Embattled QC Times newspaper betrays award-winning journalist tortured in jail

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I have been scratching my head for more than three years.

What in THE HELL is the corrupt Quad-City Times thinking?

Ignoring a meth/ecstasy case that I think (but cannot prove without a little more digging) must have a federal connection? A case that had a convict on the lam for months and months, yet he was found right in Moline?

Of course. Frank Fitzpatrick is the son of the Milan Fire Chief and a Moline firefighter. You get to commit crimes in Rock Island, Illinois without consequence.

In fact, I am sure I could have lived the life of a gang-banger, or a male prostitute.

No thank you.

And since I didn’t choose that life, but instead chose to write about it, my house was shot up.

But the filthy Quad-City Times never reported that either. Check it out for yourself right here, details, photos and all.

They always cover homes being shot at. In fact, no Quad-City news media covered my home being shot up, ever, not even with all the circumstances and mountains of evidence surrounding multiple violent crimes committed against me.

And I am an award-winning former Quad-City Times reporter, including a first place award in 2010/2011. Check out an excerpt from my book, coming soon!


The reason I think the Fitzpatrick case went federal or is related to a federal case is because of something my only friend at the end of my tenure in my Rock Island childhood home told me.

My friend Randy Veys, who showed incredible passion as my house was shot up for reporting sex crimes and human trafficking, told me one day, “I think they got your guy.”

And he said it was a federal arrest at a Moline Sam’s Club. Fitzpatrick showed up in the RICO JUDICI court system shortly thereafter. Check out the file on the drug arrest here. I could look him up in the federal system, but there’s a charge.

And I already know the case related to the crimes against me has gone federal, even if none of the crimes against me have lawfully been linked to that case. That would be because of DOJ corruption.

I am being harassed by a DOJ employee who called me a faggot in high school. 

I absolutely am a victim of crimes and conspiracies that need to be tried federally.

Instead, I’m being harassed by police, white supremacists, and everyone else.

My friend Randy Veys, nephew of a Moline Police Chief

Randy Veys’ uncle used to be police chief. Randy has been through a lot. He lost his brother.

I still consider Randy a great friend. He may not care for me any longer, but I know he was sideways with his family — his mom, anyway — long before I shared what he shared with me.

I’m sorry his family has strife like that. I’d hear him fight fiercely with her in the car, and it would make me so uncomfortable — because that’s how my family fought.

But back to the filthy Quad-City Times. I have made a few connections, so to speak (or drawn a few connections, I should say)

Here’s one oddity, or, shall I say, disturbing fact. Multiple young Adlers, a venerable name in the Quad-Cities attached to the founding family of the Times Democrat’s predecessors, have warrants for their arrests.

Here’s one for Marcus John Adler. Contempt.

Here’s one for Matthew Steven Adler. Drugs. 

Now, I went to the Quad-City Times, and police, long ago about disgraced former Davenport Alderman Bill Boom and what I THOUGHT MIGHT BE a human trafficking or male prostitution operation.

Of course, we all know now I was thrown in jail for that, tortured, in BUSTOS 17 Congress Illinois, where US Rep Cheri BUSTOS is married to the appointed sheriff hubby. Read all about it right here. 

And the Moline Police Department that arrested me? Well, the chief and two captains are suspended right now after a DUI incident involving 91 mph and a BAC more than .20 — by the chief himself. Check out the Times report for yourself right here. 

Before Cheri went to Capitol Hill we worked together as journalists at the Quad-City Times.

She went to work for Trinity Hospital, now UnityPoint Trinity, after that, and I’ve got a great lawsuit pending against them. Read all about that here; the terror continued at Cheri’s old employer Trinity after the terror in her appointed sheriff hubby’s jail.

It happened twice, actually, and I was taken by ambulance the second time. Read all about Dr. Eric VanderLinden by clicking here. 

And now Denver was dumb enough to repeat the stunt.

Maybe I’ll double my money.

Mr. Boom ended up being convicted for lying to a grand jury in the case, by the way. Check out retired reporter Chrissy Minor of WQAD’s excellent report.

He got a hand slap; his mentally disabled, marginalized young roommate went to prison after first being given drug court.

