How my cannabis card is helping me win the fight of my life: Political corruption

I walked into Nature’s Treatment of Illinois yesterday and wept.

The Milan, Ill.-based medical marijuana dispensary is where I am able to obtain the finest cannabis in the United States. That absolutely is the truth, as legal cannabis patients in my state can get weed in any form, with limitless THC and CBD content.

The cannabis is grown under the strictest regulations in the country (probably the world) and is clean, clean, clean. People support me in my medical cannabis needs because I have shown the amazing effects it can have on people who truly need it.

“Why is this happening to me?” I asked Tammy, as I broke down for a consult and wept. And I weep now as I write it, because when I try to answer the question, it leads to one thing: Fright. Anger. Fear.

A WAY overactive amygdala.

Tammy, a new employee, put her hand on my shoulder. She simply said that sometimes being brave is lonely, or something to that effect (I don’t want to misquote her).

We talked a bit about how much money I had and what symptoms I have been having and I just let her call the shots. That’s what I have been doing the past two weeks just about every time I go.

The MediCannabis consultants at NTI know what they’re doing.

Bruce Banner No. 3: Did someone just screw a new head on my shoulders?

“I think it’s called Bruce Banner because it takes the hulk out of you.”

That’s what Tammy said as she highly recommended Bruce Banner No. 3 for my explosive anger. I admittedly told her I smashed a dish in my driveway in a rage.

Photo on 8-3-18 at 1.27 PM

But then I cleaned it up. And I got the idea from my mother, who smashed an entire set of  dishes in the exact same spot when she got her cancer diagnosis.

So I figured, what the hell.



FILTHY State Farm Insurance had changed their story yet again, telling me they no longer are giving me a penny for my shot-up house. That’s why I reduced the price: The home is now “AS IS.”

At any rate, this strain is a sativa. It’s highly unusual, at least based on legend, that a sativa (upper) strain would tame a beast. But it does.

Here’s what Leafly has to say about Bruce Banner No. 3: 

“Effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation that may be good for creative pursuits. Dark Horse Genetics bred this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its heritage can be found in its diesel aroma with sweet undertones.”

Reading this really excited me because I have emphasized repeatedly the IMMEDIATE effects. Think of it as Naloxone for people with PTSD. Incredible.

There is no Pharma drug that can achieve this incredible result, naturally. Indeed, most Pharma drugs cause further damage to people with PTSD.

Pharma drugs prescribed for anxiety can nurture alcohol dependence, and alcoholism is common in people with PTSD. Read my special report by clicking here.

Star Killer Live Sugar

Wow. I know. Funny name.

Star Killer is a medical marijuana strain known for its PTSD-related anxiety calming effects. Live Sugar denotes a concentrated form of the plant that is absolutely as fresh as a flower.

I “dab” it with a device called a nectar collector. There are other ways to dab, too.

Learn all about legal dabbing by clicking here. 

Live Sugar is made by taking the plant, freezing it, and pressing it. The end product is this beautiful, bountiful “sugar,” or “terp sugar,” with “terp” denoting “terpenes.”

What are terpenes? The under-recognized medical specialists of the marijuana plant Read all about it here.

Just look at it.

Says Leafly:

“The dense, purple buds offer a sweet, lemon flavor, and aid in treating pain, insomnia, AIDS, PTSD, and Gastrointestinal Disorder.”

Photo on 8-3-18 at 12.28 PM

How is my mental and physical health?

My mental health, when medicated with my legal medical cannabis, is hyper vigilant but sharp, and without hysteria or anger. Without medical cannabis, it’s bad.

My physical health is the best its ever been. I’m in great shape. I’m overflowing with testosterone and very frustrated.

There is no way in hell I would seek mental health treatment via behavioral health even if I were NOT afraid of the corrupt local behavior health systems. However, I say that after DECADES of cognitive behavioral already which has given me many, many tools for coping with my anxiety.

But for background, here is why I WILL NOT EVER seek MEDICAL TREATMENT where I live UNTIL I am convinced it is safe to do so or until I can afford private health care out-of-pocket or land another excellent plan off the exchange like I had previously.

That’s hard when nobody will hire you because you’re so talented you uncovered a story that never was supposed to be uncovered.

Donald Trump never was supposed to win the election either.

