Out-of-this-world pre-rolls from famed Kind Love dispensary restore peace

They say M and Ms make friends.

That’s true. When your seven.

But when you’re pushing 50 and live in hip Glendale, Colo., pre-rolls make friends, too.

I very much like the apartment community where I live. I have not met a bad person yet.

And there are quit a few marijuana smokers here. They know that I smoke a lot (obviously) and that I don’t mind sharing.

One super hot mama (you’re not REALLY a grandma, are you?) said hello the other day and I gave her my joint. I told her I’d give her some pre-rolls next time I saw her because she’s down on her luck.

Another woman has a husband with a debilitating heart condition but a zest for life. He lives to smoke cannabis daily. I’d love to spark up some Kind Love pre-rolls with him.

So, to my point, Kind Love is a marijuana dispensary in the one square-mile, Denver outlier, home-rule city of Glendale. The best marijuana dispensaries in Denver all can be found in Glendale, along with famed family eateries such as Sam’s No. 3, but also assorted famed night spots.

Back to these pre-rolls. You can get them 10 for $50, and they are made of the finest flower anywhere. They come in a beautiful tin and you even get a free lighter with the Alien Rock Candy pre-rolls. The Kind Love pre-rolls also come in Gorilla Glue and other strains.

Kind Love Rolls

I bought the Alien Rock Candy and the Gorilla Glue strains. I have been having a rough night as police arrest all the racists in my hometown back east and I get blamed for it simply for reporting the news. Oh well.

I’m fine, now, though, after a couple of Alien Rock Candy pre-rolls from Kind Love.

Here’s what Leafly says about Alien Rock Candy:

Full relaxation of the mind and body make this strain ideal for the end of an active or stressful day, with a heaviness that segueways nicely into sleep. The effects may take a few minutes to peak, but Alien Rock Candy packs a powerful euphoric punch once it sets in.

If you see me outside and are of age, and legal, and all that, hit me up for a pre-roll. I’ve got two tins full of pre-rolls and a lot of time on my hands. Happy to blaze one with ya.

I have no problem paying it forward, sharing my weed with folks who can’t afford it. I lived that life for years and many of the same people I am at odds with now generously shared their weed with me for many, many years.

It’s all so sad.

Have a great day.

Howling at the moon? No need to fear, Supa Dawg is here! #Marijuana #PTSD

Supa DawgIf you have PTSD, you probably wake up in the middle of the night and howl at the moon quite a bit.

It’s normal.

So when I find a cannabis strain that really hits the spot for me (someone with pretty bad CPTSD when not controlled with marijuana, exercise and mindfulness) I like to share the news.

Supa Dawg is one such strain.

Wow. Positive Fun. Stoney!

I had become triggered on Twitter, which is a daily occurrence. And yet, given my situation, I feel if I ever ceased to Tweet it would be curtains for me. I have to get my story out to continue to feel safe until some powerful people are locked up.

I always say, until they lock up the elite, I will continue to Tweet.

So what makes Supa Dawg so special? For starters, I like anything that smells piney. At many Denver-area dispensaries, such as Emerald Fields and Smokin’ Gun, you’re encouraged to smell the weed before buying it.

What’s more, at Smokin’ Gun they label the weed as to which terpenes (medicinal compounds) they contain. I loaded up on several pinene strains on a recent visit, and Supa Dawg was one of them.

Here’s what Cannafo says about Super Dog:

“Super Dawg is an indica strain , This strain’s genetics include:Chem Dawg (Chemdog), and Amherst (Mass.) Super Skunk.It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. Negative side effects can include: slight anxiety and slight dry_mouth.”

No anxiety here. I’d say it has brought me serenity, confidence, and stoniness.

Praise Jesus.

Colorado stoners delight in being fancy (and so high) while smoking ‘caviar’

I was very, very upset earlier, but now I’m smoking “caviar.”

Caviar is a term Coloradans use to describe marijuana buds that are rolled in marijuana oils and kief (medicinal compounds that fall off the bud when you touch it). This makes a regular bud of flower even more dense, not only in weight but also in terms of THC/CBD and the ability to get you high (or medicated, which is how I prefer to describe it).