Meanwhile. young men like the Adlers — mostly good-looking, young white men from well-known families — are being rounded up by police like loose cattle in Wyoming or Montana.

Drugs, theft, and other crimes.

Just like I told police long ago they would find, if they looked. Read all about that right her in my groundbreaking piece published on LinkedIn: Hooking up to Stay Alive: The Sexual Exploitation of Young Men and Boys. 

Now, back to the Adlers.

Here, check out this Quad-City Times file photo of Lee Executive Mr. Schermer presenting Mr. Boom with a KEY TO THE CITY for his work in securing funding for the Adler Theater, downtown.


Photo by Quad-City Times

Just look at Mr. Boom delight!


Ch. 6: My JR’s T-shirt at WeHo Sports Connection: Something’s awry, gay RI

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The first time I got the feeling that something odd, particularly as it pertains to the LGBT, was going on in Rock Island, Ill. is when I returned home to West Hollywood one year after spending Christmas in Illinois.

I was working out on the elliptical cross trainer one morning at famed Sports Connection (we called it Sports Erection, who knows what it’s called now) at San Vincente and LaCienega or thereabouts. Suddenly, two elderly men boomed, guffawed, and pointed at my shirt.

“You from Rock Island?” they ask, their eyes shining like C3POs.

JR’s was the famous gay night club in Rock Island, Illinois. For years, Rock Island, Illinois was the gay Mecca of the Quad-Cities. That all changed shortly after I moved back from Los Angeles.

The transformation from the Rock Island gay “district” to the Davenport “Rainbow District” had begun even before I moved back from L.A. Ironically, I never had been to a Rainbow District gay bar after returning from Los Angeles to the Quad-Cities until then-Quad-City Times editor John Humenik sent me there on a story.

Let me back up. Perhaps my trauma began at childhood. My telephone number was 788-9141.

The number at JR’s? 788-9149.

It’s the 1970s. I’m an effeminate acting little boy who loves to answer the telephone.

You get the idea!

Herb Trix lands probing exclusive with Rainbow Reporter

The story I wrote for Humenik and the Quad-City Times about Davenport’s Rainbow District raised a whole lot of eyebrows. In fact, Herb Trix of Augustana Public Radio WVIK featured me on his “Week in Review” radio show to discuss the story.

In retrospect, it’s a lively, probing interview. Props to Trix. I may have pieces of it on YouTube video; I will attempt to post.

Mom’s JR’s “paper cups” story

Mom always claimed she knew J.R. She said he came into Milan Eagles now and then.

Mom was a meat wrapper at Milan Eagles, and later 075 in Rock Island, right down the street from my house that I sold at $50,000 loss to the lovely Burmese family.

I had to sell my house, of course, because it was shot up after I reported sex crimes, human trafficking, gangs and meth. You can read all about that here.

I also was jailed on no charges, tortured, for reporting these crimes. It all happened in the jail run by the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos.

The GPS on my public transportation app caught cops violating laws. And yet, nothing has happened to Gerry; nothing has happened to Cheri.




FBI Victim’s Advocate No. 2: Hunter Collins of the Air Force, childhood friend

When Hunter Collins finally blurted out why he and his wife, beautiful Carrie Miner Collins, had been bringing me groceries and marijuana money, I about collapsed.

“David, knowing that Gerry and Cheri Bustos never will go to prison, what can the federal government do to make this right with you?”

Boy, did Hunter ever get an earful. I think they heard me in Silvis.

And Hunter’s reply to what I said? “Then don’t give up. It won’t be easy.”

He said he knows the town is filthy as hell and he didn’t even want to move back here. Carrie did.

My former friend Colleen Stalf, who ran Niabi Zoo with her husband Tom, also said Rock Island, Illinois, is a filthy, dangerous disgrace. She urged me to get out from the day my dad died, like a true friend would.

Son of a cop, beauty queen flight attendant

Hunter’s dad is a retired Rock Island, Ill. cop.

His mother? A former flight attendant and an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I want to say she was in a Miss America pageant once? Someone can correct me if I am wrong!

Never a bad word has been uttered, not that I know of, ever, about Hunter or his family.