A nod to Rock Island Arsenal employees

Finally, a twist of hilarity and fun in a federal political corruption case served with legal medical cannabis on the side:

It’s all going down in a Congressional district that’s home to a federal military installation that’s one of the area’s largest employers. As you can imagine, many of them have PTSD. Many of them have cannabis cards.

They are my pals. They are the nicest people I have met so far at the dispensary … and EVERYONE is nice. They tell me about their cars being raided on the island, even though they are well aware they cannot bring their cannabis onto it.

I can tell you that when I first moved back here from Los Angeles, Cheri Bustos met me for drinks at my apartment on 60th Street Moline.

I announced my intention to spark up.

“I won’t be a party to that,” Bustos quipped.

“Let’s call Susie, she’ll come drink with us.” she added, referring to Susie Snyder, now Susie Gustafson, my dear friend and beautiful bride of Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson.

Me and Sioux See had so much fun.

Until next time.

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My kush life: What is it about kush marijuana that keeps me on the level?

Even for those who consider themselves lifelong stoners, when you get a medical marijuana card, suddenly you learn you didn’t know a thing about cannabis.

The selection can be overwhelming. And there can be a great deal of trial and error before you figure out what works for you. Our government allows only very limited research on medical marijuana, after all, and is a long, long way from actually allowing research that examines the benefits of various strains.

But for me, I learned right away that all things “kush” are the medicine I need. Lavender kush, Huckleberry kush, tangerine kush, banana kush.

If it’s kush it brings relief. Always.

But what is kush?

Peaceful plant grows native on Afghan-Pakistani border

“Kush” actually is stoner vernacular that refers to a variety of indica plants that grow wild along the Afghan-Pakistani border. Leafly, the Bible of cannabis, explains that Kush generally can be broken down into five varieties: Bubba, Purple, OG, Skywalker and Master.

I have not tried the last two, but will very soon. I know the dispensary has several Skywalker strains.

Kush indica plants are short, squatty, and, apparently, easier than most to grow, several sites explain.

In a nutshell, kush strains refer to those heavy indicas that motivate stoners to save the world. These strains induce profundity, introspection, appetite, and finally, sleep.

Kicking back and enjoying life on the kush

The kush nug is a mighty little nug, These nugs tend to be tiny, but dense, heavy, and powerful. Never underestimate the power of the punch that lies behind a kush nug.

Kush isn’t just a type of cannabis, I think it’s fair to say it’s a type of cannabis consumer. You can find a lot of “Kush” apparel directed at people who pride themselves in being heavy cannabis users. That’s not to say “kush-tistas” are typical tie-dye stoners. They are, however, a group who openly admits they enjoy life better stoned — sex, music, food…everything.

I wonder if those of us who enjoy kush and the kush life — the so-called beach bums, those who put experiences ahead of “things”– I wonder if many of us have just been through so much, we have decided that life is better stoned.

And that’s not sad at all. Thank God for that sassy little marijuana plant.

Until next time,

Yours in cannabis.

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10 medical cannabis strains sure to uplift angry or sad people with PTSD or CPTSD

Unless they’re in denial, most people with PTSD will tell you that anger can be the most debilitating part of our condition.

For those of us with chronic PTSD, it’s an especially sobering truth. Anger that never completely goes away.

No, we can’t just get over it. That’s why chronic is placed in front of our PTSD diagnosis. That’s why we’re allowed to legally smoke pot in Illinois.

I know about anger better than anyone, unfortunately. But PTSD and even chronic PTSD anger is manageable. Here are 10 cannabis strains worth trying if you’re an explosively angry person with PTSD.

  1. Kavalier Cookies. I often say this strain will get you stoned to the point of being disabled. You won’t be able to think about much of anything, so if that’s not a feeling you care for, or can handle, I would suggest something a little less disabling. If you’re a seasoned pot smoker and angrier than hell, this will allow you to forget about whatever upset you, at least for a while. Kavalier Cookies has a significant CBD content on top of a high THC content. I have to say it induces fogginess; not for us if you want to be creative. This strain is for when you’re madder than a hornet.
  2. Pre-98 Bubba Kush. This is a classic CBD strain that is generally about 1:1 THC-CBD. This strain is perfect for daytime use and can effectively manage PTSD in many people 24/7.
  3. Anything “Kush.” I have found that all strains “kush” provide remarkable relief for my PTSD, especially banana, blueberry, lavender, tangerine, and huckleberry kush.
  4. Granddaddy Purple. This classic PTSD strain is my best friend. You can always expect euphoria and the giggles, followed by deep sleep. Much like lavender kush, granddaddy purple contains Linalool terpenes.