So, in the interest of getting back on track after numerous severe PTSD attacks tonight, I recalled I had purchased a product called Double Black Caviar. In particular, I purchased Double Black Caviar Back Country Hybrid strain.


Caviar, which under the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program are referred to as “Moon Rocks” are something I never had tried before last night.

Holy cow.

I went to my favorite dispensary, my home base, Emerald Fields this morning when they sent out a text about BOGO 50 percent half off concentrate. Moon Rocks fall under the concentrate category, so I bought two more grams of it.

When I went in it probably was rather obvious I finally had reached the proper dose. We all chuckled about Moon Rocks, as there likely is nothing more potent in the cannabis world.

So, in addition to the hybrid “Back Country” strain (I’ve been functioning well on this strain, very chill, but it will knock you out if you do more than a puff an hour or so)

Photo on 9-14-18 at 1.08 PM

I also bought a Sativa (stimulus) gram of caviar (Sativa at times can be disastrous for me, other times remarkably helpful). This sativa caviar strain is called “Summit,” which I am not familiar with. I was not familiar with Back Country either, and can’t even find anything online about that one. But I like it, that is for sure.

Here’s what PotGuide.com says about Summit: 

“Uplifting and borderline euphoric to start, with pressure in the eyes and face — that feeling gives way to heavy eyes and a lolling head, leading into a mind-numbing sort of Indica experience to finish.”

Traditionally, Sweet Skunk has been a no-no strain for me. But this strain is slightly different. Let’s see what happens

(Half an hour later)

This has completely brought me out of stoner-dom and to a sort of alert and horny state, yet drowsy at the same time. I often say to my fellow stoner, “You know when you get a strain that allows for those deep, deep yawns where you get all that oxygen to the brain?”

Yep, this is doing that for me. This is very nice and not overwhelming. Maybe a bit too euphoric for the workday? Probably better suited for recreation.

On the other hand, I just got my landline hooked up and calmly sent out some critical tweets.

The hybrid no doubt is fully functional for me as a writer. I can smoke those rocks and work.

As a writer. Work as a writer. While smoking rocks. Of cannabis. Moon rocks. Caviar. Whatever you want to call it.

Here’s what CannaSaver (great site) says about “Moon Rocks vs. Caviar”:

“Caviar marijuana or cannabis caviar as it’s sometimes called is often the same exact product as moon rocks. It’s buds that have been soaked in hash oil, and usually (but not always!) coated in kief. Sometimes caviar marijuana refers to marijuana that has been saturated in hash oil, but that does not have the added layer of kief on the outside. Moon rocks always has both the hash oil layer and the kief coating, whereas caviar always has the hash oil, but may or may not have the kief layer. To put it another way, moon rocks is always caviar, but caviar is not always moon rocks.”

The bottom line, according to CannSaver?

“You might want to go slow your first time smoking moon rocks or caviar; they have a reputation for knocking out even the most experienced stoners.”

Finally, I also bought an indica (sedative) strain of caviar moon rocks called Avalanche. Again, it’s not a strain I know anything about.

I am not paid in any way for my blogs. Rather, in the interest of giving my fellow stoners a bargain tip, let me tell you that for only $30 a gram and a BOGO Half off, you’ll be flying all weekend on 45 bucks if you stop at Emerald Fields for caviar Moon Rocks.

Bring your Glendoozy ticket and get an even bigger bargain.

That festival this weekend isn’t really called Glendoozy, but we were saying at Emerald Fields that we should start a Glendoozy Festival.

Even if you’re a heavy, heavy consumer with a super-high tolerance, watch out when smoking moon rocks.

You might want to remain seated.



Dark Ghost #marijuana blows through #Colorado, says ‘Tweet, my child, Tweet’

A Dark Ghost just blew right through me.

A friendly ghost? I guess.

This ghost made me feel super confident, and after inhaling a few hits, I wanted to put on “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” and dance around the apartment.