Hunter told me I inspired him to get sober. Many people have told me that. There is no greater compliment.

I’m sober again, and committed to staying that way (I am a medical cannabis patient, that’s my medicine, and I’ll never stop smoking 24/7, but no more beer) but I’m not going to carry a flag for filthy behavioral health or filthy rehab centers ever again.

I’m not saying those that I worked for are filthy; I’m not saying they’re not. I never had a personal tour of any of them, nor did I ever meet a single clinician personally. I will say that until the very end, my bosses in corporate at Nashville-based Foundations Recovery Network — David Tjornehoj and Anna McKenzie — were tolerant, understanding, and bent over backwards for me.

I believe them, too, to be true Christian people, and I want to thank them both from the bottom of my heart.

The victim’s advocate with the true 411: Collins attends my family’s church 

Hunter Collins attends my family’s church on my dad’s side, filthy Edgewood Baptist Church.

Hunter also pointed that the son of Diane Carnithan, retired assistant to the president of Augustana College, is friends with convicted felon Bill Boom.

Former Davenport Alderman Bill Boom supplied meth money to his mentally disabled “roommate” so he could deal meth to the LGBT community. You can read all about Boom’s federal guilty plea and sentencing my clicking here. 

Sadly, Diane’s other son, an up and coming wrestler, killed himself in high school. He was a year or two younger than me.

Read why Augustana College frightens me almost as much as Gerry and Cheri Bustos themselves.

Read how I was jailed by Moline Police (the chief there is now on leave following a DUI arrest with two Moline police captains at his side when it happened, driving more than 90 mph in Iowa)

I then was taken to the jail of appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos and tortured there two days on no charges at all. This all went down after I reported human trafficking, narcotics trafficking and sex crimes to Rock Island County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Rusk and Rock Island Police Department Officer Doug Williams. Williams incessantly harassed me until I finally left Rock Island.

Cops act like sophomoric kids in bang-bang shoot-em-up District 17

Poor behavior among law enforcement in the filthy Illinois Quad-Cities where Bustos is the appointed sheriff hubby is completely out of control, and par for the course. The cops are filthy; I felt they could murder me or take me to the hospital and have me murdered at any time, as US Rep Cheri Bustos controls that, too.

I had to get out. Read what happened to me after they finally released me from the jail. I never will seek healthcare again until the proper people are locked up. 

I’m scared of Officer Doug Williams, and I thought I saw him once here in Denver after my first frightening night and became extremely triggered.

Many of the people who have hurt me and continue to hurt me, and who I believe clearly are working for Gerry and Cheri Bustos, called me faggot in high school.

When I was arrested on no charges at my father’s filthy hellhole memory care institution, Amber Ridge, the excuse they gave is that I was screaming in a nursing home.

Filthy Amber Ridge memory care is not a nursing home. It’s a hotel-like atmosphere where people with no credentials or sub-par credentials care for your ailing loved one. Since it’s private pay, they are not held to federal Medicare/Medicaid standards of care. They are held to state standards for private pay, but they differ state to state.

Collins: Phil Hare doesn’t believe in the U.S. Constitution 

Collins lives on a local golf course next to former US Rep Phil Hare, who held the seat by Bustos a while back. He lost immediately; he has no charisma whatsoever and is corrupt. The seat was taken by a Republican, Bobby Schilling.

Hare worked for famed US Rep Lane Evans, and although voters did not want Hare as Evans’ replacement (indeed, the caucus chose Mark Schwiebert) the views of all were disrespected and Hare installed as the candidate.

Check out this opinion piece by Quad-City Times’ Barb Ickes anointing Hare as Evans replacement. In fact, a caucus chose Schwiebert and then the party snubbed the vote.

Much like the hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos was made sheriff without an election.

It’s all par for the course in FILTHY Rock Island, Ill. Bustos and others routinely flip the bird at free elections. You can read all about that by clicking here. 

Here’s some more background in a 2010 piece by my longtime friend Quad-City Times political reporter Ed Tibbetts. 

Isn’t Mark Schwiebert the Augie, St. John’s poster child? 

You may be confused. You may be saying, “Mark Schwiebert goes to the church and graduated from the college you’re afraid of. You’re not making any sense.”