Read more: What are terpenes? Find out in this report

Strains for when you’re less on the angry side, and more on the frightened side

Sometimes, but not often, I am more frightened than angry. This can actually be an even  worse symptom for me than anger, at least for the short term. I have found these strains help bring about a sense of security:

  1. Northern Lights. It’s trippy and it hits you quick. Suddenly you will remember the time you had your first cup of strawberry Kool Aid instead of obsessing on whatever you were frightened about.
  2. Silver lights. This strain is amazing. You can be scared stiff, unable to work, and after a few bowls of this be back in the swing of life. Problem is, I can’t find it very often.
  3. Mag Mile (Iranian Landrace). This easy-to-find strain epitomizes “stoney,” with its relaxing effects washing over you like a wave and allowing you to remember those dozen or so bars of “Smoke on the Water” that you know how to play on the guitar. Mag Mile has saved my life on many a night from a broken heart.

Read more: Learn about the first time I ever smoked Northern Lights

Strains for when you’re feeling sad and blue

  1. Cresco Cookies. This venerable strain is generically known as “Girl Scout Cookies” and has been trending quite a while as a national favorite recreationally. Why? It’s happy. It’s earthy. It’s social. It will get even the pissiest of PTSD sufferers talking at a party.
  2. Pineapple Express. Another strain that makes people giggle just hearing the name. Despite the goofy flick that might detract from this strain’s serious medicinal effects, Pineapple Express is an incredibly effective anti-depressive for many. Its delicious taste will leave you licking your lips. Read more: Check out my review of Pineapple Express.
  3. Thai Lights. Think of it as a cross between Silver Lights and Cresco Cookies. Fun.

PTSD may suck, and at times it may feel like nobody is your friend. Cannabis, however, never will let you down.

My story: Jailed on no charges for reporting human trafficking in FILTHY Rock Island County Illinois

My story: Nearly loaded onto a C17 (and maybe I actually was) and human trafficked out of SCARY MLI Airport (same airport being sued for wrongful death by family of Prince)

My story: How I know about human trafficking and male prostitution in corrupt Quad-Cities

My story: Treated horribly by extremely hateful, unprofessional director of Family Resources, Inc.

My story:  Threatened by the FBI

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 Check out my portfolio of paid addition/recovery content

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Finding fierce banana kush at the corner of Fox and Warner

Fox Cannabis

It has been the talk of my PTSD and Illinois Medical Cannabis Card groups on Facebook: Has anyone tried Banana Kush?

Wouldn’t you know, nobody could find it. But I did! At the corner of Fox and Warner.

The budtender at Fox Cannabis dispensary was delightful. She explained that Banana Kush is quite popular right now among people with PTSD and is of the indica strain, commonly remembered as the “in da couch” strain. You wind up calm, relaxed, and asleep after smoking it.

At any rate, I’m doing backflips over scoring that at the corner of Fox and Warner, just one block from the Quality Inn Cannabis Plaza here in Central Denver.


I woke up this morning irritated, as often is the case. Right now I seriously could not care less, but this morning I got an email that said a I had a “Google Voice message from a prisoner in the … “ and then it cuts off.

I used the Google Voice account once for a project I was doing for John Deere that required interviewing people in Germany. Who would have that number. I don’t even know what the number is.

I realize these things just happen. But they happen to me all the time. Every day. Internet, phone, nothing ever works. It’s a daily non-stop occurrence for which nobody ever has any explanation.

But to have the Google Voice prisoner thing happen the day after a tour of Sweden was booked on my bank card, lol, well…I was ready for some of that delightful banana kush this morning.

The banana cream pie I just ate was delightful too. I was going to take a picture of it but I forgot and I ate it.

Fox dispensary has PTSD-specific cannabis

So, the dispensary thing is a racket. Some of the ones that look really fancy…the product is nothing special. I am very excited about the Banana Kush I purchased from Fox cannabis center.

Another strain I purchased is called “Hell’s Fire,” which, like “Hell’s Angel,” is used for PTSD breakthrough symptoms. I have been feeling really good and am not sure why I have not yet had a little dance party in my room. I am very disappointed that I forgot to pack my Braven Balance.

So, after I devoured my banana cream pie, I just ordered sirloin tips with mashed and gravy and green beans. Then I’m getting a piece of coconut cream pie to go.

