustos and Bustos apparently control, has covered it all up. 

My senior prom date had a date that ended up with a call from the feds, too

This reminds me of when my senior Prom Date Heather Gray had the government call her and ask about “Flames of Fire” and Robbie Chambers one time.

Do you remember, Heather? I hope you know at this point I care about you.

I bring this up now because Robbie’s sister is harassing the heck out of me now. Actually, she has stopped, I should back up. But for a while, it was over the top.

And of course she was assaulted at Hodge Park, we all witnessed it ourselves.

Didn’t we?

She cried out, “My pu**y’s not a toy!”

Several young men were assaulting her in the park after the shaving cream tug-of-war.

In front of everyone.

I offer her only compassion and no disrespect. I have told her this. She’s a victim of abuse, too, and I saw it .

Colleen Carroll Stalf was there, too. Robin Kahn may have been.

I have pictures somewhere (G pics, with all the girls wearing their ‘Less Filling, Tastes Great, We’re the Girls of 88!’ T-shirts.

Matt Stern, king of Bud and king of bud, was our class president, after all. He owns the Budweiser distributorship and the marijuana dispensary. His house is just blocks from mine; maybe 20,000 square feet? More? 

It was Colleen, Heather, Robin, and David, after all, all through most of high school.

Charlie and his angels!

Lester Chambers, Dorothy Chambers, my dad is dead now

So confusing. Jody Chambers’ grams and gramps were so close to my dad.

OMG. My dad was close to Uncle Alan, too (mom’s side, gang family) that lived down the street from “Chambers,” as dad referred to Lester.

Rhonda wanted dad’s motorcycle pics with Uncle Alan.

What’s wrong with these people??

And they all live in filthy Florida now. My cousin Allison “Oopie” Fordham said Uncle Alan lives on a plantation. Aunt Wanda’s hateful husband Harold, daddy to all the gang-bangers, lived on a trailer on Uncle Alan’s property.

He died last year. Maybe it was the year before that.

My Aunt Lee Ella Crosby, my mom’s sister and best friend from which I was estranged many years, reached out several months ago. She had not heard what happened to me (of course not, filthy Lee Enterprises covered it all up). Once she learned, she told me my Uncle Alan is great friends with filthy Bohnsack.

Bohnsack served on the filthy airport commission until gay GOP party chair Drue Mielke demanded he resign. The Quad-City Times did cover that, and you can read the story here.

I nearly was trafficked out of the Quad-Cities on a C17.

Many years ago, my second cousin Tomi Lynn Myers blew her head off while being chased by police in her mother’s (my cousin’s) car. It nearly killed my Aunt Lee. My mother did die just months later. She had breast cancer; she lived to drive Tomi to school and to spend time with Aunt Lee.

Tomi Lynn was 15.

Cute Chris Brandt: How do you know Tim Ryerson?

Roel De Bruyn, a guy I knew from the Netherlands who lived in the Quad-Cities, introduced me to Chris Brandt. He was to be my new weed guy.

He had great weed. He got it from someone else who lived in his nondescript apartment building next to Hillside Inn and the Milan Bridges.

But when Roel introduced him to me, he leaped right into my lap. He told me was good at lots of things.

I liked this guy. Masculine, sober, kinda funny. But when he did that, alarms went off.

And then I came to decide he wasn’t gay at all, and in fact, I’ll just say it. I think he’s owned. And traded.

I really do. I’ve told Rock Island cops that a million times.

At any rate, Chris blurted it out to me one day while we were smoking: How do you know Tim Ryerson?

What do you think of all these detailed, staggering allegations of a DOJ employee? Not moving forward on the probe I have requested would defy all sense of morality.



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His name was Tony. He said he was gay and that his family owned Col Ballroom


Much like when I saw the KWQC headline moments ago, “Historic Col Ballroom to close,” I had a mix of anxiety good and bad when “Tony Martinez” (I hope that’s his real name) showed up to buy my Adirondack chair and table.