I’m making perfect sense. Mark Scwhiebert is much more gentlemanly than myself. I also think he’s honest and probably knows I am telling the total truth about what happened to me.

My gut says he’s a good man.

How I came to distrust Hunter Collins

Team Ryden … Ryden Realtor … “I know Cheri Bustos! I love Bustos!” Then changes it to, “I know Cheri from being a lobbyist.”

Is one better than the other?


Offered me $47K for my $130K house “The data says … ”

“You can shove your data up your ass,” I told him, as he was dismissed, and I swore to never leave my home.

But to quote my dispensary friend Randy Veys, nephew of a former Moline chief of Police:

“They’re killers,” and “They tried to give you AIDS for God’s sake.”

I knew it was time to get out.

Harassment by Tim Ryerson, Zach Dusenberry

Now, as some of you know, I am being harassed by former high school classmate Tim Ryerson, who now works for FBI DOJ. You can read all about that here, complete with screen shot of the harassment (there’s more, that’s just a sample)

Tim emerged out of the blue a few years ago and began to be nice to me on social media. This made no sense.

Next,  a guy from Netherlands introduced me to Chris Brandt, a handsome guy about 10 years my junior who immediately jumped into my lap. He was introduced as my new marijuana dealer, but he immediately jumped into my lap — yes he did — and said, “I’m good at lots of things.”

Chris and I never fooled around, but he was sober, liked sports, and I liked him. But I did not think he was gay and was not about to make the first move.

Now, if it’s not scary enough that a DOJ employee is harassing me after all of this, did I mention my distant relation Joe Dusenberry also was in the military and for a time protected President Obama? At least he used to post photos on Facebook saying he was protecting him.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.46.47 AM


And just look here.

And my house was shot up. You can read all about that here, with pictures. 

It’s just not looking good for Obama or the Dems




Scary Blue Grass, Iowa: We all went there for summer camp? Really?

Stock image courtesy Pixabay (this is not Blue Grass, Iowa) 

Some things related to my bizarre situation even I could not have guessed.

But I DID figure out long ago that something was awry in Blue Grass, and Buffalo, Iowa. When Buffalo Police Chief TJ Behning was hit by a garbage truck, I shared several theories with law enforcement.

As well as some information that I know to be true.

And do you suppose it all circles back to my own trauma and my involvement with the LGBT community? If so, you’re right.

TJ Behning was injured a year ago today, and is on the road to recovery. You can tell just by looking at TJ he’s pure good. I know he’s pure good because someone I now know to be pure evil bad-mouthed him once. I told law enforcement all about it.

I trust those emails are now in the right hands.

Check out this update by KWQC-TV 6 News.

It seems most all my “theories” now are proving factual.

It’s chilling. Do you really think so much effort has gone into getting rid of me for nothing?

The truth is, many of the young, male and female tattoo necks — gang members — are being apprehended in Blue Grass, or Buffalo, and they have been being apprehended there for a long time. In fact, it no doubt has been much easier for crime to thrive there with Behning bedridden.

But that’s all about to change.

Blue Grass, Iowa, is best known to Quad-Citizens as the home of YMCA’s Camp Abe Lincoln, a venerable summer institution and rite of passage (or at least it used to be) for Quad-City youngsters.

It’s chilling because of all the sex crimes committed by gang members, quite frankly.

Shady San Francisco: Online commerce Cabal just waiting to be uncovered

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Do I start with not-looking-so-good Healthline.com, where I used to work when all the nonsense went down?

Or go straight to the present, and filthy Lyft?

Let’s start with filthy Lyft.

As my story began to be proven true about my false imprisonment and torture for reporting gangs, human trafficking and drug activity in Bustos District — imprisoned in the jail of Bustos’ appointed sheriff hubby, no less — menacing people began to hiss at me at every turn.

But to have one of them be your Lyft driver — you’re a prisoner in their vehicle — is pure terror.

And when they play Bill. Maher on the radio, then ask you who you voted for president, and SCREAM at you? It’s a lawsuit.

I delight.

This is the driver in question.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 5.47.36 PM

It took me several tries, but Lyft has acknowledged my filing of formal complaint.