But I couldn’t do that, it’s the middle of the night. I don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

So sitting in complete silence, all I hear are crickets.

It’s so funny. One of the things that upset me about being chased out of my childhood home in Rock Island (it was shot up because I reported sex crimes) is that I so appreciated the silence at night (at least back when it was peaceful) and all the chirping crickets.

It’s very hard to believe that a neighborhood as dense as mine here in Colorado that it could be so quiet you could hear the crickets. But it is. Two nights in a row, so far.

Dark Ghost Tells me ‘Git er Done’

So I started Tweeting.

In a nutshell, I have been getting lots of deep, deep, sleep, due in part to finally feeling safe, secure and comfortable in my new home in Glendale, Colo.

And I’m very medicated with quality cannabis, and gratefully so. As a result, I can wake up in the middle of the night wholly rested and not the least bit tired. It happens a lot, because I work from home, set my own schedule, and really live a rather unusual life at present.

But I’m not complaining about anything. I’m really not. I’m getting into this weirdness.

I purchased the Dark Ghost cannabis strain at Smokin’ Gun dispensary in legendary Glendale. Smokin’ Gun, ironically, is decorated in the theme of Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos’ campaign signs.

Read all about my former friends Gerry and US Rep Cheri Bustos, as well as my gang-bang Fordham family, by clicking here. You’ll also get to see one of Gerry’s campaign signs left in my yard during a vandalism attack. 

The Ghost of my mom Barbara? The Ghost of my dad Benny?

When I went to Smokin’ Gun yesterday with a woman who appeared outside my apartment door (she said she was an AirBnB roomie with my neighbor) I did like how the dispensary lists the terpene profiles on a card under the bud.

The bud also is displayed in these super-cool light-up tubes. You’d have to see it.

I went for terpene profiles that include pinene. Dark Ghost was one of that caught my fancy, and the bud tender commented that it was a great choice.

It’s such a new strain, you can’t hardly find anything on the internet about Dark Ghost. Here’s what I did find, on Dope Directory: 

“The high landed on a sativa end of the spectrum without ever getting too out-of-control energetically. There were a couple undeniable indica effects as well that hit me. For one, about an hour after I first smoked I was stricken by some epic munchies. I also did find some indica sensations in my extremities as well which were a quite welcome addition to the cerebral sativa feelings. Overall, the high wasn’t short or exceptionally long-lived and it didn’t necessarily lean very far on either end of the spectrum. Overall Dark Ghost simply instills a well-balanced high paired with an exceptional flavor brought about by a superior curing process. This is some damn good stuff.”

Agreed. The taste sort of reminds me of Girl Scout Cookies strain, too.



Like father, like son: At 48, I move into Oak Terrace Chalet Glendale, Colorado

Make no mistake; my apartment building is similar to Oak Terrace architecturally, only, in terms of appearance; Glendale, on the other hand, seems to be home to DOMESTIC political refugees 

There are lots of things I LOVE about Colorado, especially now that I’m settling in.

My apartment is one of them.

And ironically, it’s EXACTLY (well, not EXACTLY) like my dad’s subterranean apartment at Oak Terrace in Rock Island.

Longtime followers of my blog (and my newspaper reporting before that) know that my dad was the famed “Mayor of Oak Terrace Apartments” for 30 years before his dementia became severe in 2013, leading to his death almost exactly three years ago. You can read about my dad’s tenure as Oak Terrace mayor by clicking here. 

Dad watched Oak Terrace transform from a gang-bang lawless hellhole to an orderly, delightful community of rule-abiding tenants, many of them World Relief political refugees.

Dad loved the refugees. And once upon a time, dad was very narrow minded.  Dad transformed at Oak Terrace.

Dad lived at Oak Terrace, saved to me leave me family home

And now I am in an apartment just like my dad’s, but in Glendale, Colo.

And someone from Burma, a country that has churned out plenty of political refugees who have lived at Oak Terrace, now owns my childhood home that dad saved up for to buy back for me while living at Oak Terrace.

