In 2017, I inherited money from my dad and was able to do a whole lot of traveling. Since I became interested in journalism by keeping diaries of family vacations, I decided to the same for those trips.

While the trips were a mix of both work and play (San Diego and Denver, in particular, mostly were work), I did have time to enjoy my destinations.

In addition to writing several unpaid travel blogs, I wrote dozens of paid travel pieces for Parachute by Mapquest in 2016, too. Most of the pieces focused on day trip destinations within a short drive of the Quad-Cities, where I live.

I also wrote a several-piece branded content series for Diamond Resorts International that appeared on all the Tribune papers’ websites, including Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel and Chicago Tribune. The topic: Vacations are good for your health. Unfortunately, those links no longer are live.


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