But what do you think happened after I filed the formal complaint against Lyft?

What do you think happened also when, at the same time, white supremacists in the neighborhood began to harass me?

Well, in Colorado they can’t throw you in jail on no charges at all. So they threw me in a mental hospital. 

That’s right.

Now, why do I think Healthline doesn’t look so good?

Let me say. I loved Healthline. Wow. My word. LOL. Between what they taught me and the opportunities they gave me, talk about a CATAPULT when I thought my career was DEAD.

Of course, I DID IT. They gave me the platform and the skills.

But then it just got WEIRD as I began to interview and get to know more and more people in healthcare, Pharma, and assorted “patient advocates.”

My beats were HIV and Hepatitis (give them to the gay guy) even though I did not have either disease.

Until I did. I do NOT have HIV and have been tested in the past year with three sexual partners and no unsafe activity, however … 

I ended up testing positive for Hepatitis A (your body clears it, and mine has) after an assault in my basement.

All of this going down right around the time I was to be the official press boy for the LA-SF AIDS Ride, sponsored by Gilead and Abbvie.

But I have further concerns, oddities, weirdnesses I need to point out.

First, Brian Krans, the guy who got me the job at Healthline, has written a book already — several, in fact.

I’m reading Brian’s books now. He’s got talent and balls. I like to think the same of myself.

Yes I sure do.

One of Brian’s books is called “Assault Rifles and Pedophiles” and I urge everyone to buy it and read it right now.


Ch. 2: I thought nothing of Bert grabbing my penis. I wasn’t even in school yet.

Bert was a World War II veteran with one wooden leg, and even as I write this, I certainly don’t think of him as a pervert.

But he did grab my penis, many times. He grabbed the other boy his wife babysat with me’s penis, too.

But it never was in a gross way? At least not to a three year old?

But now it’s all in a much different context. There’s the matter of veteran Mr. Downing. Veteran Mr. Britton.

And what they told me. Mr. Downing even vomited in my basement drain upon telling the story.

Watch this video I made moments after veteran Mr. Downing, who was looking at my home, told me I was being harassed because the neighborhood long has been a sexual abuse neighborhood associated with the days of Lane Evans. He told me to trust in Cheri Bustos. 

I always thought it odd Bert and Letha slept in different beds. Different rooms. But back in the day, maybe not so odd?

And I also am sitting her perplexed, as Bert was a pallbearer at my mother’s funeral when she died of breast cancer at age 23.

Then, Bert dropped dead of a heart attack two weeks later. It all happened in March 1995.

I’m fighting for my life, running from the Antifa for reporting sex crimes. I have been jailed, tortured on no charges by corrupt law enforcement and do not feel safe anywhere I go.

I have had veterans tell me my old neighborhood is famous for sex crimes against children, and that’s why I’m being harassed.

So today I write about Bert Ellegood, who worked for Per Mar Security, just like the former partner of convicted felon Bill Boom.

Bert was a relation of a bailiff at Rock Island County Courthouse. You can read all about the bailiff and his friends, the McDonald’s 30th Street Rock Island Breakfast Club, by clicking here. These men burst into laughter a few years ago when I told them I was buying my father’s home; except for Jim (whose son Matt also had his penis grabbed)

Once, Matt’s mom, Rhodey, called my mom. She wanted to know did I have all my shot.

It sent my mother into a rage.

But I do know I was sexually abused. I remember bits and pieces.

Something happened in the woods my Immanuel Lutheran School. But I also was run over by a sled at a young age in that same location, so my memories are fuzzy.

The man who ran over me on the sled is the brother of a man my dad left a diamond ring to in the will; Hollywood could not make this stuff up; check out this chapter excerpt 

But for sure Bert regularly grabbed Matt and I’s penis, usually when we were sitting on the couch watching TV on the porch watching cartoons.

subhead here

Bert relocated to my old neighborhood after his was demolished. Bert’s old neighborhood, just down the hill from where I grew up, was replaced with a YMCA. The YMCA later was acquired by the city and called Rock Island Fitness and Activity Center. My high school senior prom date, last I knew, was director of its pre-school.