You can learn all about Oak Terrace by clicking here. 

I sold my home at $50,000 loss after it was shot up, no doubt by the criminal Antifa gang branch of the corrupt Rock Island County Democrats. You can read all about that here. 

You can read all about my childhood home, that I inherited twice (once from each parent) and sank tens of thousands of dollars into renovating by clicking here.

I’m no longer bitter. This is a public relations nightmare for the Rock Island County Democrats, and it’s SO worth it.

Glendale, the city I live in, seems to be filled with plenty of political refugees, just like the World Relief ones at Oak Terrace. There’s only one minor difference; the Glendale refugees are DOMESTIC political refugees.

There are a ton of recent Chicago transplants, in fact, and some Iowa ones, too.

I don’t feel like a freak here. Thank you, Glendale.

Dogs love us no matter what. We all need a #DumbFriend like that sometimes

Everybody adores my new dog “Chewy” (short for Chewbacca) just as much as I do.

Chewy is a Chiweenie (part Dachshund, part Chihuahua). He is 4 years old.

He is an extremely sweet dog. Over-the-top sweet, in fact.

And he’s potty trained, so long as you let him out regularly, and don’t sleep through him licking and pawing at your face.

But he is kind of dumb, LOL, that is for sure. More dumb than the little poodles I had growing up as a kid, which is the only thing I can compare him to.

But also just as loving as the poodles, even more so, and he also likes to play “Socky” like the poodles.

Yet last night he kept barking at his reflection in the mirror. Pretty funny.

And dumb! He’s my #DumbFriend.

I guess it’s fitting that I got him at Dumb Friends League in Denver. But don’t be fooled by the name. Dumb Friends League is the nicest animal shelter I ever have seen or even even heard of. Their tagline: “Compassion Always.”

And that’s absolutely the truth.

 Denver a boomtown that’s growing like a weed

Dumb Friends League is in my new home metro area of Denver. Denver has money being infused into it faster than you can say Indica Edible.

Isn’t that fun to say? Say it three times fast.

Indica Edible. Indica Edible. Indica Edible.

I think it’s fair to say Denver is an American boomtown that’s growing like a weed. Pun intended.

While Boomtowns mean traffic nightmares and all sorts of headaches, it also can mean good news for non-profits. People like to donate money to great causes like animal shelters.

Especially in a place where everyone’s an animal lover (who isn’t really?) like Colorado.

At any rate, I had no idea what to expect when I headed to Dumb Friends League in hopes of adopting a dog. I mean, what was I to do? Go in there, say, “I am living in a hotel that allows dogs, I do not have a job, but I have PTSD and just sold my house and promise I have money to care for the dog.”

I feared I’d be judged, and I never thought they’d adopt out a dog to me.

Here’s what happened.

Will the pound give a homeless guy a homeless dog?

I walked in and said exactly what I hypothetically stated above:

“I am living in a hotel that allows dogs, I do not have a job, but I have PTSD and just sold my house and promise I have money to care for the dog.”

I walked out less than two hours later with the love of my life, Chewbacca “Chewy.”

He just has to love you all the time.

With his tongue, inserted into your mouth if he can slip it in.

He’s an escape artist, too. He’s quick.

He’s a waddling little wiener dog until he decides he wants out.

Then he sprints like a cheetah and you only see a blur.

He has this bizarre affinity for sprinting up the steps of our new home, Chateau Oak Terrace Glendale.

The process for adopting a dog at at Dumb Animal Friends 

Adopting a dog from Dumb Friends League is simple and painless. You meet with dogs one on one (or cats) in little meeting rooms. Then a DFL relationship specialist watches the two of you interact.

If it’s a match, it’s a match.

Chewy and I were an instant match.

This dog is crazy loving. He will lay his head against me when I’m mad.

I think he’s trained. I don’t think he’s a pound dog at all!

For all I know, he’s a highly trained therapy dog. Sent here by undercover #FBI #DOJ



I love him.

I had to sign a contract promising to abide by all state and local laws and to properly care for Chewy. If I can’t take care of him for any reason, I just bring him back and Dumb Friends League tries again to find a home for the animal.