Oh, here it is, just delivered to the table. Marvel:


So yeah, it’s pretty much Village Inn, pipe hits, blog posts, sleep, etc. this week. Not a bad life, for sure.

My life is so cool it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I don’t even know how to begin to thank God, to tell you the truth. I try to my best each day.

Stoner bus Saturday turns into restful night’s sleep, sunny Sunday


What a beautiful Sunday it has been so far.

I woke at 4 a.m. – on the nose, just like old times – feeling incredibly well rested. The last time I looked out the window it still was light out, so I know I got at least eight solid hours of sleep. I could not tell you the last time that happened.

In fact, I woke up and I felt so good that I decided to write a story for a client that’s not due until Tuesday. It feels great to be ahead of things.

And despite there being pot, pot everywhere, I did not smoke any until I got my story done.

I think just being booze-free a few days after the relapse has reminded me of just how good a body feels when you don’t put alcohol in it. But of course, the weed is nice, too.

I am smoking the different strains today trying to get a feel for what’s what. This vaporizer thing is incredible. You load the bowl just like a bong, but then the device vapes it with the this red-hot toker stick inside a large metal tube.

There is no water and no juice, but somehow you inhale vapor instead of smoke. This is how the hotel can allow smoking inside and not have open flames or have the place smell like Amsterdam.

Anyhow, after I got my story done I went downstairs for the free breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausage links, fruit, etc. Then to V.I., next door, for a cobb salad and a bowl of cream of broccoli soup. I’m ordering from a famous Denver Chinese food restaurant tonight, Pepper’s, and having it delivered.


Hell’s Angel great for breakthrough symptoms

The Hell’s Angel strain of cannabis has a THC level of 23.5 percent. I’m not sure about the CBD level. It is sort of my “go to” if I am having any sort of anxiety. For example, when we were gathering at the Cheba Hut (an incredible sandwich shop by the way…holy moly) I was getting on edge. The place was so crowded, and so noisy.

Keep in mind, we filled three gigantic tour buses. I’m glad I ended up on the bus I did. I immediately pulled out the Hell’s Angel when we boarded and then I was fine with the crowd, etc.

When I started vaping the cannabis this morning I decided to begin with Fruity Pebbles. Fruity Pebbles is an Indica-sativa hybrid that I bought at medicine man. The THC level is 26.34 percent, which is the highest THC level of all the cannabis products I purchased.

It was a nice buzz. I continued to feel very productive all morning. I did lots of organizing and planning for the week ahead and felt very calm, content and happy, just as I do now.

I’m glad to see the sun come out and the fog lift, which exposes the mountain view from my room, pictured with this blog.

It’s hard not to be content getting stoned on a sunny Sunday with the best weed on the planet. The price of the plant is so low that it allows you to smoke it as it should be smoked.

For example, all those people who think the bowl should be cashed out or you’re being wasteful? That’s not true when you’re smoking flower, hardcore bud enthusiasts told me yesterday. When you burn off those terpenes on the bud, that’s pretty much all she wrote. From there, you’re just inhaling plant carbon as opposed to cannabis’s healing or psychoactive properties.

Smoking bud the way it should be smoked

The cannabis seems remarkably clean and mild here to me, even though I wrote a story two years ago for Healthline News saying the opposite was true.

When I smoke with this vaporizer, I can taste every little nuance. For example, a lemon strain that I got seriously tastes as vividly lemon as nibbling on a lemon peel. It’s delicious.

The lemon strain makes me horny, for whatever reason. It has a THC level of 15.6 percent (low for Colorado) and a CBD level of 12 percent (the highest I’ve seen yet). THC is the ingredient that makes people “high” while CBD is better known for its medicinal properties.

I’ve been vaping the lemon strain now and then for the past few hours. It has been difficult to find recreational marijuana in Colorado that has a low THC percentage and a high CBD percentage. The lemon strain is the closest thing I have found.

Some dispensaries have different selections for recreational vs. medical customers. Medical customers pay even lower prices and can legally access even more strains. Even in a couple of the dispensaries where I saw the medical-specific selections, the CBD levels were not very high.

I’m surprised how I really have been able to think perfectly clearly most of the time considering how much cannabis I have vaporized the past three days. In fact, it’s just the edibles that sort of hit me hard. I was giggling in my bed by myself for a couple of hours last night after that edible-filled bus tour, lol.

I don’t feel ”high” with any of the strains I’ve vaped today. Just happy and calm.