Introduction: Who, what are the Antifa, and why did they try so hard to kill me?

Stock image courtesy Pixabay

Who are the Antifa?

They’re “the resistance.”

And they’re racists. I’ll explain why in a minute.

And don’t kid yourself, while many of their most high-ranking members are lesbians, those women HATE CONSERVATIVE GAY MEN LIKE MYSELF.

Don’t ever forget; gay men and lesbians are the most unlikely marriage.

It’s the movement that hates President Trump for being the bravest, boldest, most successful politician at keeping campaign promises I ever have seen yet.

But what are these people, mostly women, really mad about?

Have you met any of these violent women?

Antifa angry, are they mad about sex? 

In my town, some of them hire sex workers. Male sex workers I believe to have been forced into sex work.

And drug dealing. I think the idea is that they deliver the drugs as well as the scintillation and titillation.

That’s gross. Period. But I’m just getting started.

These women apparently are white supremacists in my town, because I know my family on my mom’s side are white supremacists, white trash, and act like Antifa all the way.

They’re dyed-in-the-wool Democrats tied to the crooked Quad-City unions.

So if you’re an Antifa raising your big old menacing, threatening, frightening faces at me, you’re a White Supremacist. That’s my Worldview.

And as a victim of multiple violent acts inflicted by Antifa and White Supremacist gangs, I put the onus on you to prove to me that you are NOT a White Supremacist if you’re Antifa.

If you’re Antifa, you’re a racist 

If you’re Antifa, you’re racist.

That’s my Worldview.

I have every right to say that, we have a Constitution that guarantees my Freedom of Speech.

But the Bad Girls — the Antifa — only believe in Free Speech when THEY say something. They use their privileged class special rights status to squeal, “HE HURT ME!” when a man complains of their lies and/or violence.

If you complain, they’ll have you locked up. Because they’ve made friends with lots of FILTHY cops everywhere.

Believe me.

I was jailed without charge, tortured, for reporting gangs, human trafficking and sex crimes in Bustos District US Congress 17, where US Rep Cheri is married to the appointed sheriff hubby.

And since they can’t do that to you in Colorado (against the law to lock somebody up on no charges) by God they took me to the nuthouse the other night when I called Glendale police to report a key suspect as it pertains to the white supremacists screaming “faggot” at me out the window, among other things. 

Bad Boy sex workers steal rings, money, more

Some of these male sex workers who have been forced into the trade also steal. In fact, most all of them do.

Where do the stolen items go? Well, I told law enforcement I think they go to pawn shops. I told them a little more than that, actually.

I’d love to get my stolen ring back someday. I never have hired the sex workers. Thats’ why they don’t like me.

The Antifa mostly are women.

Most apparently suffer from severe-profound mental illness. They’re violent, they’re hateful, they love to harass male childhood sexual assault and human trafficking survivors.

Military cops love to remind them that they just can’t break the law. Even though they’re women and many of them have had absolutely EVERYTHING handed to them their entire lives on a silver platter.

Others are victims to the filthy Democrats, likely part of a violent movement which they know absolutely nothing at all about.

It’s filthy.

It’s sick.

Many Antifa narcissistic callous business leaders 

Many of these hateful, callous women are business leaders, no doubt being handsomely rewarded for their hate.

Here’s what the Anti-Defamation League says about the Antifa:

“These violent counter-protesters are often members of the “antifa” (short for “antifascist”), a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements. Their ideology is rooted in the assumption that the Nazi party would never have been able to come to power in Germany if people had more aggressively fought them in the streets in the 1920s and 30s. Most antifa come from the anarchist movement or from the far left, though since Trump’s election, some people with more mainstream political backgrounds have also joined their ranks.

Oddly, Miles Rich, a former Rock Island man, baited me recently on YouTube. His sister, Elisabeth, who is closer to my age, later responded. His allegation? Something about my German ancestors.

It was wacky.

Antifa girls, do you support Aryan Nation? 

Now, get this. Some members of my family, unbeknownst to me until Aunt Wanda showed up in my driveway five months ago, apparently have ties to Aryan Nation.