And that’s what happened to my little Chewy. My heart breaks for Chewy’s owner and I pray for him/her all the time. Here’s why.

I tried to adopt out LuLu once or twice 

Now, at a couple of points in my life, I plunged into depression. These were following periods of crystal methamphetamine use. During these times, on two occasions, I felt I could not properly care for my cat, LuLu.

So, as unthinkable as it seems, on two occasions I tried to adopt her out.

Not only would animal shelters in both Palm Springs and Rock Island not take her, but they made me feel horrible about even inquiring about adopting her out.

That’s really jacked up and backwards.

Chewy came from a home where he lived life afraid. Odd, he never acts afraid now.

I’m less afraid, too.

It cost $125 to adopt Chewy. That included his neuter and other essentials needed to make him healthy again. He was found left in a towel, growing, with head whip and matted hair.

He came with all sorts of directions about how to deal with his fearful behavior, which he never has exhibited except for one time. I was screaming on the telephone and he shimmied under the bed backward, and it made me laugh because our poodle did that constantly growing up.

But it’s not funny, and it only happened once with Chewy.

Chewy loves me.

I love Chewy.



‘Escape the established’ at Denver Cheba Huts with ‘baked’ bread subs, craft beers

It’s Colorado and nobody gives a sh*t.

It’s why I moved here.

And nowhere is that “live and let live” attitude true more than at any Cheba Hut.

This place is just tits, from the food to the mood. There are Cheba Huts everywhere in Denver, and not only do they serve up the best subs you’ll ever try, but the chill atmosphere means you can just be yourself.

I’m feasting on “Apollo 13,” which is a chicken sub with feta cheese, fancy Greek olives, and other exotic toppings. The beer I’m drinking? “Summer in the Citra.”

Come to Cheba Hut and expect to find a lot of hippie young people.

They are much different from hippie elderly people, inasmuch as I don’t think they care a whole lot about politics. Or if they do, they don’t talk about it in bars and restaurants.

Thank God.

Did you know they make elderly wino hippies? They do.

Cheba Hut is a good place to go if you want some yummy in your tummy and maybe just need to collect your thoughts. Everyone is welcome.

It’s a good place to get work done, too. The internet connection is awesome!!!

You’ll have to come to Cheba Hut to learn what the password is, and to find out the one thing Cheba customers all have in common.

Hint: When I went on my Colorado Cannabis Tour a couple of years ago, Cheba Hut was the meet-up place for the tour.  You can read all about my Colorado Cannabis 420 Tour by reading here. 



Cookies and Cream #Marijuana a yummy ‘Take-Me-Away’ treat for grown-ups

Does the high release the tension in the back?

Or, does the release of the tension in the back create the high?

That is the question that I ask of thee, as I just sucked down a 1 gram “Cookies and Cream” marijuana joint from Kind Love dispensary in Glendale, Colo. It’s a delicious midnight treat when you can’t get back to bed and decide to do laundry.

Kind Love actually is a famous dispensary. Kind Love is listed among High Times “15 Best Marijuana Dispensaries” in Denver.

The only other dispensary on the list I have been to so far since moving to Denver is Native Roots.

One of my friends at my favorite restaurant suggested I check out Kind Love. She said its Cookies and Cream strain, in particular, is pretty spectacular.

Wow. She was right. This recreational strain indeed is euphoric. But it clearly has medicinal properties beyond the pyschoactive.

While staring at a neon sign outside the hotel while smoking it (stoned, plain and simple) I coughed. And …. CRACK! Kinks in my back released from prison.

To me, the true sign of weed “success” is when all that tension in my back is released.  It often sends feeling and blood coursing down one or both of my legs and I feel like I grow two inches.

And that’s just how I felt after sucking down this delicious Cookies and Cream joint from Kind Love.

Leafly, the authority on marijuana, says this about Cookies and Cream: 

Bred by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream is a hybrid cross between Starfighter and an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for patients treating symptoms throughout the day, but high doses can induce an early night’s sleep. Cookies and Cream took first place in the hybrid category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

It’s reason enough to smoke another one when I go down to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Go out and make it a great day. Stay elevated.