The marijuana seems to wear off quickly, and then I just want to rest.

When you’re as high strung as I am, there’s nothing wrong with that.

A pub crawl, but no idiots because we’re stoned instead of drunk


I admit that it looks scandalous, but debauchery isn’t the right word for it.

It’s just fun.

I was aboard one of three luxury stoner-fied tour buses that left Cheba Hut sandwich shop in downtown Denver this morning. We embarked on a four hour and twenty minute tour (yes, 4:20).

It included a stop at a marijuana growery where the smell of the plant alone made you feel like you were walking in the clouds.

I got some incredible photos, as you can see here. I did not actually snap the photo of this bud blooming on a plant, but I watched the guy who did do it. The guy who ran the tour, Ryan, knows just how to expose the shot just right and offered to shoot it with my camera for me. Thank you, Ryan.


We also went to the finest bong shop in the world, Illuzion, where one bong sells for a million dollars and many go for a quarter of a million or more.


We also went to dispensary, after dispensary, after dispensary. And really. How much pot can you smoke or do you need?

But there’s cookies, gummies and truffles, oh my. Edibles, they told me, stick with those — they’ll get you high.

Well, in fact I did all of it, and I feel absolutely wonderful and content and calm. It’s just as it’s depicted: Tour buses with disco lights and music videos on flatscreen televisions, people getting stoned in every way possible. Bongs, steamrollers, joints; munching on cannabis cheddar popcorn and gummies passed out like peanuts and M & Ms in Red Solo cups at Thanksgiving family gatherings in the 1970s. They were the pre pre appetizer. Really old school moms used those frosty party mints that melt in your mouth with the peanuts, not M & Ms.

At one dispensary an especially charming budtender said to me, “We have one cookie here, and I ate one once, and it made me giggle so bad I couldn’t interact with the customers.”

My response? “Two of those, please.”

They’re snickerdoodles and they’re delicious!

I booked The Original Denver Cannabis Tour through Colorado Cannabis Tours. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys smoking marijuana.

The passengers were a diverse group of nice, fun people, of all ages and skin colors and backgrounds. There was absolutely zero alcohol and nobody was the least bit intoxicated.

I could never smoke as much pot all the time as I did today, nor would I want to. But it sure was a fun way to experience America in a way I never would have dreamed possible.

And in the end, as Ryan noted, it really is just a fun, responsible time, with an emphasis on responsible. He admitted we were an especially fun, cohesive, put-together bus, however.

‘If they’re not dancing they’ll turn yellow and wither’

The growery had tremendously high security. Everyone was inspected by armed guards on the bus before being allowed to enter the facility. Inside, security was similarly tight.

The CEO of Colorado Cannabis Tours gave an intoxicating scientific speech about how cannabis is grown at  Medicine Man Denver. There actually are plants that just grow stems and seeds, and they line a long hallway known as “The Green Mile.” You can see it pictured here. Many celebrities such as Nelly have come to Medicine Man for photoshoots, with the Green Mile being the hot spot.


He said that for marijuana to grow properly it must “be dancing and happy.” He said the key to good growth is having the marijuana always slightly moving in the breeze, or, “dancing.”

He said if “they’re not dancing they’ll turn yellow and wither.”

Snowy (almost) May morning as I prepare for Colorado Cannabis Tour


I woke up to a snowy morning! A “winter storm” has arrived, two days before May. This is the view standing in the carport of the hotel.

The hotel was a bit noisy overnight, but it was a Friday, and as you can imagine, there are all kinds of people staying here. I fell asleep very peacefully and woke feeling very, very refreshed. So nice.

Next, I am taking a four-and-a-half-hour cannabis tour, where a tour bus takes you to all aspects of the marijuana industry, from where the cannabis is grown to world famous dispensaries. I have an hour to kill before the hotel shuttle takes me to the restaurant where we meet for that.

I’m wearing a brand-new Jerry Garcia tie I bought last month to premier on the cannabis tour. I also was delighted to see I packed my dad’s old Chicago Bears jacket, just in case it got chilly. So, I’m going to wear that too.

Now, to prepare for “What’s Quad-City?” all day long, lol.

Have a blessed day, I sure am!

Feeling a “normal” in Denver long lost: Marijuana helping with PTSD


In typical Dave Heitz fashion, I was madder than a hornet.

I had been standing outside the airport in the cold – 34 degrees, to be exact, with no coat – for more than an hour. The marijuana tour service had not shown up with the limo. When I was calling them about it, I was getting voice mails.