And yet … I was jailed without charge, tortured, for reporting human trafficking, with involvement in what now appears to be the Aryan Nation gang (which Antifa opposes)

Again, I was reporting sex crimes, and I was thrown into the jail of the appointed sheriff hubby of US Rep Cheri Bustos.

Cheri and I have known each other 32 years. She was my journalism mentor.

And then read this. Chilling? Indeed. I’ve received no explanation. 

These are the Riches of the now-defunct Louis Cold Cuts. “It took Louis Rich to do turkey so right,” was their memorable, venerable slogan.

The Antifa by ADL’s own definition, further wants to say, ‘Don’t use Antifa loosely,’ in so many words:

“Another concern is the misapplication of the label “antifa” to include all counter-protesters, rather than limiting it to those who proactively seek physical confrontations with their perceived fascist adversaries.  It is critical to understand how antifa fit within the larger counter-protest efforts. Doing so allows law enforcement to focus their resources on the minority who engage in violence without curtailing the civil rights of the majority of peaceful individuals who just want their voices to be heard. ” 

As I watch the tears flow from the privileged academic, I am angry about being jailed, stripped naked, tortured, harassed, told I’ll be trafficked out on an airplane …. I thought certain I’d be murdered, as I heard US Rep Cheri Bustos say, “Throw him into the woods.”

I was in there because I reported I thought my friend had died of foul play

But now we know my food was poisoned; indeed, drugs shoved into my rectum likely in cooperation with the gang member son dad bought the family home from.

And now it’s shot up, sold to a Burmese family at $50K loss, myself chased out. Dad’s hard work, determination of building UAW John Deere tractors; indeed, mom’s debilitating work in a freezer at Eagle’s, represented by UFCW, to help send me to Augustana College;

Is our nation that filthy? Has US Rep Cheri Bustos said, “Off with his head,” in as many words, and had myself cast aside?

If so, that’s Antifa.

But there’s MORE.

CONFRONTATION set dirty Antifa apart. But what’s confrontation and what isn’t? What’s sexual harassment and what isn’t? It’s political, isn’t it?


I have reported to police my neighbor had operated an AirBnB and was lurking outside my door with her dog to aggravate my dog.

I opened my door when I heard barking and realized my dog was gone. My dog ran out because her Jack Russells are mean to my little Chiweenie, one bit him I think. My boy limping.

Instead of telling my dog was out, she taped it, watching her dogs endanger mine in glee. She had no intention of telling me my dog was out there in danger.

When I opened the door, I said, “Where’s my dog?”

“Yep!” she beamed, sticking her chest out, her phone, proudly doing the happy dance. She intended to say I neglected my dog.

That’s filthy. That’s confrontational.

Issue Two:

The whack-job Lyft driver. That was total confrontation as I was a prisoner in his vehicle. I remain marginalized, voiceless, as I experience terror at every move. You can read all about it right here. 

I want lying women to shut up. I do.

Issue Three:

An AirBnB lesbian confronted me in the hallway and asked I walk to SmokinGun with her. She complained about my neighbor, who she said was not offering the free rides included in the AirBnB deal. She explained to me she’s a drug dealer from Ohio trafficking marijuana back east, so the transportation was critical.

She told me her name was Kai. That’s the name of the AA sponsor I believe to be very dishonest.

She then tried to get me to break federal law at the mayor’s wife’s dispensary. You can read all about that here. 

Ch. 18: Empty houses with unlocked doors, backyard tents in Rock Island, Ill.

Stock image courtesy Pixabay

Never could I have imagined my quiet World War II neighborhood had become an Antifa gang sleeper cell.

Indeed, one third of the homes were owned by one man — a man named Johnson.

I called police.  I called zoning. I called my alderman. I called everyone.

Nobody cared that doors were left open, all the time, on vacant houses. Nobody cared that one houses had people living in tents in the back yard.

And don’t get me started on the trampoline house, that puts the Asian children (with the filthiest mouths you’ve ever heard on pre-toddlers) on display once a week.

And what about the big hulk of a man with the dew rag who lives in the house across the street? The guy from Freeport, Ill. … with no furniture in his house?

The story of what the whack-job Rock Island County Antifa Democrats did to Suncrest Addition, Rock Island, Illinois, is shocking.