Super-cool #Denver #Pinball Pub: Have some nostalgia with your #cocktails

Holy cow, man, it’s the coolest place I have been to in Denver yet.

It’s a bar that’s also an arcade. As in old-school video games, not the reality stuff where kids are doing scary shee-ot.


Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr., and world’s largest Pac-Man game, seen above.

And pinball games. Every one you can think of. Two Denver storefronts full of them.

I used to play “Attack From Mars” when I lived in Los Angeles. I would dance all night at Probe Nightclub in Hollywood high on crystal meth and ecstasy and then end up at a place called 7702 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

My friends and I called it “Sketcher Sketcher 0-2,” because everyone was “Sketchin’,” or, in other words, high on meth.

At any rate, they had an “Attack from Mars!” pinball game, and as bad my crystal meth habit was in those days, “Attack from Mars” is a hilarious piece of its history. You would have to have been there.

And you would have to completely understand my current bizarre situation to get the INCREDIBLE irony, LOL of me having the time of my life playing “Attack from Mars!” in a rather wholesome (it really is, quite frankly) Denver arcade bar that has dollar (yes, $1) mimosas on Sundays.

Mama Mia, They’re Straightening The Tower of Pisa!”

In “Attack from Mars,” you are a United States soldier saving the world from a Martian attack.

I blew up a flying saucer today, which is a pretty big deal. I got several FREE balls and two free games.

I also had several SAVED balls, and when you get a saved ball, the “commander,” I guess he would be, says, “Return to battle, soldier!”

And it was just making me laugh. I was really getting into it, stabilizing with the left foot, pivoting on one toe on the right foot for hard-to-make shots.

A true pinball junkie understands. You have to stabilize.

Sadly, I did not hear the game say, “Mama Mia! They’re straightening the Tower of Pisa!” so I will have to come back next week and work toward getting to that level, where the Martians try to take Paris.

Bars should offer more than just booze

Mimosas were only a buck. I had three.

The crowd is completely low-key.

The owner told me the place used to be a porn shop, believe it or not, Later, the business expanded and bought “The Drunken Monkey” next door.

But after the bar just wasn’t making money, the owner decided to do a reset — and “One Up” with two locations (soon to be three!) in Denver was born.

Hailing from a college town in Pennsylvania, the man behind The One Up believes that people who go to a bar ought to be going there for something to do other than just drink.

I completely agree. Chalk up another one for Denver.



Meet my new girl Lucinda, funnest #StonerChick ever #Marijuana #Strains

I want to introduce you to my boo Lucinda.

Lucinda and I walk around my Denver my neighborhood a lot, often to Target to buy candy or just to walk the dog.

Lucinda is a cool stoner chick I met at a dispensary in Glendale.

Lucinda tests at 23.97 percent THC and tastes mighty fine.

I’m not sure what her terpene profile is, but I can tell you my dog is very, very jealous of Lucinda. In fact, my dog Chewy, who I just adopted two days ago, a Chiweenie of four years on this earth, just lifted his leg and peed a gusher all over the floor right in front of me.

He is mad because he wants to play. I told him I write blogs for a living! He tolerates it, but not when I’m writing about stoner chicks named Lucinda who drive me crazy, apparently.

Now, I ran into Lucinda by accident. Not exactly by accident. A bud tender at Emerald Fields introduced me to her.

Here’s what Leafly says about “Lucy” (who I am assuming is a close relative of “Lucinda”)

This strain packs a ton of cannabinoids into a tiny package, rendering THC and CBD content above 10% each. With this potent ratio, you can expect to feel an intense sense of wellbeing that isn’t overwhelmingly sedative. Also known for its mental stillness, Lucy pulls the handbrake on “monkey mind” and anxious thoughts.

Well. That explains it.

Have you met my dog, Chewy, Lucy?

Photo on 8-29-18 at 4.18 PM #2

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