If you know me, you can about imagine the voice mails I was leaving!

But we worked it out. It was a comedy of errors. And what has transpired after that one short hour of standing outside an airport in 34-degree weather certainly has made it all worth it.

This is my “rehab vacation,” where I stop taking the benzos and put an end to the booze relapse that started in January. The slope was getting slippery.

When my tour guide arrived in his white Acura SUV limousine, he knew just what to do.

“Are you serious? Is this really legal?” I asked, eyeing the pre-rolled joint.

“Yes, it is, so long as you sit in the back seat,” he replied.

Ten minutes later I had told him my entire life story in one breath, adding, “I’m really not much of a joint person.”

We pulled up to the dispensary. I had no idea what to expect.

We hop out of the limo (I was in the back seat, mind you) and I then pointed my Prius remote at the Acura, clicked it, and headed for the door.

My tour guide looks at me and says, “Did you see what you just did?”

Yes! And how fun to laugh.

Inside: A security guard, a window…sort of like how a doctor’s office would be in a correctional facility. You give them your driver’s license and then they call you back.

I discussed with the “budtender” that I have PTSD and recently applied, was medically approved, and paid the state for my Illinois Medicinal Cannabis Card. I told him I was waiting for it to arrive in the mail and in the meantime thought I would come here, smoke legally, and do some research. I told him I also am a journalist and blogger.

I explained that I want to be sober (from alcohol) this entire week and simply concentrate on educating myself and finding the right strains for my PTSD.

“Hell’s Angel,” he said, without hesitation.

“That’s what you had in the car,” the driver added.

I smelled it and it smelled like what I was getting my first year sober, when things were going remarkably well.

Waking up with Greg Dutra – it’s been so long

My physicians and therapist also have been concerned about the effect smoke has on my lungs, so they have been encouraging me to go with edibles when I get the card. The budtender and tour guide also were pushing me toward edibles.

So, I did buy some edibles. My physician in the Quad-Cities had mentioned the Stern dispensary has the gummies, so I bought some of those. Everything except for one container I bought is Indica strain.

Indica apparently is to be remembered as “like in da couch all night,” yet that’s not what it does to me. It gets me going and then I tire out naturally, satisfied by living an incredibly productive, anger-free day.

I did buy one-eighth of “White Poison,” which is a Sativa strain (“a head high,” the tour guide called it) because I asked for something that might induce creativity. One of the workshops put on by the tour company is called “Lit on Lit,” and it’s for writers who like to get high and write.

I tend to prefer writing as clear-headed as possible, although unfortunately I am willing to try anything once.

Tomorrow I am going to write a blog about my obsession since childhood with morning shows. Quad-Citians, let me remind you who the Denver Fox weather stud is…The Dutra! So maybe I’ll get out the “White Poison” to write that one.

Most importantly, both the budtender and the tour guide talked to me about things I can do around Denver to busy myself with, etc. They are used to dealing with sober people who only smoke weed.

Everyone here at the hotel is genuinely concerned that I maintain my sobriety this week and they truly are just one incredible bunch. This hotel is very, very nice for the price, much nicer than I expected. The room is huge. I do look out at mountains – and a freeway, and an industrial rooftop. But absolutely no complaints.

Next door is a Village Inn, which of course, is one of my faves. I already have been there once today. I met a waitress who is two years sober and I shared my story with her. She was wonderful. Apparently, the Village Inn next door is a training center, so they are open limited hours.

I’m looking forward to feeling GOOD AGAIN at the end of this week!!!!

Can I get an AMEN????!!!!



Finally, on the issue of my lungs. I have been provided a vaporizer for my room to smoke my weed with. They cost about $350; this one is rented. But that’s one solution to the combustion/lungs issue. I did not know they had devices for which you could vape flower, but that’s what this thing does.

Judge not, lest you will be judged, as they say. I think I truly am learning what that means. There is no one path to sobriety, to happiness, so long as you don’t hurt others along the way.

We all need that reminder. To be kind. To let people be who they are. I very much feel like I have a lot of those types of people in my life right now and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

There are good people in this world. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who follows my work. I always feel like you can never really go wrong by being authentic, so that’s what I try to do.

Tomorrow I am taking a 4 1/2 -hour long cannabis bus tour. It takes you to various aspects of the cannabis industry, from growers to dispensaries. Should be interesting