Why? Because I immediately recognized his vehicle as part of a fleet of vehicles that had been following me for quite some time, and that I assumed were protecting me. All navy blue, tinted windows, little low-rider SUVs.

I thought he was part of a group called Boots on the Ground. Why? Because I had reported a SUSPECTED crime at a scary house few doors down with a trampoline in the front yard. After I reported it, several brand new children’s combat boots were placed, lined up, on the ground. Across the sidewalk of the home’s front yard, to be exact.

Here is the Boots on the Ground Facebook page. For my final year in Rock Island, 90 percent of my support seemed to come from blacks and Hispanics in terms of true, genuine, support of any kind when I needed it, whether it was soap, toilet paper or prayer. 

I had been selling my items on the Facebook Marketplace to survive and to avoid selling my home. When Tony pulled up in that vehicle, I felt safe. When he got out, I noticed him.

I’m not ashamed to admit that. As my former sexless ex-husband Scott Smith of downtown Rock Island Holiday Inn fame used to say, “A girl’s gotta eat.”

Tony told me he was gay. No big deal, except he was masculine, polite, bought my chair, paid more than I asked if I am not mistaken, and he told me his parents (maybe it was his aunt and/or uncle) own a local icon for which I have great respect.

And he’s Hispanic and pretty good looking.


But he also told me he has a partner. So, ‘down boy’ for me.

He referenced his partner and he referenced having attended gay pride, which I believe was that weekend or that day, or maybe the weekend or day prior. There had been an anti-gay incident at the gay pride, too, that made headlines locally.

Here’s what happened, as reported by the Quad-City Times.

While I thought what was reported sounded awful, I have no sympathy for the LGBT of filthy Quad-Cities, particularly the bar community that organizes these events. It’s sad, because now I feel alienated by all gay people. I have been so profoundly abused.

But I’ve met some cute, nice, gay guys right here in Denver. I’m not going to let corrupt Quad-Cities destroy my life and my sexuality, because let me tell you, it has.

I do know I am attracted to women, too. But only sexually, in terms of intimacy. I never could marry one because I am not wired to trust them or nest with them.

I never have had sex with a woman. I never have wanted to. I feel abused by them and don’t trust them.

But in the past year, I think about it. But, I would not want to marry one, because I just can’t trust them deep down.

And, I’m far more sexually attracted to men, overall. Sex is a continuum. Nobody is totally straight, totally gay. Some may be. Rare.

But I like men of mutual persuasion both ways, sexually and intellectually/companionship-wise, so long as I can trust them.

MUST READ: Did Bustos and Bustos go after me in a bizarre gang grudge move? WHY IS THIS GOING DOWN DURING A SCOTUS HEARING? Frightening … DEVELOPING ….

Not convinced handsome Tony all good

I still remain confused about many things. If I had it all figured out, well …

Here’s the thing. I actually do think the navy blue low-rider SUV vehicles were officially protecting me. I think they might have been US Marshall’s Service vehicles.

Because when things got really “hot” (arrests throughout my community, like now) there would be one car down below and up above while I’d mow my grass (my yard had double frontage and was sloped).

My next-door neighbors clearly appeared to be bodyguards, and I won’t get into all of that or why. Another chapter. I’m sorry I did not get to know them better, if started off good and turned south.

I’m sure they know that leaving was the right decision for me. They know it better than anyone.

At any rate, the “official” cars always were sparkling. Tony’s was dusty and a lot of stuff in the back.

LOL, not that THAT makes any difference.

But I do notice




My therapist Valerie Olson of Southpark Psychology (I’ve had extensive cognitive behavioral therapy, at least twice weekly several years, to treat the CPTSD and permanent disability resulting from the jail abuse) said it best:

“I never thought about the fact that you’re a journalist and trained to pay close attention to things.”

Yep. And hyper-vigilant with chronic PTSD.

I bet my pal Brian Krans, author of “Assault Rifles and Pedophiles,” understands that sentiment.

Maybe not.